What Mini Goal is motivating you right now!



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    I just want the scale to read 170. I've been between 175 and 180 for about 15 years.

    Good luck Columbus ~ you can do it. You're in the place to get help. Support, motivation, and if wanted (or needed) a swift kick in the backside. lol.
    I feel the same way.... I've not been below 220 in about 10 yrs.... my long term goal is to get to UNDER 200.
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    jem0123 wrote: »
    I want to lose 8 more pounds before our trip to the coast in 5 weeks. I can do this!

    Coast???? Someone say trip???? If I lose 5 lbs can I go? lol. What coast are you headed to?
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    @torabelle79 That is a stunning dress, congratulations on your upcoming wedding. :) I really love the back of your dress - it's a very elegant design. You'll definitely look gorgeous in your wedding photos for decades to come, that dress will never go out of fashion.

    Thank you. Thats really kind. Its my second marraige so worried its too much, but I just loved it when I put it on.

    I had my second marriage and my goal was to fit in my daughter's wedding dress, and made that goal. It was similar to your dress. It is not overkill.

    Now after almost 3 exquisite years of my marriage, my husband and I are both trying to slim down from my excited excessive cooking. :D
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    jiorfa87 wrote: »
    My mini goal is to lose 5lbs and 1% body fat before my trip to Majorca on 7 August! 🤞🏿

    WOW - not sure where you are from,but a chance to go to Spain... that would be some great motivation. Good luck and I wish you well.
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    I'm trying to do something (even if it's small) everyday. Might just be stretching for 10 minutes or some crunches.

    As I am getting closer to 58, I know I need to this more than what I am doing... which is really nothing.
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    Carp614 wrote: »
    I'm close to my weight at my lowest point in the last ten years. I'm at 238 and the lowest I got that I can find is 235. Sooo close!

    You got it brother. I'm closing in on my 219 goal... I was 22.7 this morning.
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    Finding my butt again. It seems I have lost it and can't remember where I left it. Old age problems sigh!