Just Give Me 10 Days - Round 125



  • hammycakes
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    5 F, 5'6"
    SW 196
    GW 170?
    Goal for this round: to lose 1 lb. It would be even better to get below 190!
    I plan to keep my calories around 12-1300 each day and continue drinking all my water.

    Round 124 SW 193.4 EW 191.6 (-1.8 )
    Round 125 SW 191.8 EW ?


    09/04 191.8 to start this round. I didn't drink enough water yesterday and didn't realize it until bedtime. Also, I thought I came in at 1293 calories yesterday and then realized I also ate walnuts as I was cooking bc I waited too long to start dinner. Plan for today.. only snack at planned snack time. Do not eat mindlessly.

    09/05 192.8 today, I didn't mindlessly snack but we went out for dinner last night. I had half a nacho order and it was DELICIOUS but I'm paying the price in salt water weight today! Water water!

    09/06 191.6 water weight dropped off a bit. healthy groceries for this week with minimal "treats" so not very many temptations are available.

    09/07 192.0 up down up down. My trend line on libra still shows down so I'll take it. I went to yoga yesterday and my shoulders and hamstrings are so sore today! Also my girlfriends and are have having an afternoon tea today complete with scones and clotted cream, so I'm budgeting my calories around that!

    09/08 191.2 lowest number this round. we shall see about tomorrow, I had a higher cal day and a bit salty dinner.

    09/09 192.4 sitting on the trend line today, so I hope for a drop tomorrow to keep the momentum going. Plan for today:
    B: coffee and more coffee, greek yogurt and berries
    L: greek Salad with chicken dressed with olive oil and balsamic
    Snack: carrots and cucumbers with light ranch dip, green tea
    Dinner : cod with lemon and green beans, cinnamon apples with chopped walnuts for dessert

    09/10 190.2! back on track with the downward trend and super excited for this number. fingers crossed it sticks :smiley:

    09/11 189.2 a whole pound down since yesterday feels amazing! nothing like seeing some results for continued motivation! Heading into the weekend without any major temptations in sight.

    09/12 188.8 Even better, this is an awesome "whoosh" I'm having. I def. expect it to slow down but for now, Happy dance!

    09/13 188.3 the trend continues :) see you next round
  • Tesha231
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    58 y.o. female 5' 7"
    HW: 186 UGW: 150
    R119 - Lost 2.9# -
    R120 - Lost 1.9# - 171.3
    R121 - 171.9
    R122 - 171
    R123 - 170. 8
    R124 - 168.7
    R125 - Goal 167.7

    09/04 - 168.8
    09/05 - 168.5
    09/06 - 169.5
    09/07 - 168.5
    09/08 - 169.5 So I weighed every day since after Friday but only entered it all today. Look at that crazy 1 pound up and down. lol I'd like to act like I don't know why my scale is acting like that, but I am a bad liar. Of all the treats I enjoyed over labor day weekend, my 5 mo old grandson was my favorite.
    09/09 - 169.9 Lost and Found:Found. 1.1 pounds. Sometimes disguised as 17 ozs. Answers to bad choices, including Dots pretzels, ice cream and the hubs homemade air fryer donuts. Approach with caution. Runs from IF, water, logging balanced nutrition and long walks. Happy to return it to its rightful owner by 9/13.
    09/10 - 170.1 So normally a bump up or down of an oz or two doesn't excite me much...but that "7" though! It will NOT be there tomorrow and I'm a bit surprised it is there today after 14,600 steps yesterday.
    09/11 - 169 12,980 steps. This round's goal seems out of reach, but that's ok. In a couple more days we'll start R126!
    09/12 - 168 15,801 steps yesterday, but also slept in so will need to be extra prudent if I intend to drop 3 oz to make goal tomorrow
    09/13 - 168.6. Lots of ups and downs this round. Off to donate blood today. A pint’s a pound the world around. (Well, we will see if the scales believe that tomorrow. )
  • CamandJarvis
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    28, 5'5"
    OSW: 164.2
    GW: 138

