Women 200lb+, Let's Make No Excuses This November!!!



  • bluffgirl67
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    @Terytha I'm so happy for you!!! You've been doing great. Even though you might be losing one of your fav dresses looked what you gained by rocking that skirt!! Happy Tears girl. :)

    @amkita Great loss for the month! Good work on enjoying the holiday food and exercising.
  • orangequilt
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    @Terytha well done on fitting into that skirt! Must feel amazing!
  • torih941
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    Amazing job everyone, I didn’t hit my goal weight wise, but I’ve really improved on my self-control and diligence, so I’m hoping that’ll help jump start me for December. It was so helpful to read all the encouragement here when it seemed like this was all pointless and I was tempted to go back to old habits.

    Ending weight for November: 263.5

    See everyone in the December group!
  • bluffgirl67
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    Height 5' 4"
    SW: 216.8 (10/10/2019)
    CW 11/1: 211.8
    11/8: 209.4 (-2.4 month)
    11/14: 208 (-3.8 month)
    11/22: 207.6 (-4.2 month)
    11/29: 206.2 (-5.6 month)
    12/1 206.2 (-5.6 month)
    Nov Goal: 206
    GW: 150

    Wrapping up. Almost made by goal and close enough to make me Happy Happy! See you in the new thread
  • mmdeveau
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    Height: 5'6"
    SW (09/08/2019): 239.2 lbs
    November SW(11/3): 219.0 lbs
    11/10/19: 216.8
    11/17/19: 214.8
    11/24/19: 211.0
    12/1/19: 210.0
    November GW: 211.0 lbs
    GW: 150 lbs (then reconsider)

    My goals for November were:

    - Walking for 45-60 min, 5-6 times a week: Met this goal every week
    - Exercises to strengthen my core: I did start doing core exercises, now time to set firmer goals
    - Lose 3 inches in my measurements: Down 6.75 inches!
    - Lose 8 pounds: Goal met!
    - Get out of my hugely overstretched work pants into the same pairs of work pants which are only somewhat overstretched (It is the stretch in the fabric of these pants that hid my huge amount of weight gain!): probably have realistically met this goal, but the pants are still hanging on.
    - Take better care of my skin in hopes it will start to regain its shape: I was better about doing this than I have been. I have no idea whether my routine would ever make a difference, but it is a least some daily form of self-care or pampering that is a nice thing to do for myself.

    Thanksgiving did throw me for a loop! I was doing so well, my weight on Wednesday was 208.8. Even though I was probably in my calorie goal on Thursday, I gained nearly 3 pounds over the next two days. Water weight, I’m sure, which thankfully has gone down a bit. I made sure I did not eat any Thanksgiving leftovers yesterday and I “lost” 1.4 pounds overnight. I’m not sure what could have had so much salt in it, but my guess is the turkey. I added salt to taste to the sides, but on a per-serving basis it should not have been all that much more salt than I'm used to consuming. Now I’m not sure what to do with the leftovers! I think I'll eat them one at a time rather than replicate the Thanksgiving meal (on a smaller scale) every night.

    See everyone at the December thread!
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    Get down to 99.9kg or less (currently 101.2kg) saw it on the scales but only made it to 100.2kg on official day, will have to try again for a third month
    Keep weekly average calories within goalaverage cals 1965
    Keep snack calories under 25%yes, 23.5%!

    mixed results this month, hope to do better next month, see you all in the december thread1