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  • Machka9
    Machka9 Posts: 19,949 Member
    Thanks for the nice comments about our lights. I like that our outside plug is synced to an indoor switch. I just flip the light switch and they all turn on. I have to admit it took me a few seasons to figure this out. It is so much easier than timers. I also like how they look in the daylight. They do help me get in the holiday spirit. Glad you like them.

    Ours are solar so they come on when it gets dark, and go off when it gets light.

    M in Oz
  • Whidislander
    Whidislander Posts: 1,461 Member
    LisaInAR wrote: »
    Morning, afternoon and evening, everyone, wherever you may be...

    Rebecca - thank you for reminding us of Gloria. <3 If you're willing to PM me with your address, I have more than 100 Forever stamps I can send you--long story for why I have them, but I'll be happy to send them along to you. I no longer send snailmail, so they should go to someone who actually does. :)

    - so glad you got your new glasses!

    Allie - hope you're feeling better this morning. Thinking of you, my friend.

    Flea - My best friend is moving toward canceling her scheduled December trip to Hawaii, as well. They only planned to go for a week to see her daughter, so spending 14 days in quarantine would be problematic. They're waiting on their test results now, because they both had the virus in October, and there's a one-in-five chance they may register as positive on the test because that can happen as long as three months after recovering.

    Lisa in AR

    You are my stamp savior. <3
    sent you a message. Hugs
  • exermom
    exermom Posts: 5,438 Member
    Gloria and her grandchildren…makes me so sad

    After work got another loaf of sourdough bread started then got the “fence” for the Christmas decorations out.

    Thyme – welcome

    Margaret – beautiful lights

    Katla – I was reading in the paper that the first people to get the vaccine will be first responders, etc. The next will be elderly people living in a facility like a nursing home. Then elderly people, then everyone else. This is the one and only time that I’m glad I’m older…lol I prefer to go in the store, too. But, like you, I definitely prefer to go early in the a.m.

    Making a loaf of sourdough, then have one more to make and I think I’m done with sourdough for the holidays.

    I’m very surprised that the stores have so many parking spots for curbside pickup and I’ve seen very few people using them. Like Aldi has 4 spaces reserved, three times I’ve only seen one person using it. WalMart has 6 spaces and I have to say that I’ve never seen a car in any of them

    I’m thinking right now that I’m going to give up formal exercise on the days when I work and use the walking (steps) as my exercise for the day

    Heather – Vince has said that he’d only get me a maid if I absolutely needed one because he knows me and I’d clean before the maid got there because I didn’t want her to see it dirty and then I’d clean after she left because she didn’t do it my (the correct) way. Sad part is…he’s right Sounds like you’d rather skip Christmas.

    Going to work on those towel toppers. Just need to put the buttons on them

    Michele NC
  • Whidislander
    Whidislander Posts: 1,461 Member
    LisaInAR wrote: »
    Hello again, my chickens!

    Yesterday was rainy and cold and dreary around these parts, so I hopped off to Lowes in the very early morning and picked up a steel standing shelf (2 ft deep, 6 ft high, and four feet wide) that was on sale. Worked all morning and afternoon to put it together and start moving stuff onto it. It will serve as a place to store blankets, pillows, suitcases and other storage items until we remodel the exercise and sewing rooms into a master suite, which could be years at this rate--and when we do, it will be great shelving for the shop. :) Still got lots more sorting to do, as both the small rooms have closets that served as a place to hide things that we weren't using at the time. I see in my future at least one garbage bag full of "Why the heck did I keep that?" :smiley:

    Regarding Christmas - I have very few good memories of Christmas growing up, or in my early adulthood. My family all went at least mildly whack-a-doodle every Christmas. I avoided being anywhere near my mother's house in Texas for many years.

    Just as an example, one memorable Christmas, Mama threw every decoration she had, including the tree, into the burn barrel and set it on fire. I know this because she called me in Montana and told me so. Apparently, Linda, her daughter-in-law who lived next door, had told Mama she was hosting Christmas with HER family, and that Mama wasn't really her family, so she wasn't invited.

    This did not go over well, obviously. Harks back to the old Southern usage that someone who is cursing is "losing their religion." #ReasonsNotToGoHomeForChristmas.

