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  • AlexandraFindsHerself1971AlexandraFindsHerself1971 Member Posts: 1,600 Member Member Posts: 1,600 Member
    I saw Hana today crouched with wiggling rear as a squirrel sat and calmly ate dropped seeds from the bird feeder three feet from her through the glass of the sun porch. Nyx chittered at a red-bellied woodpecker that was eating peanuts. They spend a lot of time out there and seem to be happy.

    I still have to rework my pantry. It's not quite right yet. I have some risers coming for the cans and boxes of food, and that will help, but I just have to figure out what needs to be on what shelf so I can find what I need and not get bogged down in the stuff that I use once a year.

    Today I went to the store and did some precooking for next week; a half-batch of beef enchiladas, a bison/pork meatloaf that is still in the oven, and plenty of hot and mild taco beef, which gets used in tacos, fills enchiladas and chimichangas, goes into taco salads and burritoes, etc. I can't take the heat, so mine is mild and Boyfriend and Girlfriend get the hot, and I put Rotel tomatoes in the hot so that I can tell it apart at a glance when the mise en place is set to make things. I have peppers out that I need to dice for the next quichecake, but that may get done tomorrow morning; I'm running out of steam.

    I've felt hot and miserable all day. I don't know if it's just the heat or if it's triggering off hot flashes (cause I get those too) but feh. I strongly suspect the next few weeks are going to be me drinking all the ice water and doing the bare minimum and sleeping in the afternoons, cause this is not comfortable. Yes, we have air conditioning, but even with the door shut to the bedroom, the window unit only got it down to 80 while I was napping. I had to take a cold shower when I got up.
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  • planktonbyeplanktonbye Member Posts: 56 Member Member Posts: 56 Member
    KeriA wrote: »
    I do have experience teaching at the Community College level and I loved it. I also taught art to kids and home schooled a teen with autism. Right now I want work that is online/work from home with until the rate of infection slows way down. The schools here have just decided not to have in person instruction.

    I did some online tutoring with Brainfuse for a time (chemistry and math, but there are lots of other subjects). The pay was pretty rough, $12/hr, but when you consider no commute and no work clothes/food, it looked a little better. A lot easier than babysitting at $15/hr...ask me how I know. The forums at were good to get me started looking for something, but it seems like they may be less active at the moment. Less successfully, I did some transcription for Appen Butler Hill (it was fine, it's just that the pay was even lower). I believe I went through the hiring process to do search engine annotation (word choice?) for either Leapforce or Lionbridge, but I never actually worked for them.

    This is going back several years, though, so I bet by now there are some real living wage remote jobs out there. I'm sure you'll find something great!

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  • AlexandraFindsHerself1971AlexandraFindsHerself1971 Member Posts: 1,600 Member Member Posts: 1,600 Member
    I got the dishes done from last night's precooking event, and did lunch and cleaned up after it, and shoved a path through the boxes so that when my sons come down (25 and 20) they can put the air conditioner in the window of the sewing/guest room. That will help the upstairs in general, and in specific it will make it possible for me to work in the sewing room and get it guest-capable. It is so not there yet. (sigh) Also got one room dusted and swept. That's good for as hot as it is. I'm going to sit in front of the fan and drink cold tea and game until the boys get here/it's time to cook dinner.
  • BrownSugar174BrownSugar174 Member Posts: 311 Member Member Posts: 311 Member
    Today I was introduced to MisFits Market! Here’s what the company is all about/their mission:

    “We believe everyone deserves access to affordable, fresh, and healthy food. In America, many of us still don’t have access to high-quality fresh fruits and vegetables. We waste as much food as we eat. Almost half of what our nation’s farms grow is never eaten. Much of this is due to modern-day beauty standards for food. Funny-looking fruits, misshapen vegetables, and delicious but odd-sized produce are squandered at every level. It’s not healthy, it’s expensive, it’s a problem at a huge scale, and it doesn’t fit with our view of the world. It’s why we started a company to do something about it.

