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    cmsavells wrote: »
    Machka-I love the list, especially the deep breathing and music. My friend, a pianist, made a playlist for me. It just always puts me in the right place.

    It’s too hot. I think I’m done with summer!!

    Connie in KY

    You can send us some summer! I'm about done with winter.

    M in Oz
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    Just a quick hello, not sure where the time has gone this morning.

    I need to get ready to go into town with mum. Not looking forward to it to be honest, I'm a bit fed up. Went out last night for a meal with the Ladies Who group (there was a Frank Sinatra tribute act on - my dad loved him) very enjoyable night until I caught sight of myself in the mirror - was that me :o:/ the top I had on did me no favours at all!!

    Back to logging my food and watching the calories (again) Who was it that had the boot? Definitely need a kick up the rear end :) I've put on 2lb overnight - at least I'll be walking a lot this morning into town and back, just have to say no to the cake when we go for a cuppa.

    Best go get ready - sorry only up to page 44, sending love and hugs to everyone.

    Viv UK <3
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    Did Gilad’s Quick and Fit Body Sculpting DVD. The plan for tomorrow is to do either/or a Weight Watchers Belly Butt and Thigh DVD and/or go to the water class. Depends a lot on what time Vince and Jess leave.

    Shc – sometimes our bodies need a jolt to show a loss. That’s great for you, just don’t consistently go over. Many times we just need to change things up

    Debbie in VA – I’m so sorry for your daughter. It’ll probably take her a long time to get over this. I wonder if some therapy is a good idea because she IS deserving of love

    Vince and Jess are picking up the truck right now. They need Jess for her license. Fortunately, I was able to stay home and exercise.

    Michele in NC
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    KJLaMore wrote: »
    Machka-I am sure my suggestion falls under exercise; but my first step to reducing stress is usually hitting or kicking something (a punching bag) or running (if I don't have anything to hit or kick). I need to do something that will physically let me get all of the frustration and anger out, then I go into a calming/more meditative stress relief.

    It used to be cycling long distances for me. I'd have a stressful week, and I'd go out and cycle for several hours on the Saturday. That would do the trick!! Unfortunately I can't do that, and haven't been able to do that since my husband's accident.

    Then it was running. I was doing some running before his accident, but really got into it after. I'd go for a run, and then go in to see him and it was something I could do while he walked. But then my right leg/hip/back brought that to a screeching halt.

    I miss those things so much.

    I've got indoor cycling, my rowing machine and now my treadmill, but it's just not the same as going out for a good long bicycle ride or run.

    I'm hoping that maybe this summer we might be able to start building up our cycling distance a bit ... and that I might be able to start running again. I am up to 3 minutes now!

    And I really need to pick one day each week to go for a walk at lunch.

    M in Oz

  • JRsLateInLifeMomJRsLateInLifeMom Member Posts: 2,275 Member Member Posts: 2,275 Member

    Viv UK- My wake up call was when I couldn’t get up off the floor luckily Hubby walked in saying forgot keys 🔑 or something lifted me up then ran back out the door. I realized I needed to be fit enough to get up!

    Schgeibs- When it says not enough or too much I don’t read it .I delete those! If I’m full I’m full! If I’m hungry I’m going to eat a salad or a 100cal item who cares if I’m over by a few as long as it’s not all the time. Take it with a grain of salt 🧂 don’t stress .Were old enough to know we ate a plate of food feel full were done. I don’t always meet my vitamins other times goes over. It’s the total at the end of the week that counts. If your loosing then keep doing what your doing .We have raised men to kids by now even taking care of sick relatives we know what’s healthy y how to portion it out.

    Grandmallie- If she goes from fun to opinionated stick up for yourself she’ll get the hint.

