Does This Uterus Make My Stomach Look Fat?



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    Bumpity bump. Learning a lot from this thread. Thank you to all who have contributed. I will too once I reach goal weight.
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    Just adding that in the second picture, what you’re seeing is my rib cage! Lol
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    Loving this post. Just had my third baby in July so I'm not loving the deflated balloon look, but not too upset about it because it was home to my three beautiful children.

    Check out thebirdspapaya on IG - she has a great account and owns her post-children body.
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    @rheddmobile I do have a great doctor/surgeon! He was my mom’s ob/gyn and he delivered me so I trusted him completely!

    I had read about ovarian torsion after my doctor mentioned it as a risk and it sounds like hell! I’m so sorry your doctors dropped the ball on that one and you had that experience!

    I definitely underestimated laparoscopic surgery! It was intense and way more painful than I’d expected. I still have pain actually, which I’m wondering if it’s normal. I’ll be going back for an ultrasound soon.

    I’m glad we both had good outcomes in the end!

    @mom23mangos I am definitely lucky that the laparoscopy worked out!

    This was the only time I’ve ever had a cyst and it was rough. I can’t imagine having to deal with it regularly! You have my sympathy!
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    bumpidy bump :smile: