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    Happy July 1st! Here we go! B)

    Kelly - loved those photos of the kids watching the road crew, and mud fun, lol. Brought back childhood memories of thunderstorms in Indiana - our farmhouse was on a slight hill so immediately after a rainstorm would pass, we kids would be out there launching teensy paper boats in the little "rivers" down our lane. If it wasn't so (thankfully) damp outside right now I'd be out drinking my early morning coffee on the deck with you.

    I'm also mesmerized by our garbage truck, lol. How those mechanical arms snake out, grab the can, hoist it up, dump the trash and set it back down. Pretty cool when you think about it. A big hat's off to those garbage truck divers who don't accidentally latch on to the mailbox which is only a couple feet away. :D

    Karen in VA - your herb planter is spectacular! Your sage looks great, as does your basil and other goodies. I have volunteer lemon balm now, and I'm stunned I've been able to raise basil from seed. It loves being in the greenhouse which often gets up to 90 or more. I just keep watering it and misting it. Crossing fingers.

    Debby in VA - loved the description of your flowers, we have many of the same but seems they are a month behind you. I suppose you all are eating fresh tomatoes too, lol. Hope to have some little Sungolds in the next couple weeks, they might be late due to our cool weather streak.

    Barbara - I popped some sage seeds into little germination pots yesterday, let's see if they do anything getting warmed up in the greenhouse. Growing them for the flowers sounds perfect even if I don't like sage...but come to think of it, I've never had it fresh before. Your morning at the beach with Tumble & Joe sound familiar. My DH has done similar in the past, and it's taken all my strength to not turn that beach air blue, lol.

    Katla - I think you hit the nail on the head about your dog picking up on your anxiety and getting anxious- panting. I've seen it many times with some of our dogs throughout our lives.

    And many thanks to Barbie for launching us into July :)

    My goal for July is to get back into the Tai Chi/Qigong and SWSY on a more regular basis, and so far so good this past week. Also keeping on a 12-16 hr "fasting" mode for my brain's sake if nothing else.

    Yesterday I bopped into town early for shopping.... Walmart was nutty (self checkouts weren't taking cash anymore - they said coin shortage!) Discovered that after I'd unloaded my cart onto the belt. Loaded everything back up and re-entered a LONG checkout line with cashiers, carts in front of me overflowing. Then searched my purse again and found my old Discover Card (I normally just use the Visa at the gas pump and online so it stays safely hidden in my car). So pulled out of that line and back thru the self-checkouts. I've been anxious to get in and out of that store (and most stores) in record time to limit exposure to cooties! Spoiled my plan, lol.

    Luckily was able to grab everything I needed and won't have to make a trip to town for a week.

    Looks like cootie cases are going up- it's mostly "youngsters" under 50 who aren't being hospitalized. We older folks are doing something right, which is great news.

    Dog #1 needs to eat so I better get going.

    Make it a fabulous day!

    Lanette B)
    Cool & showery SW WA State

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    Here's hoping we all have a great July!

    Thanks for the new thread Barbie, was it just me or did June seem to go on forever? :o

    I don't normally post goals for the month but think I'll pinch one from Lisa in AR "be lighter going out than I am going in" I liked that one - thanks Lisa :) I have actually lost 2lb - haven't lost anything in years, keep putting the same two pounds on then off, but this time I'm determined to keep it off for good.

    I'll do my best to keep up with you all this month.

    Keep safe and well <3
    Viv UK
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    Morning Ladies
    I am up with Faith everyone is still sleeping,my brother,Faith and Buddy the dog.
    Alfie and I are in the den until she stirs and then we will start the day..its going to be a rainy thunderstormy day here..so that usually makes her sleep alot.. we shall see..
    Slept from 5:45 last night to about 5:30 this morning.. all the fun this past weekend wore me out lol
    Thanks again Barbie for keeping us going.... yoir the best!!!
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    July start Weight: 217.cx
    July Goal Weight: 205
    Ultimate Goal Weight:

