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    ChiefBaba wrote: »
    You look amazing! Well done!
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    @harper16 thank you so much! It was a wonderful journey.
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    Hey Chief, Great job. What is the time frame between pics? Cheers mate.
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    NorseCal wrote: »
    July 2019 vs June 2020. 320lbs-ish vs 205lbs. Just started a new push to 185lbs or so for a scheduled competitive trail run in September. I'm very happy with my current weight but this is kind of an experiment to go all-in on getting lean for an event. We will see how that turns out. I am definitely having to make daily adjustments and concessions on calories to make sure the training is not suffering. Oh, and if it helps anyone with context I am 6'3" and will be 39yrs at the end of September.

    Wonderful progress! Good luck with preparing for the trail run.