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What nobody tells you about losing weight



  • RelCanonicalRelCanonical Member Posts: 3,816 Member Member Posts: 3,816 Member
    kenyonhaff wrote: »
    Lietchi wrote: »
    Nobody told me I'd have to relearn how I shop for clothes. Finding clothes big enough isn't the main criterium anymore, I can actually judge clothes by design and whether or not they suit me.

    Well, I'm starting to be able to now, finally reached the upper end of the non plus sizes. Today I had to restrain myself from buying the first pair of jeans I tried on, just because they fit me, and forced myself to put it back on the shelf and find a pair in the style I actually wanted.

    Yeah, I had to learn to stop myself from buying an item just because it was tagged "Small" or "Size 8". I mean, it feels good but that alone isn't enough to buy an item. And vanity sizing is definitely a thing.

    (But...that Size 8 pair of jeans makes me feel good every time I feel a little crappy about myself too. I know I'm not really a Size 8 and that my self worth isn't based on a clothing size, and so on. makes me happy anyway. And they are a decent pair of jeans!)

    For me, the sizing became less important once I knew I'd be able to find my size in store. When the number wasn't the issues insomuch as their XL didn't fit and they didn't have an XXL. The letter is starting to become important again because some stores don't carry below a size 6 or a small, and because of vanity sizing, they are quite big on me sometimes.

    To the last: I have sized out of some stores as well, and that boggles my mind. Before the weight loss, not being able to find my size in box stores was a given. Except Lane Bryant. Weight loss, at the time, was key to getting into being able to go to the mall and not spend a brick on clothing.

    Never did I ever imagine I would ever reach a point where I would fall off the other end of the Great Ledge of Sizes. Even weirder, it's happening more frequently than just one store (which could have been an anomaly). And I don't really feel that small; a good chunk of the world feels smaller than me -- so where in the world do they go? (In fact, most days, I think my clothing lies to me).

    Same here, family was always telling me how thin I looked but then I looked at my cousins and they are rail thin compared to me. I'm petite so I always knew I'd be in pretty small sizes, I just didn't think it'd happen so soon, with 15 pounds still to lose. Fortunately or unfortunately, I have broad shoulders so I can usually fit on top much easier than on bottom.
  • BlueSkiesMBlueSkiesM Member Posts: 6 Member Member Posts: 6 Member
    ceiswyn wrote: »
    Have I mentioned the neverending laundry before? Because I'd like to mention it again!

    I'm now working out in some form or another six days a week. That's a lotta workout gear to wash...

    I am so absolutely thrilled for you! What a great problem to have. I get all my workout clothes at WalMart. . .I know I know some people frown at shopping at WalMart but it works for me. I played sports in college and I personally can't tell the difference between expensive workout brands and what I get at WalMart.
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