    July 1 :
    July 8:
    July 15:
    July 22:
    July 29:
    July 31
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    2020 Monthly June
    Walking Distance (km): 70.6
    Walking Time (min): 884.4
    Cycling Distance (km): 52.3
    Cycling Time (min): 195.0

    Flights Stairs Climbed Number: 0.0
    Flights Stairs Climbed Time (min): 0.0
    Rowing Distance (km): 8.0
    Rowing Time (min): 51.0
    Other Distance: 0.0
    Other Time: 0.0

    Total Distance (km): 130.9
    Total Distance (miles): 81.3
    Total Time (min): 1130.4
    Total Time (hr): 18:50:22

    Didn't manage as much as I would have liked. Final exam, winter, etc.

    Machka in Oz
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    Hello ladies.

    I am happy to report I am down by 1.2 pounds from my ending weight in May. In May I had a slight gain. I am getting back on track and meal planning and choices are getting better. I also think the decision to lower my goal has assisted here – I was going back and forth trying to decide what I wanted my ideal weight to be. In the beginning of May I was a little under goal and I felt so much better than later on during the month. June was definitely a month of attitude adjustment. This just reinforces we are all very individual and not one goal or plan works for everyone. We must tune in to our inner voices, feelings, health situations, etc. in order to make sensible decisions for ourselves.

    Barbie – Thank you for pushing us in to July. Like you I have got to get back to the basics that have served me so well in the past. Measuring cups and spoons have moved back on to the counter instead of hiding in my cabinets!

    Cheri – Love the new profile picture. Great haircut!

    RMarlow65 – Welcome. You will not find a more supportive group of women. Visit often and jump in when you are comfortable.

    Rebecca – I just love when people have to voice their opinions. Although your friend may have been trying to be helpful. I feel FB commentary is just filled with drive-by comments and is not a good place to have a real conversation.

    Katla – Glad to hear everything worked out and your test is in your rearview mirror!

    Kate – I agree with you. My “first” visits were like episodes of the “Twilight Zone”. Sending positive thoughts you are able to schedule a hair appointment.

    KJ – When I grow up I want to be one of your kids! Seriously. You plan such wonderful days for them. You have touched so many lives and I am sure all of those under your care have or will move on to being positive and thriving adults.

    Lisa – Slow but sure wins the race! Love the Levi pic. He is getting so big!

    Allie – Happy belated birthday!

    Pip – Sending positive thoughts that your place sells quickly and for top dollar! Lovely pictures.

    Kim – So very happy for you and your new order! Sending positive thoughts this engagement turns in to many more!

    Katla – I am not sure I would be happy wearing a mask while doing yoga since so much of yoga is based upon proper breathing techniques.

    Viv – So sorry to hear about your kitty.

    Rita – Love the bee pictures.

    Heather – There are things we can live with and things we can live without. DH’s elder daughter sounds like me. If I was home all day working I would expect (not wish) my partner would be picking up the household slack. I was so very fortunate to have found Charlie. We always shared the responsibilities and picked up the slack with either one was busier than the other. And, there is no reason why you cannot stay in touch with Sam.

    Okie – Love the deer pictures. They seem to make themselves right at home!

    Julie – Welcome. It helped me to cut my big goal in to little ones. And, we all want a magic bullet, but slow and sure wins the race!

