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    Lisa that is THE sweetest pic of Levi. Thank you for sharing

    Janetr OKC
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    Did SBG Total Body DVD, probably won’t keep this one, too easy. The plan for tomorrow is to do Cathe Friedrich’s AfterBurn DVD. I seem to remember doing this one and it was pretty good.

    Kkjelson – welcome!

    Made the chocolate cake we’ll have for Easter and then freeze it. Also tried making the chocolate pudding again, this time with more cornstarch. I’m thinking that I need to incorporate the cornstarch more. Maybe the next time!

    Margaret – loved the colors in your painting. I love anything that is very colorful

    Starting going for a walk after dinner. I just gotta get out of the house! They did find a mahjongg game online (I’d forgotten that this is the one I used when PJ was born and I was in DE) so we’ll probably play tonight which means I won’t go out for a walk.

    Vince was just telling me that in DE now if you are from out of state, you can get stopped and if you aren’t there for serious business, you are to leave the state and/or have a 14 day quarantine. Is that so Anne? If this is so, wouldn’t it be funny in a sense if Denise had this party for PJ and most of Pete’s family who lives in the Philly area couldn’t come???

    When I went to Food Lion the other day, they wiped down the conveyor belt totally in between each customer. I liked that. Wish more stores did that. Yes, M, I agree that the lower traffic IS nice.

    M – which mahjongg site do you use? We use Real Mahjongg Online. If you use RMO, what is your name on there?

    We had to go to the post office and when we were coming back Vince commented on how you are seeing a lot more people walking now. I mentioned that some people used to go to a gym, but now it’s closed, others are working from home and now have time. Guess he just didn’t think of those things

    Lanette – love the smiles

    Lisa – can you still order the GS cookies online? If I’m going to get them for Vince for Easter, I should get my order in. I know they’re only available to a short time, but I don’t know if they’ve extended it so you can get them online. What’s the link again? Thanks

    Michele NC
    Who is off to wash the windows on the outside
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    Texas residents free childcare for essential workers if they need it. https://www.ksat.com/news/texas/2020/04/06/gov-abbott-announces-free-childcare-for-frontline-workers-during-covid-19-pandemic/

    Amber Tx

    No one cares about long grass especially for older folks not a time to worry about it just cut the animals area y backyard for kids. When grass is so high you can’t wait any longer cause it would clog a mower only
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    Good morning/evening! <3

    Lisa- belated Happy Birthday. And I know I overlooked at least a couple of you who also had birthdays recently. Happy belated to you as well! B)<3

    Machka - that quarantine time extrovert/introvert behavior animation was super cute :D .

    Did my shopping yesterday morning.... that's done for a week. Walmart was quite zoo-like even tho not very busy, they are doing what they can to enforce social distancing (finally).

    Despite shots and Zyrtec, allergies are kicking my tush, achy sinuses, slightly sore throat at times, achy ears. No temperature, no coughing. Welcome spring and potting soil :s

    Made a batch of Fire Cider yesterday, I should have done it weeks ago. Does anyone here make it? Grated horseradish, ginger, chopped onion & jalapeno, lots of smashed garlic, a few other things in a quart jar then covered with https://hollyshelpings.com/homemade-apple-cider-recipe/ vinegar and left to sit for a month. Strain it well, add some honey to the liquid and there you go. I haven't tried it before, but if it's tolerable I'll aim to keep some on hand.

    In the meantime, I'm eating store-bought kim chee which drains my sinuses quite nicely. B)

    Regarding masks
    - looks like they are now recommended but not required around here. I have several paper masks I can wear to the store, (not N-95) I picked up at the doc's office a while back. I plan to reuse them if they are only worn briefly (not all slobbery!) and hit them hard with the steam iron when I get back from the store.

    Off to the races. Wishing everyone a healthy weekend! <3

    SW WA State
    A very slow cooker is good because you can control the temperature. The idea is that the apple juices will boil, and the apples will extract most of the liquid. The liquid will evaporate at a very slow rate. If you want to make apple cider this way, set your slow cooker to the "keep warm" setting. That's the easy way. But the following method will work just as well if you have an electric pressure cooker (most commercial pressure cookers come with this function).

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    Please pray for Our member USA 🇺🇸 California Airforce military nurse Taylor with Sue her coworker same shifts y our friends all called back to military duty. One with Covid still in a coma his adopted 4 y 6yr old with his sister now in Italy.

    Amber Tx
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    PIP ~ Yogi looks tired! :)