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What are your thoughts on Keto?



  • ozonezoeozonezoe Member Posts: 9 Member Member Posts: 9 Member
    Loving seeing a variant of replies!

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  • lemurcat2lemurcat2 Member Posts: 5,737 Member Member Posts: 5,737 Member
    SusannO wrote: »
    @janejellyroll Actually, if you read many people who post against keto or offer their advice on keto, even in this thread alone, say it's just one of many options to get a calorie deficit.

    I don't think this is true. For example, upthread I noted that it might help with appetite control. The focus of the conversation naturally has been on weight loss, however, as keto is not the only dietary change that helps with medical conditions, so I think it would be unusual for someone just asked about general thoughts on keto to bring up that it might help with some medical conditions. Same with other ways of eating.

    Re T2D/IR, it is one option, but to actually become more insulin sensitive usually weight loss is what does it. Keto or low carb can be a way of controlling the symptoms (spikes) which can be damaging or avoid medication, but most often it seems there are other dietary ways of doing that (controlled and moderate carbs combined with sufficient protein and fiber).

    It also seems that in many people keto may actually cause or worsen high cholesterol, and for others it is irrelevant. Are there some for whom it helps when no other dietary changes would? I find that unlikely but not impossible. But again certainly dietary changes can help with high cholesterol in some, and some of the foods you won't be able to eat on keto contribute to high cholesterol in some.

    My dad had high cholesterol at a normal healthy weight, and even though he was quite active. His doctor advised him to cut back on sat fat and that worked for him. He now has good cholesterol numbers even though he eats nothing like a keto diet (quite high carb, probably, although also very healthy and he's very active for someone of his age (76)).

    Are there other conditions that keto can help with in some? I suspect there are, so believe you that it helped with your condition. The way can help prevent with seizures and for some help with mental health conditions and migraines is known or being studied.

    Re: IF being easier, I didn't find that it had any effect on that, but then I find it easy in general (as do many who do it without doing keto). Again, people are different, and my only objection is to selling keto as having these effects for all.
  • CupcakeCrusoeCupcakeCrusoe Member Posts: 846 Member Member Posts: 846 Member
    My $0.02 and worth exactly that:

    My brother has done strict Keto, and he enjoyed some substantial weight loss when he did. However, he likes carbs. So when he craved carbs, he got into that mindset of falling off the wagon- not wanting to get back on.

    He's since regained the weight he lost.

    So I would say, having seen what he went through and what the results for him were, it wasn't worth it. He would have better invested his time eating things he liked in moderation and learning how to do that. There might be some people for whom eating in a Keto fashion is a dream come true- I'm not one of them. I've found through trial and error that my optimal satiation clocks in at right around 33%/33%/33% give or take a little, protein/carbs/fats.

    From a medical standpoint, I have my opinion but it is that of someone uninformed, so I won't comment. If it's working for you and your doctor is happy, then I'm happy for you.
  • gothchiqgothchiq Member Posts: 4,563 Member Member Posts: 4,563 Member
    My doctor doesn't advise it for me as it is too high fat. Your mileage may vary.
  • midlomel1971midlomel1971 Member Posts: 1,269 Member Member Posts: 1,269 Member
    I don't know much about the science behind it, but my gut feeling is that it's another Adkins fad type diet for people looking to lose weight quickly. And it's probably very hard to maintain any of the lost weight. I think slow and steady wins the race, and if you're eating healthy foods at a deficit you WILL lose weight and that's much better than a diet that gives you the flu.
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  • maureenkhildemaureenkhilde Member Posts: 850 Member Member Posts: 850 Member
    If you find a food eating plan that works for you long term, and you are happy with it. Then hooray, all is good. And what works for you, there are others that will say yes, me too. And lots of others that will say nope not for me.

    Me, I do low carb, which is kind of close to Keto but is not Keto. My big difference from Keto, is that I really absolutely am not interested in a food program where Fats are anywhere near 50%. But with going low carb for me, and staying away from white, and whole wheat flour, all rice, sugar brown or white, ok most sugars. Instead I have learned about almond and coconut flour, and many alternate sweeteners. I can control my blood sugars into where I need them to be. And yes, I am losing weight steadily, and learning constantly on this journey. My type 2 diabetes was my driver, my Dr is cheering me on, for following a sensible low carb plan. Which I totally still log everything, weigh everything, and still aim for a calorie number. Because in order to successfully lose weight it still comes down to CICO.
  • trentontamuratrentontamura Member Posts: 2 Member Member Posts: 2 Member
    There have been studies that show Keto can boost mental alertness, increase energy, and assist in burning excess body fat. That being said, any caloric deficit diet will result in weight loss. I do think if you are serious about weight loss, and want to be hardcore about it, Keto is the way to go. I can speak from experience. I tried to do a Keto bulk, I weighed 165lbs and wanted to get to 175lbs. I took in my weight in grams of protein and stuck with 70%fat, 25%protein, 5%carbs. I was taking in between 2,800 and 3,100 calories a day on Keto... 4 weeks in I had lost 6.5 lbs and gained muscle mass, somehow my shirts were fitting tighter, but my fat and weight was decreasing... I’m still going strong on Keto, I’ll see what happens in another couple weeks. But it’s definitely an effective fat loss diet.
  • GaleHawkinsGaleHawkins Member Posts: 7,958 Member Member Posts: 7,958 Member

    While 5 years ago I did accidentally lose 50 pounds (unplanned) and have kept it off for these 5 years I do Keto for health gains with pain management being my really only goal. The only thing I have been doing differently since Oct 2014 is I do not eat or drink food that has any added sweeteners and or any form of any grain. At the age of 69 simple is better I find. I do try to weight each morning twice to help insure I am drinking enough water. Now that COVID-19 is to show up here about middle April I am thankful KETO has been working well enough so I am Rx Med free at this time and have good pain management plus I stopped falling all of the time within weeks after my Oct 2014 WOE (Way Of Eating) change.
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  • Mellouk89Mellouk89 Member Posts: 123 Member Member Posts: 123 Member
    I could never do keto, i've been eating high carbs my whole life. In fact when I was in my best shape at 5'9 168lbs I was eating 500g of carbs a day, no joke. But I understand keto might be great for certain people.
  • Mazintrov13Mazintrov13 Member Posts: 98 Member Member Posts: 98 Member
    Curious what exactly do people mean when they say it has “reduced inflammation”?
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