Just Give Me 10 Days ~ Round 108



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    @kecward78 I'm so happy to hear about your success in interviewing! Super exciting and so proud of you and all the accomplishments here (:
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    @CamandJarvis I have been a farm girl my whole life except during college, I have no idea what big city life is like at all. It can be a lot of work but times like these one is grateful. You can do alot with pots just takes more babying. So much info on youtube, it's amazing. Going to town today, have not been for a week so we will see what is different in town, I know lots of businesses went to drive through. I heard the bigger cities are pushing out into the rural areas. Praying for safe travels.
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    zaraizzy1 wrote: »

    03/19: 277.8 ,(-.4 oz) Today's my Birthday.

    Happiest of birthdays!! I hope you are feeling better and can still enjoy your day <3
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    @kecward78 Congratulations on the job - 13 years will fly by. My DH had to take a disability retirement and started counting down the 8 years until I could take early retirement. It seemed so long but was gone so quickly! Prayers for your mom.