    My reluctance to go to Texas did not mean that I didn't enjoy the trappings of Christmas, though! More of my favorite things at this time of year:
    • The Mormon Tabernacle choir.
    • Boys' choirs.
    • Mannheim Steamroller.
    • The scent of pine and cedar, cinnamon and cloves.
    • Grandchildren's excitement on Christmas morning.
    • Picking the exact right gift (doesn't happen often).
    • Weird cranberry jelly in a can, so you can slice it using the circle patterns the can leaves imprinted on it. :)

    Later y'all,
    Lisa in AR

    I have opened two cans of that magical jellied substance. <3
    fellow jellied cranberry lover
  • Whidislander
    Whidislander Posts: 1,461 Member
    barbiecat wrote: »
    :)Margaret, If you lived in my neighborhood, I would love walking past your house on my evening walks.

    :)Katla, My husband has a complicated heart, breathing issues, and cancer. He is very high risk and I have to do all I can to protect him.

    :)Rebecca, I love how personal your decorations are.

    :)Thyme, Welcome. I hope you keep coming back.

    <3 Barbie in NW WA

    It's all my mommas doing. One year I helped her make the three jewelry trees, (made them for my two older sisters), and also cut out a lot of felt things for the three advent calendars. We had collected jewelry from my mommas stash, my two grandmas, and Mrs. Lintner a neighbor across the street from my momma. I got my maternal grandmas "going to church" earrings, which gives me warm fuzzies when I look at them. Some of the fake diamond necklaces that are the garland for my tree were from sets we played dress up as a child. We would raid our mommas jewelry box, and just fill our arms with bracelets, and literally dripped with shiny stuff.

    For the advent calendar, it came with a cute story that I have modified because the end paper was lost, so I would make up funny limericks to end it, pertaining to where we were living at the time. Also the limericks contained what the boys were into at the time so its historical.

    This year I didn't put up the son's specific decorations so no
    need to make the Daughter inlaw, and Athena fuzzy face anyways. If anyone wishes to donate some nylons to this cause, I would be grateful. :-) The thought of having to buy a pair just to cut up seems silly. Contact me if you wish to complete a face. <3
  • Whidislander
    Whidislander Posts: 1,461 Member
    I think the tights pink faces are strange so I would like to redo those anyways.
  • Faetta
    Faetta Posts: 1,059 Member
    Keeping it simple and just doing my fence. No ladders required.
  • ginnytez
    ginnytez Posts: 643 Member
    Allie-I do hope you start regaining strength soon-that must be so frustrating. But it sounds like your body is having to deal with surgery and an infection and that is like a double whammy. Just take time to heal-stamina will return.

    Like reading your Christmas traditions. I remember most the Christmas eves with the whole family at my moms-she laid out an amazing spread. Even when all the grandchildren were there and things got crazy, it was a wonderful time. We always tried to keep Christmas day low key with our kids. Got in the habit of throwing a roast with vegetables in the oven for our Christmas dinner-kids would play and we would watch movies.

    I don't know the Gloria some of you are missing-but she seems to show friendships can be strong even if they are not in-person.

    Worked late on budget. Going to get some sleep so I can be back at it early tomorrow. Of course, once it is done and I have budget hearing next Thursday, I can take some time off!

    Stay safe all,

    Ginny in Ohio
  • barbiecat
    barbiecat Posts: 15,082 Member
    :)Katla, from March until last week, I shopped at QFC and Costco early in the morning with mask and gloves. I shopped with a carefully prepared list to be more efficient and shopped only about every four weeks. A few times Jake came with me and we split the list, used separate carts, and checked out separately to spend less time in the store. When we came home, we stripped out of everything, laundered all our clothes, and showered and washed our hair. Last week the cases of Covid spiked dramatically in our rural county and Jake decided that going into the grocery store was a bad idea and he proposed curbside pickup based on our neighbor's successful experiences for months. I like prowling the store and doing my own shopping but it is important to me to care for Jake's health so I agreed to the curbside pickup. Prices are the same. I know that because I shop for so many of the same things over and over that I know their prices and the price they quote me on the website is exactly what I paid in the store.

    :)Allie, Do not be discouraged. Your body has had a terrible ordeal and it will take time to recover.

    :) I'm home from my after dark walk where I saw more lights tonight than last night.

    <3 Barbie in NW WA
  • exermom
    exermom Posts: 5,438 Member
    I’m feeling so very sad right now. I had this crochet hook from my grandmother, and I seem to have lost it.

    Allie – your body is healing itself. It just can’t do everything at once and it’s concentrating on healing. I know it’s frustrating for you, but strength will come. Keep moving so that your muscles don’t atrophy

    Finished putting the buttons on the towel toppers now to get the masking tape off, which is what I use the crochet hook for. Guess I'll have to go to JoAnn's to get a new one.

