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Coronavirus prep



  • lkpducky
    lkpducky Posts: 17,098 Member
    edited December 2020
    I'm surprised autoimmune conditions aren't on that list.
  • T1DCarnivoreRunner
    T1DCarnivoreRunner Posts: 11,502 Member
    edited December 2020
    Not that this is probably news to most here, but ICU capacity is running out in a lot of places. My county has 3 beds left according to the map, but that is 74% full since we only have 14 beds total.

    Intensive Care Beds Are Nearing Capacity Across the Country, New Data Shows

    Edit to add that I don't know how good these numbers are. Some places have been including NICU beds in the total because they are an ICU bed... but that doesn't help us adults.
  • ReenieHJ
    ReenieHJ Posts: 9,724 Member
    glp2323 wrote: »
    I'm 38 and severely obese (BMI >50). Covid was my wake-up call. I always thought I had time to lose weight and get healthy. Unfortunately, it took Covid for me to realize how precious time was, and that I may not make it through the year because of my weight.

    The past several months I've lost a lot of weight (avg. 3-4lbs a week lost) and have made dramatic changes to my diet. However, although it's possible to lose weight you can't do it overnight. My reality is I will likely remain "high-risk" for the duration of this pandemic, even though I will continue to do my best to lose weight. I wish now, I began this weight loss journey earlier. All I can do is look ahead, and continue to hope and pray my family and I continue to avoid catching this terrible virus.

    I wish there were more positive testimonials of overweight people who have recovered from COVID because the news can make you feel that if you catch it and are obese you die. It's a scary reality some of us have to live with despite knowing we have to change.

    I hope you all stay safe and healthy.

    Kudos to you for making changes!!! <3

    And I agree with you about the news being a bit more positive. But then maybe more people would feel it's nothing to be afraid of after all and go about their merry ways? IDK. I wish there was a way to put a positive spin on contracting it and doing better than you think you will, but I don't think this is a virus with any guarantees. :( Just wish it wasn't so scary and unknown Hopefully all that will change as we continue to learn, experience and find better treatments/vaccines.