Why did you come to the conclusion to lose weight?



  • cuteangelkitten
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    Feeling bad about myself and using it as an outlet to cope
  • bearly63
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    I decided that I needed to be a model for my kids. Sounds so cliche I know. Also, I really never had a huge weight issue until I turned 50, at which point my body went haywire with perimenopause. My MO of eating what I wanted and drinking what I wanted did not serve my body well. 5 years later, I knew things had to change. I want them to see that its in our control to choose to be healthy. And I want to be around if possible to see their children....if they both happen to find someone to date ;)
  • Machafin
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    Originally, I had some not great results from my physical. I had always been healthy and my desk job caught up to me and I ended up 30 pounds overweight with a pre-diabetic blood sugar and terrible cholesterol. After a year of eating better, I had lost 25 pounds, gained a bunch of muscle and my blood sugar and cholesterol corrected itself. I still have some weight to lose but at 15% bf, I am not all that concerned about losing weight anymore. I have set goals now to learn impressive gymnastic holds and calisthenics as well as compete in some Crossfit competitions. My goals now are to improve my fitness as much as possible and get down to 10% bf.
  • bearly63
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    Varied, if not connected reasons, read on. For quite some time, I have been at various levels of overweight most recently adding stress and strain to deteriorating joints most notably my hips. I have been borderline diabetic but somehow avoided active treatment. Diet, exercise and subsequent weight loss (I want it but not dwelling on it) have re-taken it's place at the forefront with two events and a desire: the first event was left side hip replacement in January. The second was right side hip replacement in April. All exercise is now aimed maintaining and improving newfound mobility and any achieved weight is sure to extend the life span of those implants as well as improve overall health and fitness. My desire: through exercise, diet and weight loss, my goal and desire is to drop A1C level and improve my other lab numbers in such a way as to cause my doctor to gasp when she sees them and the prospect of diabetic treatment greatly minimized, if not eliminated. My target is November. I am 25 pounds closer than I was in May.

    I had a chance to be exactly 40 pounds lighter at my Wednesday doctor's appointment. I was short by three; "Missed by that much!" as the great Maxwell Smart" would exclain. However, my blood pressure was down from May, my pulse eight beats better, my BMI was better and I knocked that A1C down to 5.8 🙂
    and I succeeded to make my doctor "gasp". She told me she was "blown away" by what she saw and read. That, my friends is an amazing feeling!!

    That is wonderful! Congrats on your hard work and awesome results!
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    When my doctor said my white was contributing to my v-tach PVCs of course this was after 3 cardiac ablation. So now I am trying to lose weight and looking into gastric bypass