    Previous Rounds:
    R69 EW: 158.1
    R70 EW: 156.5
    R71 EW: 156.3
    R72 EW: 156.3
    R73 EW: 155.2
    R74 EW: 155.4
    R75 EW: 156.1
    R76 EW: 155.6
    R80 EW: 153.2
    R81 EW: 154.3
    R82 EW: 154.1
    R84 EW: 156.5
    R89 EW: 156.7
    R91 EW: 160.1
    R93 EW: 159.3
    R94 EW: 156.1
    R98 EW: 154.5
    R99 EW: 155.9
    <3 R100 <3 EW: 152.8
    R101 EW: 149.7 (1/15)
    R102 EW: 149.0
    R103 EW: 149.0
    R104 EW: 146.2
    R105 EW: 146.6
    R106 EW: 144.6
    R107 EW: 146.8 (spring break, only 2 days weight)
    R108 EW: 147.7 (Moving out of state, starting new job)
    R109 EW: 148.1
    R110 EW: 150.1
    R111 EW: 154.3
    R112 EW: 152.6
    R113 EW: 151.7
    R121 EW: 153.0
    R122 EW: 154.8
    R123 EW: 153.9
    R124 EW: 153.4

    Last weight
    09/03 - 153.4

    Round GW: 152.5

    Day, Weight, Comment
    09/04 - 154.5
    09/05 - 155.6
    09/06 - DNW
    09/07 - DNW
    09/08 - DNW
    09/09 - 156.5
    09/10 - DNW
    09/11 - 155.0
    09/12 - 156.1
    09/13 - 155.6 - Back down a little. I still feel heavy in the lower belly area. Dinner was delivery because BF started feeling not so great and instead of getting smoked chicken quarters and veggies from our friends, we came home. He really wanted pizza so pizza we got. Don't feel bloated in the normal sense, think its still hormone-related bloat, especially since my fingers and face aren't swollen anymore. I'm hungry this AM but trying to hold off a little longer and get my water in first. About to change out of PJs and do some yoga to get movement in since it's been a minute since I was able to get any workouts done.