    Bring delicious, fresh, and affordable rescued produce to people everywhere and reduce food waste at a scale that creates positive and lasting impact. Unlike other brands, we aren’t focused just on dense urban areas. We are made to go to every zip code in the states we serve, and be within reach of every household. We are putting fresh produce that might not check all the boxes for perfection into boxes, and sending it straight to you. Sooner than you’d be able to buy it at a store. For half the price. And most importantly, our location is your location. Whether you’re next door to a fancy grocery store, in the middle of a food desert, or somewhere in between. Every box of Misfits Market produce you order benefits farmers, helps prevent food waste, and ultimately helps save our environment. Our rapidly expanding Greater Philadelphia-based operation rescues produce from regional farms and distributes it throughout the Northeast, South, and Midwest in three business days or less.”

    I ordered our first box and it should be delivered soon!!👏🏽👏🏽
  • KeriAKeriA Member Posts: 3,609 Member Member Posts: 3,609 Member
    @BrownSugar174 Nice picture and you are look great.
    @pamiede nice results medication and pictures.
    @mmdeveau glad that swoosh came.
    @orangequilt I agree about focus on one main thing. I did that this month not that it worked that much.
    @snaileatsplants One idea about setting your maintenance calorie goal is to use a TDEE calculator. Just like when you are losing you need to truth test things a bit since these calculators just give you an estimate. When I took a break from a deficit I went up to my estimated maintenance calories slowly. I didn’t just start eating them. I actually started to lose. That is why I think it is a good idea to intentionally have breaks from a deficit when you are losing a lot. It helps you learn how to eat at maintenance. I don’t think it is that easy at 1st to do that. As to some of the other issues you mention I think you need to determine what you feel is a healthy weight for you. It sounds like it will take some adjustments to figure that out. We are all different and what is healthy for one may not be for another. You shouldn’t judge by others but that means figuring out what you think is healthy and comfortable. You shouldn’t let others make you put the weight back on either just to rebel against their prejudice. I definitely think most of us will have that decision to make what we feel our ideal weight is. I think I would get to that goal you decided on or another that you think makes more sense and try maintaining there for a while then decide if it is right or not for you. One thing I know is that even when I gained back weight I was healthier than I was before because of changes I made to my diet and because of exercise. I have less inflammation. I can see the health as I lose. I am not sure that it is as obvious when you are younger. Don’t just think about yourself now think about yourself through the years. Think about the quality of life you want to have not only now but in the future. I read a book about 8 years ago by a doctor who saw the quality of life diminishing in his patients as they aged so he researched what would help them to feel better and not get injured or ill. There is an amount and intensity of exercise that actually helps our bodies to have regenerative qualities. There are foods that keep our minds healthier. Strength training once or twice a week helps. Listen and see your body and get to know it and keep nurturing it.
    @changeforeverlj you and @BrownSugar are making me already miss the beach. I can walk a lot farther on a beach although I was really sore and stiff when I got back on Friday and Saturday.
    @AlexandraFindsHerself Seattlites don’t do well with heat. We are such wimps. It was in the high 80s and it was hard on us. I did exercise anyway and made Tortilla soup.
    @planktonbye thanks for the ideas.

    I had a good, productive day and got a strength training session done. Unfortunately I waited until it was the hottest time of the day. We are having what is for us a heat wave. This weekend I had planned meals and ordered groceries to be picked up for the 1st time. So that is taken care of. I have been keeping calories low for the last few days and have kept below my net calorie goal even when at the beach. So hopefully there will be a bit more loss before the end of the month. I was able to drink more now that I am at home.
  • AlexandraFindsHerself1971AlexandraFindsHerself1971 Member Posts: 1,600 Member Member Posts: 1,600 Member
    The heat wasn't as awful today. I need to call the company that made our patio enclosure and see about the screen panels. The previous owner had a large dog, and there are a lot of squirrels in the back yard. So all the screens are torn. I need to find out if we can pop them out of the tracks to replace them or if the company does it.
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