    Time for me to sign off for now. I hope everyone is having a great day!
    SuziQ – SFL
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    Review ... (Distances include cycling + walking + a bit of rowing)
    Mar-15 … 489.8 km (304.3 miles) = 38 hours 4 min
    Apr-15 … 491.94 km (305.6 miles) = 43 hours 6 min
    May-15 … 361.81 km (224.8 miles) = 35 hours 50 min
    Jun-15 … 569.53 km (353.9 miles) = 41 hours 53 min
    Jul-15 … 230.7 km (143.35 miles) = 32 hours 45 min
    Aug-15 … 211.3 km (131.3 miles) = 28 hours 8 min
    Sep-15 … 306.7 km (190.6 miles) = 35 hour 2 min
    Oct-15 … 441.82 km (274.5 miles) = 47 hours 43 min
    Nov-15 … 660.21 km (410.23 miles) = 60 hours 41 min
    Dec-15 … 499.91 km (282.8 miles) = 54 hours 56 min
    Jan-16 … 864.79 km (537.35 miles) = 65 hours 36 min
    Feb-16 … 470.53 km (292.4 miles) = 40 hours 39 min
    Mar-16 … 917.73 km (570.2 miles) = 66 hours 13 min
    Apr-16 … 417.83 km (259.6 miles) = 40 hours 23 min
    May-16 … 267.09 km (165.9 miles) = 36 hours 10 min
    Jun-16 … 552.1 km (343 miles) = 54 hours 48 min
    Jul-16 … 709 km (440.5 miles) = 60 hours 41 minutes
    Aug-16 … 775.9 km (482.1 miles) = 54 hours 52 minutes
    Sep-16 … 371.3 km (230.7 miles) = 32 hours 20 min
    Oct-16 … 649 km (403.3 miles) = 49 hours 46 min
    Nov-16 … 403 km (250.4 miles) = 52 hours 16 min
    Dec-16 … 511.05 km (317.55 miles) = 52 hours 2 min
    Jan-17 … 741.9 km (461.0 miles) = 70 hours 3 min
    Feb-17 … 600.5 km (373.1 miles) = 57 hours 30 min
    Mar-17 … 1113.2 km (691.7 miles) = 78 hours 25 min
    Apr-17 … 1181.9 km (734.4 miles) = 76 hours 45 min
    May-17 … 426.6 km (265.1 miles) = 39 hours 21 min
    Jun-17 … 575.7 km (357.7 miles) = 41 hours 53 min
    Jul-17 … 714 km (443.7 miles) = 52 hours 23 min
    Aug-17 … 475.8 km (295.6 miles) = 38 hours 41 min
    Sep-17 … 455.5 km (283 miles) = 41 hours 25 min
    Oct-17 … 647.1 km (402.1 miles) = 57 hours 19 min
    Nov-17 … 427.0 km (265.3 miles) = 50 hours 4 min
    Dec-17 … 553.5 km (343.9 miles) = 52 hours 12 min
    Jan-18 … 590.2 km (366.7 miles) = 57 hours 49 min
    Feb-18 … 826.9 km (513.8 miles) = 57 hours 35 min
    Mar-18 … 582.01 km (361.6 miles) = 50 hours 11 min
    Apr-18 … 176.23 km (109.5 miles) = 29 hours 47 min
    May -18 … 167.6 km (104.1 miles) = 29 hours 08 min
    June-18 … 349.9 km (217.4 miles) = 36 hours 58 minutes
    July-18 ... 324.2 km (201.5 miles) = 24 hours 26 minutes
    Aug-18 ... 210.1 km (130.6 miles) = 25 hours 59 minutes
    Sep-18 ... 261.7 km (162.6 miles) = 25 hours 11 minutes
    Oct-18 ... 230.8 km (143.4 miles) = 30 hours 15 minutes
    Nov-18 ... 216.8 km (134.7 miles) = 30 hours 3 minutes
    Dec-18 ... 285.2 km (177.2 miles) = 37 hours 49 minutes
    Jan-19 ... 241.6 km (150.1 miles) = 27 hours 2 minutes
    Feb-19 ... 175.5 km (109 miles) = 19 hours 8 minutes
    Mar-19 ... 170.3 km (105.8 miles) = 28 hours 21 minutes
    Apr-19 ... 160.3 km (99.6 miles) = 25 hours 4 minutes
    May-19 ... 164.0 km (101.9 miles) = 29 hours 10 minutes
    Jun-19 ... 246.2 km (153 miles) = 25 hours 40 minutes
    Jul-19 ... 217.3 km (135.0 miles) = 33 hours 45 minutes
    Aug-19 ... 162.5 km (100.9 miles) = 28 hours 4 minutes
    Sep-19 ... 136.0 km (84.5 miles) = 23 hours 10 minutes
    Oct-19 ... 196.5 km (122.1 miles) = 31 hours 27 minutes
    Nov-19 ... 155.5 km (96.6 miles) = 25 hours 01 minutes
    Dec-19 ... 203.7 km (126.6 miles) = 26 hours 54 minutes
    Jan-20 ... 304.4 km (189.2 miles) = 32 hours 49 minutes
    Feb-20 ... 248.6 km (154.5 miles) = 34 hours 50 minutes
    Mar-20 ... 148.3 km (92.2 miles) = 30 hours 12 minutes
    Apr-20 ... 171.9 km (106.8 miles) = 19 hours 28 minutes
    May-20 ... 183.7 km (114.1 miles) = 20 hours 49 minutes
    Jun-20 ... 130.9 km (81.3 miles) = 18 hours 50 minutes

