Starting for the 88th time.



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    Back at it again, anyone out there on this thread feel free to send request. At least we are back at it, trying to move forward. Could use support and will try my best to be supportive back. Mel
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    QUESTION - I have a 1,200 calories limit per day but when I workout additional calories are added that I can use per day........ Use them? or not use them? 1,200 is hard to stick to, I am basically eating fish and vegetables and unfortunately I know I won't be able to stick with it for long if I don't have a beer/wine every once in awhile, my guilty pleasure, but there are just not enough calories in a day to spare.....

    For me I've found out on previous (and successful) attempts at MFP that I've stuck to around 1200 (usually just a tad over) for much of each week, but once a week I have a day that goes to my max allowed calories. It also always helped to break any plateaus I was experiencing. It worked for me. But if you're still hungry as long as you eat within them you are still winning. I don't know how much exercise you do either and that would factor into it I guess. I was doing some long walks last time and usually not eating extra.
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    Started to look for threads re: adding friends when I found this one. Wow that title, it's me all over lol

    Began this journey 100 times with the fire of a thousand suns, only to get thrown into the car wash of life. And once again taking care of everything else mattered more than taking care of myself. Except that never works well, does it?

    Welp, here I am. Time to actually go on the journey, instead of walking back and forth over the starting line endlessly ;)
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    @RaevsReality Boy you nailed it on the head with your description, "only to get thrown into the car wash of life". I've been hanging out here since this thread was created, so many have stopped in for a one time visit, hope to see you around more. I have had a tough couple of months and it's so easy to get away from taking care of myself. I am trying to be consistent with logging my food into MFP to keep me focused. Having support from other here sure does help! Have a great Wednesday.
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    @AbandondedKSCharger Love my Chiefs!! My teen is back to school and Chiefs are back on TV - all is right with the world!! ha ha ha :)

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    @cmcgill1984 I've always eaten 90% of my exercise calories & lost weight. Your body needs it when you work out
    One of my gym trainers who lost 60 lbs herself told us to eat an hour before class & have some type of protein after
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    Catching up on threads, as again couldn’t get on Community for a bit. August has been rough for me, but I am maintaining within a pound. Fighting back pain for past week, so activity level way down. Hoping it is just muscle strain from yard work, but go see my back specialist on Wednesday as pain is very similar to what I had a few years back before I had a spinal fusion. I don’t want to go through that again, but so want to be mobile and not in pain with walking/standing. Stayed in calorie limit today for FIRST time in two weeks, been fighting the cravings in the evening. Thanks for all your encouraging notes as every little helps, that what we can do for each other. Newbies, hang in there; this site does help as there are so many encouraging friends who know the struggle.
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    Feels like the 100th time I’ve tried
    But here I go always lose 30 pounds only to hit my old ruts scarf back a bag a potato chips and fall way off the wagon gaining twice what I lost
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    I too have had many restarts :)
    Feel free to add me
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    Good Morning!
    It's Monday, check in time for me. I am bouncing back and forth between the two pounds. This week I am down 1.2 pounds. Which is pleasing that I didn't go up. I have not tracked my food in weeks and am feeling very neglectful for it. I see I am not alone though. @Longing4Maui I hope you are feeling better today.
    I have got my next motivation locked in. No more messing around......well after this week ;) I'm going to visit my sister and her family in Texas for the Labor Day weekend. Although she is a very healthy eater, there will be lots of opportunities to over eat and a few glasses of wine involved. So, I'm going to get through that weekend then start back Tuesday!! Tracking EVERYTHING and exercising 20 minutes at least every day.....INCLUDING WEEKENDS ;) That's the hard part for me where I tend to fall down. But I'm ready, it's a psychological warfare ;)
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    NEw to this thread.... Hi all I enjoy seeing your success stories!I'm down 30 witha BUNCH more to go! Swimming is my bliss... and its helps me.
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    nhjeanrich wrote: »
    NEw to this thread.... Hi all I enjoy seeing your success stories!I'm down 30 witha BUNCH more to go! Swimming is my bliss... and its helps me.

    Great job! Keep that momentum going ;)
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    Happy Monday Scale hasn't moved but I put on a pair of jean shorts today & they're looser . They were getting a bit snug so my more exercising is paying off.
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    edited August 2019
    Back doing better, but still not ‘normal’ and I’m so cautious to get out and do much as don’t want to bring that pain back on. Determined to get back on track with staying in daily limits, today will be day 3 either at or under daily limit. Again, I just have to focus and plan and then have the willpower to resist the stuff I didn’t plan for. With activity level down, it seems harder to resist which doesn’t make sense. Anyway, happy Tuesday, and lets ALL have a great week!
    Oh, one non-scale victory, bought a new pair of jeans in a size 14 which I haven’t been in for probably 15 years, that felt great! They even have ‘pre-determined’ holes in them for styling-lol. Need to get a pic posted, seems I’m always the photographer and have photos of everyone else in family except myself.
    This week stats for @AbandondedKSCharger - down 43.6 lbs since Jan 2, at least 18 more to get to mine and MD goal of 170. For my height charts show me at 150-155 so we’ll see. I do hate that even when I get to 170 the BMI charts still say ‘overweight’ —- ugh, but better than current ‘obese’.
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    @Longing4Maui you are doing so great!! Yes, please show us a picture of your new stylish holey jeans ;)
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    @Longing4Maui you are doing so great!! Yes, please show us a picture of your new stylish holey jeans ;)
    I hope to soon, too hard to do a selfie so will get daughter or hubby to take a pic.
  • Hello!
    Back at it... not feeling as motivated as I should be. There's always so much drama and part of me is content with not caring about trying to change, but I know that is not what is best for me. I am going to go through the motions knowing I WILL change. Then I'm sure my attitude will change also.
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    Me too and I hate it. Need friends. Feel free to add me.
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    So yet another attempt... This go around I decided to go way outside of my comfort zone and try CrossFit. Of course, everyone there is slender and strong. I swear they are even tan so that the sweat glistens. I walk in short, chunky and uncoordinated. Winning combination.

    When I exercise I feel better mentally and I make better food choices. I know these things, but as of late I can NOT do anything with consistency. Same old gym, same old workouts. Same old bike, same tough routes. Those same old things come with preconceptions. About 5 years ago I was a spin instructor at the Y and I used to ride my bike 100-200 miles a week and race on the weekends. I was fit, all of my friends were fit. Life happened and I went from 105 to 150 in no time flat. Now I dread going to my old gym or seeing my old riding buddies because I'm ashamed of what I've become. I just can't keep up. So the same old places have not been places I want to be.

    CrossFit is like a new start. I am going to a neighboring town where I know no one for a 5:30am class. No one knows me and no one has expectations for me. I struggled mightily today. I was close to tears because I just couldn't get my form down on the clean. He just kept at me, trying to find something that clicked. It was embarrassing and frustrating as hell, but I finally got it (mostly). My run segments were slow, but nobody knows that I have run multiple half marathons at a 9:30 pace and 5ks at a 7:35. It's like I've given myself permission to work $h!t out rather than hiding from it. Pride is a b!tch and it can keep you from doing things you love for so long that you no longer love them. I'm trying to rediscover my love for fitness, I've paid for 9 more sessions so wish me luck! Who knows maybe paying by the class rather than getting a membership will encourage me to go. God knows my other 2 gym memberships aren't being used.