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    Morning, afternoon and evening, everyone, wherever you may be...

    Rebecca - thank you for reminding us of Gloria. <3 If you're willing to PM me with your address, I have more than 100 Forever stamps I can send you--long story for why I have them, but I'll be happy to send them along to you. I no longer send snailmail, so they should go to someone who actually does. :)

    - so glad you got your new glasses!

    Allie - hope you're feeling better this morning. Thinking of you, my friend.

    Flea - My best friend is moving toward canceling her scheduled December trip to Hawaii, as well. They only planned to go for a week to see her daughter, so spending 14 days in quarantine would be problematic. They're waiting on their test results now, because they both had the virus in October, and there's a one-in-five chance they may register as positive on the test because that can happen as long as three months after recovering.

    Lisa in AR

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    "Get to do"s and "chose well"s
    Chose well: Trader Joe’s, Natural Grocers
    Bonus: Wal~Mart, Winco
    Get to do: take BP, Call Dr. ofc re appt?, dogs to powerline, email info to grantwriter, watch STAS Day 18 (go sniff), submit grant pics and receipts, test Bluetooth speaker so can do BB&B or T’ai Chi from voice recordings, make experimental almond paste, declutter sideboard, practice new dances (I ain’t never gonna love nobody but Cornell Crawford (Alley cat), A Little Less Broken, One margarita, I’m so used to being broke, All Night, Nothing but You, Blame it on my beating heart, Homesick); finish mulching flowerbed; broadcast cover crop seed in veg garden areas, invest another 10 minutes in prepping living trust, Freddie’s for complete series TDAP <$48, get Shingrix vaccine, find and configure a screen time popup, figure out where to plant naked lady bulbs, and soon as it warms up above 50 and dries out below 60% humidity I’ll tape and spray paint those rusted areas of Aunt Elsie’s stove.
    Reward: inventory seeds, plan next year’s garden, wishlist replenishments.
    Do Good December
    2: Contact someone you can’t be with to see how they are: card to M, call CD tomorrow.

    Welcome @kikil123 ! Would you let us know what you’d like to be called and your general locale?

    Heather thanks for the nine lessons and carols alert, put it on my calendar for 07:00 Christmas Eve.
    Allie ((hugs))

    Pooped from my marathon 12 hour shopping trip to Medford. Hope I don’t really have an MD appointment tomorrow, would really like to stay put.

    Lighter, lovelies!
    f8qt1s098sxm.gifBarbara, the Southern Oregon Coastie AHMOD
    December: better than November.
    daily: sit with Joe: 1, weigh: 1, steps>5505=8293  vits=2 log=2 CI<CO=2 CI<250<CO=1 Tumble & Shadow 5=1 mfp=2 outside=1 up hill=1
    wkly: T’ai Chi or BB&B x3 =0 rx= dance= clean 30 mins=
    mnthly: board mtg= grant= 20for20=0
    bonus: AF=2 play=0 sew=0
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    Hello again, my chickens!

    Yesterday was rainy and cold and dreary around these parts, so I hopped off to Lowes in the very early morning and picked up a steel standing shelf (2 ft deep, 6 ft high, and four feet wide) that was on sale. Worked all morning and afternoon to put it together and start moving stuff onto it. It will serve as a place to store blankets, pillows, suitcases and other storage items until we remodel the exercise and sewing rooms into a master suite, which could be years at this rate--and when we do, it will be great shelving for the shop. :) Still got lots more sorting to do, as both the small rooms have closets that served as a place to hide things that we weren't using at the time. I see in my future at least one garbage bag full of "Why the heck did I keep that?" :smiley:

    Regarding Christmas - I have very few good memories of Christmas growing up, or in my early adulthood. My family all went at least mildly whack-a-doodle every Christmas. I avoided being anywhere near my mother's house in Texas for many years.

    Just as an example, one memorable Christmas, Mama threw every decoration she had, including the tree, into the burn barrel and set it on fire. I know this because she called me in Montana and told me so. Apparently, Linda, her daughter-in-law who lived next door, had told Mama she was hosting Christmas with HER family, and that Mama wasn't really her family, so she wasn't invited.

    This did not go over well, obviously. Harks back to the old Southern usage that someone who is cursing is "losing their religion." #ReasonsNotToGoHomeForChristmas.

