What do your meals look like (show me pictures)....



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    I had pimped up instant ramen noodles for lunch too!

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    acpgee wrote: »
    I had pimped up instant ramen noodles for lunch too!

    Yeah baby!!!!
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    oatmeal and latte breakfast:
    bulgar green salad lunch:
    Instant pot roast with farro:
    purple and green salad:

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    I keep forgetting to take pics. All your food looks amazing!!
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    Grrr. Goma dressing damned spellchecker.
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    A few meals from the past few days - mostly breakfasts, and all vegan. :)

    Quick overnight oats - oats, flax, soy yoghurt, splash of soy milk, a chopped date, and vanilla. Topped with sautéed pear, cinnamon and almond butter. The flax thickens the oats so this only needed an hour in the fridge, but is best when left to sit overnight. :)
    Berry smoothie - mixed berries, banana, soy milk, peanut butter.
    Batch cooked jerk chickpeas (inspired by Good Eatings, who in turn was inspired by Rachel Ama) with lots of ginger. Side of roasted broccoli, and some gram flour flatbread from Rebel Recipes.
    Green protein smoothie - banana, spinach, cucumber, soy milk + water, pb + choc vegan protein powder.
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    Starter of salad with conference 80s76mtbmvh2.jpeg
    pear, blue cheese and candied pecan with vinaigrette. Main was a half
    ribeye with mash and overcooked roast carrots that still tasted good. Sauces leftover from last weekend of onion gravy and hollandaise.