    Previous Day's Comments
    09/04 - Worth it! We had a mini girls night last night, I got to go to a new restaurant so I splurged a little trying things and had a glass of wine with dinner. The storm derailed our original plans which I planned my breakfast and lunch around but this new place was much fancier and harder to plan around. Ended up getting the grilled trout. I hit my water goal before leaving the house and had several glasses of water in between sipping my wine. We shall see how bad this derailed me tomorrow.
    09/05 - DNP
    09/06 - I didn't get a chance to post yesterday. The uptick was the day 2 of Girl's Night Friday and very much expected. We had our Fantasy football draft (its my first one in person) with Fam yesterday. It was crazy busy getting 3 drafts done and I DEFINITELY did not get water in. We had wings, tatortots, and fries available for food so it was that or nothing at all. I know sodium is high and dehydration retention is high so I decided to give myself grace today and tomorrow to recover before I subject myself to what is probably not pleasant weigh-ins. No need to mentally destroy myself for circumstances not entirely under my control. I will be catching up this morning on yesterday's updates and I will be back to post tomorrow, assuming nothing crazy interrupts my morning, to stay accountable and get the much needed support to be back on track. Love you all so dearly!
    09/07 - Late posting, but had a busy busy day that started earlier than normal for days off. Ended up getting to go to the zoo with Fam (BF and I's first time) because they secured day passes and requested 2 free guests off their annual membership in case we said yes. Then pitstop at Old Navy for FamWife and I to get clothes for an impromptu river swim on the way home. Lunch wasn't great- taco bell, but all the other places nearby the zoo were closed or super duper busy. Kept it small and simple. Dinner was homemade shrimp pad thai and egg rolls with some tofu on the side and a kale salad. May have had a little too much of pad thai but the veggies and shrimp in it were so amazing. Water was super expensive (and couldn't bring your own) so I'm short on water, but still chugging away. A lot more walking than I anticipated, but less than I'd like (by the time I was ready to go for my morning walk, I had to shower super quick to leave on time). I'll still come to post regardless of weigh-in decision which I'll make depending on how I feel when I wake up. Choosing to take a mental break so I don't overstress or freak out over a false high (I call them false because its mostly water retention and bloating, not actual fat) is a really really pleasant thing and I wish I had given myself that opportunity in the past rather than beat myself up and super restrict. Its freeing knowing that I've learned so much about my body from this group that I can step away when I know its necessary but still have the support of the group with no judgement.
    09/08 - Woke up late for work... Luckily not too late and boss was super chill when he realized I made it to the meeting (I was about 10 minutes late to meeting but he didn't realize I was on until we all almost hung up). Didn't want to weigh in this morning anyway, so this was simply the universe ensuring I couldn't. I chugged water while on the call before ever stepping into the bathroom where the scale is. I feel so dehydrated and bloated this am. I know it is all water weight from yesterday. With that, today's goals: get a walk in once I can get to my closet without waking up BF, focus on water intake, and eat good, healthy, filling foods. Also, get back on IF. I may not hit the full 16, but aiming for at least 15 hours due to a later than normal dinner yesterday. Edit: Walking may not happen as it just started pouring rain. I didn't realize it was supposed to rain before Wednesday! Maybe, if it calms down this evening and dinner isn't too late, I'll take the pup out for an after-dinner walk. Its been getting darker earlier so my evening walks have been suffering a bit.
    09/09 - Pre-TOM weight kicking in, I guess. I feel back to normal as far as water weight goes but I know TOM will be here any day now. Upsetting coming off grace period feeling ok, like I'm back down in weight, only for my weigh in to be higher than I expected because hormones.... Hopefully it'll drop quickly, though. Going to keep chug-a-lugging my water. No walk, its raining like crazy. Woke up at 345 wide eyed and bushy tailed for absolutely no reason. Then got scared when my phone went off with a immediate danger flash flood warning. I might need a nap between all my meetings today. No walk, its still absolutely pouring rain and seems it will be for the rest of the week. Need to figure out how to get steps in while in this little house. Nowhere I walk is more than 5-6 steps before a 180 so getting a nice brisk pace is impossible. Maybe I just jog in place and hope for the best?
    09/10 - Didn't have time to weigh as I had to take BF to hospital for surgery this am. Now doing laundry in hopes of getting as much dog hair off his sheets and blankets as possible. I'm being uprooted from the bedroom into daughter's room with the dog (she LOVES to plop right on him at night and short dog hair+surgery=bad. It gets everywhere.) Got plenty to do with the house and actual work before I head back at 930 (pickup is scheduled at 10/1030 right now). Hopefully that will get me plenty of steps in to count as a small workout. Last night was horrid. I battled a headache all day (excedrin didn't do a thing) but last night around dinner it went into a full blown migraine. I got dizzy, couldn't focus my vision, nauseous, etc. Almost threw up when I went to bed. Have a small lingering headache in back of head this am but was finally able to pass out last night and rid of the worst of it. Tossed and turned all morning since 3am (similar to yesterday but was able to doze a few times for a few minutes this morning unlike yesterday). Not sure what happened... Chugging water and trying not to eat my stress away today is the goal, especially once BF is home and I have to wrangle the dog (who is likely to be super freaked out).
    09/11 - Surprised to be back down after yesterday. I didn't do my IF, I kinda stress ate, I was 100% nursemaid focused on BF. Did get a lot of water in, though. Nerve block wore off and BF in ton of pain so probably hanging around the house and helping him. I'm working today but have nothing going on and everyone knows I'll be helping him. Don't think I'll manage my goal but if I can get back down to 153.x I'll be content.
    09/12 - TOM is kicking my butt... maybe its the added stress of being nurse to BF or something but holy moly symptoms. My poor lower belly was bloated tight as a rock this morning and my fingers are all swollen. I hit my water goal yesterday so not sure what's going on since this NEVER seems to happen. I have to retain a ton of water to get swollen fingers (usually my face gives it away first for some reason). I also feel heavy and my stomach is a bit achy. Going to try to fast for longer so long as I don't get too nauseous and drink my water early in hopes of dropping some water weight. Blaming it on TOM and stress because my eating wasn't great, but it wasn't horrible -- especially not bad enough for all this.

  • CamandJarvis
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    @CamandJarvis and ALL I urge you to read Life in the Fasting Lane. I’ve learned so much in the first 40 or 50 pages! I have added it to my next Amazon order. I have such an urge to highlight passages but this is a library book. 🥴

    I'll have to order that. I love IF (when I can get it to work with my schedule) and debated doing longer fasts (alternate day or 36/48hr) for awhile now. Its really hard because COVID limits our gatherings and our primary reason for gathering is potluck style dinners (occasionally a lunch) and I don't want to have to sit down and explain my reasoning to everybody individually (they won't all sit down at once so they'll each approach me one-by-one about it haha). Plus, one is a former nurse and she is absolutely against fasting... I don't want to argue.

    I'm thinking once I go back to work - 10hr days at work plus a 3+hr daily commute will give me the perfect excuse! They won't ever know and I can fast in peace. Gives me time to learn, too.