    My reluctance to go to Texas did not mean that I didn't enjoy the trappings of Christmas, though! More of my favorite things at this time of year:
    • The Mormon Tabernacle choir.
    • Boys' choirs.
    • Mannheim Steamroller.
    • The scent of pine and cedar, cinnamon and cloves.
    • Grandchildren's excitement on Christmas morning.
    • Picking the exact right gift (doesn't happen often).
    • Weird cranberry jelly in a can, so you can slice it using the circle patterns the can leaves imprinted on it. :)

    Later y'all,
    Lisa in AR
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    Morning all! Happy Thursday!
    I think of Gloria often; and her grandchildren. *sigh It really shows how meaningful this group of women are to each other. I don't think a life could pass without all of us feeling it, because we have come to know each other so well. ((( <3 )))
    What I love about Christmas:
    The music
    The movies
    Family/memories with family
    The decorations and lights
    The smells; cinnamon, pine, gingerbread
    Holiday cooking/baking shows
    Christmas crafts with the kids
    Snow (some years we have some, some years we don't)

    Allie- Good to hear from you! Prayers you are back to good health soon!
    Karen VA and Kylia- wild and frantic waving from my corner to you both! (((hugs)))

    Well, kiddos arriving soon! We have two crafts today that I have to prepare. One is a santa handprint craft (their hand is the head and beard; felt hat and facial features added later). The other is snowman necklaces. Take one of those tealights (with the on off switch on the back), add eyes and smile around the "bulb/carrot" nose, add tiny pompons to each side (earmuffs), and a little felt scrap (scarf) to the "chin" area. Hot glue a ribbon to the back and they have a little glow necklace for the holidays. We made jingle bell instruments on Monday and our Santa countdown calendars on Tuesday. Yesterday was sunny and a bit warmer (in the high 30s/low 40s) and the older kids didn't have school, so we were outside almost all day.

    Time to fly! ttfn xoxoxo KJ (Kelly)
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    Just popping in to say hey y’all!!👋
    Debby in Va
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    I used to hate Christmas. There's many many hours of work expected of a mother, and no time off work or regular chores. Add seasonal depression, and subtract my rock and roll which goes away from the radio, them mix in my religious baggage and the result is not cheerful. This year I am tolerating it a little better, partly because as a retiree, I sleep so much more.

    Annie in Delaware
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    Annie you are not alone with Christmas...

    I remember a mother who either got stressed out or got sick at Christmas. She would also make every cookie under the
    planet. This is the reason I never got involved in a cookie exchange I did not want to make or have that many cookies ever again.

    I decided I would pace myself and do the things I felt were important and let go or the rest. I make two pans or bars and one batch of chocolate chip cookies and give to neighbors who I know like them just enough left for us.

    I will miss the singing this year.

    I am enjoying the outdoor lights this year. I drive home when it is dark so they are lit when I come home. My favorite are the simple light displays with a few figures that light up. One in particular is so lovely. It is all white lights. They have two Christmas trees outlines made from the white lights and then have them strung across their gutters and bushes. Stunning.

    :heart: Margaret
    edited December 2020
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    My parents kept Christmas simple ... maybe that's why I do too. It's a time for rest not stress. It has always been one my family's rest periods ... sleeping late, laying on the floor playing games, naps, curling up with a stack of books, going out for walks or cross country skiing, quietly listening to Christmas music with just the tree lights on and drinking hot chocolate or eggnog (no alcohol).

    M in Oz
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    :) I love my 5 PM walk in my neighborhood to enjoy the holiday lights. This is a modest income neighborhood so the displays are modest and personal. Each night there seems to be one more than the night before. Last night I noticed that my early morning walking friend had put lights on her porch railing and they look bright and cheery.

    :) I am starting my grocery pick up order and, at least today, they have the brand of turkey I want and the stuffing mix, as well. If they still have them to pick up on Sunday, then I'll order the parchment roasting bag from Amazon. We won't fix it for Christmas but save it for some cold and dreary time in the winter when I'm looking for a project.

    :) The continuing rise in Covid cases in our rural county has concerned Jake enough that he cancelled his appointment for a haircut. That is a huge sacrifice for him.

    <3 Barbie in NW WA
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