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    Oh and @dukare congrats on the amazing nights’ sleep! I only dreamed of those for months with #2 child, so looks like you have it cracked!
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    Ahh.... yesterday kind of went off the rails for no good reason, but I'm back on track today. I did make myself track everything I ate so that I could see the damage. :lol:

    I don't have time at the moment to go back and catch-up with everyone, but I really will do that after work today. Yay for it being Friday!! I'm looking forward to my fresh grocery supply tomorrow - my fridge is getting a little sad.
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    @roxinronni - how's the caffeine withdrawal going? Great job on hitting 10k steps for a few days - how's that goal going for you?
    @ClearNotCloudyMind - would you find any satisfaction in finding some healthy-ish (or healthier) recipes that you could make & enjoy that would fit in with how you're trying to eat? I know it's not everyone's thing, but I like doing that sometimes. (For example, I occasionally will make brownies that have a base of black beans instead of flour - they taste a little different, but I enjoy them.)
    @Dukare - congrats on getting more sleep! So exciting! And getting close to 220! Did you get some Jazzercize in?
    @melichalup - that's great that you've got that free yoga benefit - hope you're able to find an instructor or two that you really like.

    So I had a good day today - ate light calorie wise due to yesterday's debacle. I'm a bit tired and trying to work up the energy to walk for an hour on the treadmill. I think I'll go do that & put on the episode of Grey's Anatomy from yesterday that I need to watch. Planning on a high activity day tomorrow to try and make the most of my weekend. My steps haven't been as high this week, but still averaging about 11k/day (not counting today so far).
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    @HealthyTrent the recipe thing sadly doesn’t really work for me. Most of what we eat as a family (at mealtimes) is pretty healthy so not an issue, but it’s either make the full fat version of treats (in which everyone eats it) or the lighter version, when it falls to me to eat it all so I gain less pleasure and more calories from the whole exercise!

    Oh well... just hoping that adding amaretto rather than brandy to the Xmas cake means my husband makes a meaningful effort on it, as it’s huge and it’s only the 4 of us this year!

    I also love Grey’s anatomy! Binged the first 14 series a while back and am now working my way through Bones before heading back for the last series :)

    Looking forwards to the last riding lesson of this year later today, which makes today a pretty active one for me these days. And this morning only 0.5 kg off my mini goal of 73kg and a reward dive into my old clothes drawer to see what fits now!!!
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    Checking in. I've struggled the past few days with clean eating (mostly due to stress), but since yesterday I'm back on track. I still avoid sugar (but not carbs in general) which helps immensly with my craving.

    @melichalupa I love roasted chickpeas! Beans in general are amazing and keep me very satisfied. :)
    I don't think it's bad to eat too few calories every once in a while. The whole thing with "it slows down your metabolism" seems very unscientific to me and it doesn't really make any sense.
    The worst part is if it makes you super hungry and triggers a binge.

    I have to work now, but I will go for a walk later and try to get in some steps.

    @HealthyTrent Change really is hard. I also struggle with a bedtime routine, even though I usually have to get up at 6.30 in the morning.
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    @ClearNotCloudyMind - I love Bones, too! I had the joy of introducing my wife to it and we watched the full series several times. I put it on sometimes to fall asleep to.
    @Nikalris - yeah, the downside of working from home is that I've ended up regularly sleeping in way later than I would otherwise, so that I just roll out of bed, shower, feed myself & the pets, and get to work.

    I am so annoyed that the scale is up more this morning. My eating yesterday was on track (on the light side). I pulled a 2nd scale out and it puts me even higher - there's about a half pound difference between the two. I tried using some weights to figure out which was more accurate but that experiment didn't end with clear results. I guess I'll stick with the scale I've been using. I know I didn't drink enough liquids yesterday, so I'll try to really up that today.

    I'm participating in a dietbet, but thankfully I'm still weighing in below my goal weight for that, so I'm not worried there. My final weigh in for that has to be done Monday or Tuesday.
  • Gold6767
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    Been good about my workouts all week but still struggling with my diet. Trying to remind myself that I may not lose every week but may have some other type of improvement (muscle build, or stamina).
    @HealthyTrent I would try to use the same scale at the same time whenever you weigh in. Even if it's not perfectly accurate it'll be consistent and don't worry about being up a bit if you're weighing daily thats to be expected
    @NikaIris I'm impressed with your sugar avoiding thats my biggest struggle I am a sugar addict
    @ClearNotCloudyMind I'm behind on Grey's. I recently started watching Shameless it's my newest binge
    Have a great weekend everyone!
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    i’ve been a bit behind, more so towards trying to organize everything in my life at the moment, so this just got pushed to one side. I really need to find or figure out a food plan that I can commit to during the work week - not having access to a microwave or decent cooling system really sucks - working out of a vehicle is a pain when it comes to my consistency. But I’ve had this fight before so hopefully I can figure it out and not just give up again.

    So even with much sweets from the retirement party and now a gift of baked goods in the mail from my brother - i’ve managed to keep tracking even if I don’t finalize the diary that night. Which for me is a pretty good start in my opinion.

    i’ve done mini pumpkin muffins and a snickerdoodle for breakfast this morning but then I went ahead and had veg and fruit and cheese for lunch with a couple peanut butter seed and grains balls from the freezer. tonight will probably be boiled eggs, veg, and grain toast. there. I wrote it so shall it be done. :laughs:

    @roxinronni how is your new step goal going? Seems whenever I start food tracking my brain rebels wanting more food - a constant battle.