    Debby Va - I was a kidnapped child bride 👰 y had a real legal marriage after that with a cheater who tried to hit me . 1st time took me forever ♾ 8yrs to get away. 2nd time a few months! Now got a great husband that makes the others look like bad nightmares far behind me. I would have left sooner if I knew what was out there! HOPE to better days! Download a dating app to the old computer 💻 show her after putting an attractive photo how they’ll bite! Sheesh he has really tore her down! Take her to get the old hair done a new outfit with nails or makeup done.It lifts one up! She needs to see theirs a rainbow 🌈 through the storm is all blast some uplifting new type of Christian or that younger music on the radio with her on the trip out! Then eat at a younger person restaurant y Starbucks! It will get the thoughts in her head that theirs silver linings out there y to put the wife beater on his mamas kitchen shelf! Tell her to tell him to let the door 🚪 hit him where the good lord split ya! Visit a lawyer 1st consultation is free best if he’s a danger for the kids (can also get kid their own lawyer if older or law says to) or go to court house can print out divorce papers do it yourself if kids she feels he wouldn’t hurt them this routes good (if no kids it’s easier). Got any young people you know who could give them or their mom a call see if they’d be willing to join for a movie? Met my husband on Christian mingle! Cousin met his wife on Facebook free app but his profile stuck forever it’s free lol. A lot are using those swipe apps you get on the phone 📲! They got apps for all ages to types Bumble, curvy singles,Christian mingle, Tinder,Date my age,hinge,pof dating,etc etc. If there’s a karaoke 🎤 singing somewhere go for fun! Young folks hit spots ask around! Look for music concert in your town even. It’s getting confidence up but got to get her feet wet. Once she feels a taste of freedom she’ll get there sooner! Got my taste of freedom ran for my life quicker! Then took a break enjoyed being single before trying Bam met my hubby in love 🥰 forever with his heart ❤️. He took forever to leave his abusive wife so it’s not just a gal thing anymore.

    Brunch y Dinner - Cornbread with lesser calorie ingredients. Tea ☕️ 4oz y water 💧. Chicken toasted sandwich 🥪 or 4oz skinless chicken . Later maybe a salad as a snack with a special K bar or 100cal ice cream 🍦.

    Amber Tx

    Don’t fear tomorrow when today is in front of you.

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    Vicki in GINE: Thank you for your kind words. DH is doing his best to deal with this. Waiting for the surgery is very hard. :flowerforyou:

    Kim: Let a fan blow over a bowl of ice cubes and blow cool air directly at your face. It will help a little. Do you have a basement that is any cooler? :flowerforyou:

    Meg: Sometimes Jack and Coke are good friends, in smallish doses. I have found that I don’t do well with them because I lack the discipline to stick with a smallish dose. One sip leads to another, and another . . . It turns out that None is better for me. :ohwell:

    Machka: I love all of your updated suggestions! :heart: As to sending you some summer, you will get your turn. I don’t have any summer to spare and I already feel the days are shortening. :grumble: What is your latitude?

    Allie: When I lost weight, my ring was too big. I took it to a jeweler who made it a bit smaller and added thickness to it. It fits just fine now. :star:

    Debbie in VA: I’m sorry that your daughter is feeling unloveable. Abusers can be physically abusive but some are emotionally abusive. You can’t see bruises on the outside but they’re inside where self-esteem suffers . Perhaps a visit to the doctor would help. Counseling can help and so can antidepressants. Anti-depressants are sometimes overprescribed but they are also sometimes very helpful. :flowerforyou:

    Heather: DH is a celiac and can’t digest foods containing gluten. There are loads of great gluten free products on the market including bread, buns and rolls. DH likes them well enough. I still eat products with gluten but occasionally eat a gluten free bun with him. Potatoes, rice and sweet potatoes are all yummy and he can eat them with no worries. Asian foods are often easy for him. Baked goods made with rice, potato and corn flour are great for him. Bob’s Red Mill has wonderful gluten free flours if you want to cook at home. :star:

    Viv UK: Pip has the boot, and I bet she’ll share if you ask. I’ve recently noticed my weight has crept up, too. I notice because of a wonky knee. If I put on pounds it hurts to walk. I’m back on track and the extra weight is slowly coming back off. :ohwell:

    DH is stoic and complains very little, but he is in constant pain. I can hardly wait for the appointment with the surgeon. The first appointment will not include surgery. They’ll evaluate his back and make a plan. The plan can’t get here soon enough, and neither can the surgery.

    Katla in Beautiful NW Oregon
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    It's a raining Thursday here. Been raining since about 7 last evening. Sure doesn't seem fair the first day of school and it's raining. Summer seemed to fly by. I have been working on year end evalutions for my staff. Our year here goes from July 1 to June 30. I have mine made out and now just meet with each person one on one to go over and then get them sent in to main HR.

    Tracey--Beautiful wedding pictures, thanks for sharing.

    Karen--Glad your test is done.

    I am caught up again. Not a lot going on here. Got a call my new glasses are in so will get picked up this afternoon or tomorrow. I am looking forward to being about to read better. Time will tell.

    Blessings, Vicki GI NE <3
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    I am feeling sore, tired and a bit beaten down. Trying to get out of this funk! I just miss my youngest son's voice! Been since April, he last called.💖
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