    Michele NC
  • dlfk202000
    dlfk202000 Posts: 1,087 Member
    My lights this years...spra23mctznv.jpg

    love the angel!!!
  • Katla49
    Katla49 Posts: 8,910 Member
    Pip: Gloria went by her first name as far as I remember. I don’t remember her last name. She was a wonderful woman who was working fulltime and raising two grandsons. I think she lived in or near Lacey, WA. :star:

    Allie: I have been wondering how you're doing and seeing your post today was wonderful. I hope you're recovering well. You are missed around here. :flowerforyou:

    Barbie: I’m happy to know that the curbside pickup was available to you at the same price as instore shopping. Nice to know that you can get what you need without risking bringing germs home to Jake. :bigsmile:

    We spent the day setting up our outdoor Christmas lights. It was fun and we’re happy with what we accomplished.

    Katla in Beautiful NW Oregon
  • charsuzy
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  • auntiebk
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    edited December 2020
    "Get to do"s and "chose well"s
    Chose well: Women’s exam & BP followup, dogs to powerline, post office.
    Bonus: Tumble stroll with T. OOPS forgot to zoom BGBS AGAIN. Set alarm for next week.
    Get to do: take BP, dogs to powerline, call CD, call R, email info to grantwriter, watch STAS Day 18 (go sniff), submit grant pics and receipts, test Bluetooth speaker so can do BB&B or T’ai Chi from voice recordings, make experimental almond paste, declutter sideboard, practice new dances (I ain’t never gonna love nobody but Cornell Crawford (Alley cat), A Little Less Broken, One margarita, I’m so used to being broke, All Night, Nothing but You, Blame it on my beating heart, Homesick); finish mulching flowerbed; broadcast cover crop seed in veg garden areas, invest another 10 minutes in prepping living trust, Freddie’s for complete series TDAP <$48, get Shingrix vaccine, find and configure a screen time popup, figure out where to plant naked lady bulbs, and soon as it warms up above 50 and dries out below 60% humidity I’ll tape and spray paint those rusted areas of Aunt Elsie’s stove.
    Reward: inventory seeds, plan next year’s garden, wishlist replenishments.
    Do Good December
    3: Offer to help someone who is facing difficulties at the moment: check to J tomorrow.

    Dear ladies, how do I thank someone for something that didn’t taste good? Overcame my depression era parents’ upbringing and threw it out after one bite.

    Lisa re: your cranberry jelly memory, Mama used to slice it with the can lid. :0 I’m too clumsy, I use a butterknife.
    Barbie would Jake let you trim his hair if you were willing? Joe was looking quite Biblical last month and asked me to cut his hair. I’d never EVER done anything like that, but armed with a good pair of scissors and a few youtube videos I took the plunge. Came out good enough that he got a compliment from the eye doctor ;)
    Welcome @WThyme Thyme from GA !
    Heather will the nine lessons and carols be at 3pm London? The time converter I used below. Thanks for letting me know the channel, will try listening on the Sounds App. First time I’ve used it, wish me luck!
    Margaret I’m with you about cookie exchanges (sorry Katla) The one I was involved in started out fun, friendly, yummy. But then the competition crept in, the “containers” got more complicated, and the fun, friendship and yummy cookies suffered.
    Allie hope the sponge bath, pills and sleep makes you feel better. Thankful you are being well cared for. What the others have said about using this time to rest and let your body heal. You can build the stamina back up after the infection is cleared and the surgery healed.
    Tracey your DH has done a great job on your grandson’s headboard. It will be a wonderful memory always. Would he consider posting pics on an Etsy-like site and taking commissions?
    Debbie in WVA good to see you! Hope all’s well with you and yours.
    Sharon, Penny, Meg, Janetr missing you too!
    Fae and Margaret :love: the lights.
    Heather I think you may be being too hard on yourself. I see you as a gracious guest, no matter the inner turmoil.
    Michele your maid story sounds like when Mama fired all the home health helpers because it was too much work to get Papa up and bathed before they came!
    Kelly puhleeze can I be one of your daycare kiddos?
    Karen thanks!

    Does anyone remember how old Gloria's grandsons were or know what happened to them after losing her?

    Lighter, lovelies!
    f8qt1s098sxm.gifBarbara, the Southern Oregon Coastie AHMOD
    December: better than November.
    daily: sit with Joe: 2, weigh: 3, steps>5505=6827  vits=3 log=3 CI<CO=3 CI<250<CO=3 Tumble & Shadow 5=3 mfp=3 outside=3 up hill=3
    wkly: T’ai Chi or BB&B x3 =0 rx= dance= clean 30 mins=
    mnthly: board mtg= grant= 20for20=0
    bonus: AF=2 play=0 sew=0