    Wednesday, 1 July 2020 … 4.3 km walking +

    2020 Monthly July
    Walking Distance (km): 4.3
    Walking Time (min): 53.8
    Cycling Distance (km): 0.0
    Cycling Time (min): 0.0
    Flights Stairs Climbed Number: 0.0
    Flights Stairs Climbed Time (min): 0.0
    Rowing Distance (km): 0.0
    Rowing Time (min): 0.0
    Other Distance: 0.0
    Other Time: 0.0

    Total Distance (km): 4.3
    Total Distance (miles): 2.7
    Total Time (min): 53.8
    Total Time (hr): 0:53:45

    This month won't include any epic distances/times or magnificent totals. I'm going for surgery shortly so the best I'll manage are some walks.

    Machka in Oz
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    Did Biggest Loser Killer Circuit DVD. The plan for tomorrow is to do an advanced strength DVD.

    Barbara – when we were training the service dog, he wasn’t allowed to go in front of us or pull or anything. What we did was keep treats in our pocket/whatever and every time he walked on our side, he was given a treat and we had a “clicker” thing that we’d click when he did what he was supposed to do.

    I’ll probably do my Hickory run today. Need to go to the farmer’s market since I understand they have cantaloupes that I might like, maybe stop at the Salvation Army, take the shawl I made to my girlfriend (I’ll just leave it on her porch) then go to Publix for the things I can’t get anywhere else.

    Took the food out of the freezer for next week

    – oh, the garbage truck is super fascinating. Almost as fascinating as a “digger truck”

    Love all the pics

    – Aldi will only take exact change for cash transactions. Well, it’s very rare that I make a cash transaction, anyway

    Michele NC
    Who is off to the farmer’s market
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    Sue in WA: Thanks for your kind words. I am sooooo glad the procedure is over and done. It is stressful enough in normal times, but Covid times add a huge layer of worry and stress for everyone. :ohwell:

    KJ: You are the best child caregiver I’ve ever known. :star:

    Lisa: Our county dashboard reports 30 positive Covid tests, no deaths, 2680 negative tests and 26 recovered. That leaves 4 still fighting the disease. I hope they are able to get well ASAP. It seems that our two counties on opposite sides of the country have much in common. :flowerforyou:

    Lanette: Now that we’re all done with the medical procedure, the dog is calm as can be. This morning he is sleeping in, along with DH. :smiley: I always go to the cashier at Walmart, even if the lines are long. I figure I’m helping them keep a job and I have no desire to use the machines to check out. :noway:

    Viv: Every month of lockdown feels like an eternity. June lasted a L O N G time. :ohwell:

    Allie: You, like KJ, are an awesome caregiver. Both of you focus on what is best for the elder or children who need special care. :star:

    SuziQ: DH is resistant to me going back to yoga, and his thoughts are similar to yours. Luckily, he doesn’t mind if I spend time with Arrow. There is lots of fresh air and wide open spaces at the stable. :star:

    Machka: I hope your upcoming surgery goes exceedingly well. :heart:

    Barbie: I come from a family of unwanted advice givers. I work very hard to avoid it, but I’m not always as successful at keeping my opinions to myself as I should be. :embarassed:

    Cheri: Great to see your smiling face. :flowerforyou:

    Tomorrow is our daughter’s 41st birthday. We’ve already sent her present and I’m hoping to wish her Happy Birthday via phone call or Zoom.

    Katla in Beautiful NW Oregon
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