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What nobody tells you about losing weight



  • Diatonic12Diatonic12 Member Posts: 26,383 Member Member Posts: 26,383 Member
    Right back at you, @TheLastMrBig. <3
  • Sand_TIgerSand_TIger Member Posts: 544 Member Member Posts: 544 Member
    What nobody tells you about losing weight.... how to say this tactfully. Hmm, well I am eating so much cleaner and healthier now, which just causes an -- we will call it an extreme regularity -- I was not used to when I ate like poop (pun intended). Multiple instances of "regularity" throughout the day. Probably to much info for some, but...hey you asked :smile:

    It's interesting how bowel habits can change so much. There's a lot of effect to all that healthy fiber, too! Some pretty nasty IBS issues I had have almost entirely gone away and I can't tell you how happy that makes me. Your extreme regularity (love that by the way) might steady down after a while, too, once your gut microbiome becomes better at dealing with your healthier food.
  • charmmethcharmmeth Member Posts: 799 Member Member Posts: 799 Member
    dsc84 wrote: »
    2) How easy it is to put back on the weight and more if you are not attentive, and eating and maintaining the healthy life style changes/choices that helped lose the weight. Also how easy it can be to fall into old habits as the weight is being put back on.

    Oh yes!

  • babyluthibabyluthi Member Posts: 280 Member Member Posts: 280 Member
    I wish I could get the one cat to just sleep on me. She wants to nurse (drooling copiously) on a fold of my shirt near my armpit, and that's pretty gross-feeling. The other one isn't a lap-cat, but she will get up on the couch cushion or the back of the couch and sleep "near" you. But that's her decision. I can't plop either one down in my lap and have them settle in.

    I have a drooly cat too. I keep a little hand towel handy☺

  • MithriditesMithridites Member Posts: 594 Member Member Posts: 594 Member
    speyerj wrote: »
    develop strategies for when your routine gets disrupted
    Could you please share some examples?
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