What's Your Most Recent NSV



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    I’m currently eating at a 250 calorie deficit to get back down to the bottom of my maintenance range, since I was bumping against the top of the range. I planned to eat at maintenance on the 4th of July so I could have whatever I wanted at my family’s celebration and not worry about working out. Logged my fake “maintenance day” exercise entry that I use to give myself 250 extra calories when I want to eat at maintenance for a day. Went to my mom’s place, ate all I wanted of our traditional 4th of July foods (fried chicken, watermelon, cucumber sandwiches), then went out to a fireworks show. Came home and had enough energy left that I did my usual workout instead of skipping it as planned. Then realized I was enough under my calories for the day that I wasn’t dipping into the extra calories, so I took the maintenance day entry off. Ha! I got this holiday stuff under control!

    Excellent idea about adding in a fake exercise to bring you up out of deficit and into maintenance for a day! I intentionally let myself eat way “off” yesterday on account of knowing I had “the munchies”. Ya know, the sort where even well hydrated and not hungry you still want to eat.
    Nsv- I don’t have those days very often anymore, maybe not even once a month, so I let myself have at it and I reached for fruit to curb a lot of it. It was a controlled dip into *eating all the calories.*
    Bonus: after reading this this morning I went in and logged it all best I could + the maintenance calorie gap. Sometimes I don’t worry about this as it’s better for my mental health. Sometimes I go back and log it for the same reasons.
    I really appreciated this tip!
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    Oh, no worries! I sometimes don’t come back and check this for a few days anyway :smile: Thank you!! I had wondered if YouTube videos would be helpful. I’ve been following along with the videos Yoga with Adrian puts up monthly and I’m loving it! I can tell my posture is better day to day instead of just when I keep proper form for lifts. My first goal is to have a strong core, I’m only 13m pp from baby number 3 so I have a ways to go but I’m excited to have this goal to work on! Good to know that with time and consistency I can reach these goals too! After a month of consistent practice I can already hold certain poses for much longer than when I started.

    Check out Boho Beautiful-her yoga workouts are amazing. I also like Yoga with Kassandra.
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    @NewLIFEstyle4ME, I LOVE your necklace story!!!