What nobody tells you about losing weight



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    It's not the word 'fasting' that gives me a pinch. :) I don't fast, haven't fasted and won't fast. If you're eating every single day you're not fasting either.

    Example: This is not a diet but a food elimination protocol. There are all kinds of slick marketing tricks used for dieting that mean exactly the same thing. The word 'diet' is replaced with alternative words to take away the sting of the word 'diet'. It's still a diet at the beginning and end of the day.

    The body reset. The reboot. The cleanse....

    When you tell yourself it's not a diet, this is not a diet but it's exactly the same thing as a diet with alternative words used for everything the brain will try to wrap itself around those concepts. That's the brain's job to make sense out of nonsense.

    It you continue telling yourself it's not a diet but the brain knows the truth of the matter it creates a disconnect.
    When you tell yourself you are fasting but you're simply taking a break between meals like you've always done since the days of childhood you create a disconnect. These add up over time and the brain makes a course correction.

    These course corrections can sneak right up on you. You won't even know what's happening until the eating it all back phase comes knocking on your doorstep. The brain is the master controller and it knows a master cleanse from a homecooked meal.

    You can call it a way of life, a journey or a nutraceutical odyssey but the brain wants straight talk.

    If it weren't so there would be no such thing as rebound weight gain with friends. Your Intermittent Fasting journey would be conducted one time until you reach your dream weight. One fasting reboot protocol would fix everything for you. Until it doesn't. OMAD's chickens have come home to roost and they're mad because it's slim pickins out there in the yard.

    Disconnects matter. The brain wants straight talk and direction every single day. The minute you start coasting and flying by the seat of your pants that would be the brain taking you on another ride so you will forget everything you've ever done or learned about reboots, resets, cleanses, fasts and diets.

    Straight talk. CICO. Improved and consistent dietary compliance will get you there. The brain can handle the truth about everything. It knows what hunger is. It's bent on survival and will make any course correction it wants to make sure that you survive. Don't hand it no lines.

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    What nobody tells you about losing weight.

    The body sometimes speaks more powerfully than words. The power others possess or even their words possess is the power we give them. Their power is only our perception of their power.

    My perception of dieting and starting over and over and over without finding long term, permanent weight stability is based on my own power. Continually dieting or intermittent fasting and then eating it all back sets up a fight, a battle inside and that is the definition of disconnecting.

    The more you try not to have something, the more you want it. Even though we try to convince ourselves that we're choosing to restrict certain foods or food groups the brain does believe it's being deprived. Even if you're trying to convince your mind it's for your own 'good' or overall health it's just another disconnect.

    Reinforcing mental deprivation with constant dieting or intermittent fasting with a whole bunch of strict food rules messes with your head. Let go of all of the food rules and regulations.

    CICO. Straight talk. It has a biological and mental advantage over all of the rest. You can have what you want every single day. I've given myself permission to be my own authority with freedom to choose what I want. Constantly dieting robs you of your freedom to choose.

    Being free to fulfill our potential distinguishes us. We can't lose ourselves while 'losing' weight.