    @HealthyTrent yes, track everything even if it goes over! that’s my current fight :smiley: How’s the pup? hope you both have been well lately. I agree with @Gold6767 just stick to the one scale and keep up your good work. track it and go onto the next task. :)

    @melichalupa how was the free video yoga? I don’t think I could have a camera pointed at me while I was trying, but yeah those camera angles like you say are pretty important. But two months of free yoga right now sounds awesome, I hope it works out pretty good for you. I hope they’re able to give you feedback on the poses I think that’s why people take yoga classes right? I haven’t done it yet.

    @Gold6767 with the bands and all my other workout gear I’m definitely able to avoid the gym memberships for now anyway in the near future. I think planning for that weekend splurge is definitely a good method otherwise you may feel cheated or it takes a lot of mental backchat as you try to avoid it - so as long as you make sure it fits, why not? It’s not a splurge if it’s planned for - as long as you can commit to set limits, right?

    @Dukare I managed to only need 30 minutes of leave time, it was more of an oops then a nice sleep in unfortunately. but it sounds like you’re making progress, congrats!

    @ClearNotCloudyMind PT reevaluation went well. I have improved enough that I could probably manage on my own. I still have trouble, but with specific exercises I do see an improvement. So I’m glad I did it. I agree with the baking. I do tend to focus on healthier versions of my favorites, but they have to have very good reviews. But then I’m stuck with all the results, which is not always a good idea for me calorie wise. Maybe once we are able to freely interact at work then I might be able to bring in the extras, so I only have a a little bit for myself. are used to do that a lot at the other office, but since we moved it kind of stopped.

    @nikalris how was your walk?

    I think I’m gonna go ahead and take a walk tomorrow, and maybe bring my resistant bands to do some monster walks. That way if I’m away from the house and dressed in workout clothes, I have to actually do it when I show up at the fitness trail around the lake.

    that’s me caught up. :fingers crossed:
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    Good morning everyone! It’s a glorious day and we’re about to head out to get the Christmas tree. We decorate the cake later and it really feels like the holidays are starting! Thank goodness where I am is staying in Tier 2... I feel so sorry for folks in the southeast who are now fully locked down 🙁

    Looking up at all the posts recently it sounds like we’re all struggling with either the food or the activity part of being healthy. For me, this time of year makes me want to hibernate so curling up with tea and a blanket is the way forwards. I’m another fan of white tea and it does suppress the appetite like magic, so been mixing that up with blue lady (my favourite) and orange blossom oolong (festive). Will try to fit in something active every day but frankly, if the weather is rubbish I’ll just stick to managing my intake!

    Hoping you all are enjoying your Sundays, and may your Xmas prep be jolly!
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    Good morning! My name is Trista. I started my weight loss journey at 221 pounds, and I'm 5'3". It took me a good long while to get down to 150...and now I couple years later I'm back up to 175. While I'm not all the way back where I started, I'm not wanting to get there! Great idea for starting this group!
  • HealthyTrent
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    I was so thrilled to see a big drop on the scale this morning - I've been bouncing around the last week up and down, and today it was down another 3.2 pounds. I'm super close to 15 pounds lost! My stretch goal for the end of December is to hit 230, with a more realistic goal being 232 - but I'm going to keep trying! It would be amazing to end the year at 230 or less. I walked 5 miles on the treadmill yesterday in 1 hour and 40 minutes (I'd put a movie on) - I may do the same today.

    @MyEvolvingJourney - welcome! we're similar heights, I'm between 5'3" and 5'4". I originally started weight back when (like 10 years ago) at around 226 and got down to the mid to upper 160s, and then by this year I'd regained it all and more up to 250 by this November. I'm looking forward to making some permanent lifestyle changes - I'm on my way, already down to the mid 230s!

    @Gold6767 - yeah, I normally weight every day when I wake up 1st thing on the same scale, but I got frustrated yesterday and pulled the other scale out. I've gone back to sticking with the scale I've been using. :smile: That's great to focus on some of your non-scale related improvements.

    @Gefiun - I've got 2 dogs, and they're both doing well. The beagle (Elvis) was the one who wasn't feeling great last week, but he's back to eating normally. The other dog, a Shar-Pei (Shifu) gets to go to the vet tomorrow for a dental visit that's way overdue. That's fantastic that you're focused on making sure you track everything. It's so tempting to skip things sometimes, but tracking consistently is such an important starting point for permanent change! Hope you can get your walk in today.

    @ClearNotCloudyMind - It's funny your talking about different types of tea; I've been really trying to drink a lot more lately. We amassed a big collection between my wife and my combined households, then we got more as a wedding gift and then more as other presents over the years, and just didn't drink enough to make a dent in our collection. I'm working on having a few cups of herbal tea a day (no caffeine usually) to get more liquid in and start chipping away at our tea.

  • Gefiun
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    no walk for me today, I stayed in bed till about 10:30 AM.

    I had a very productive Saturday and I spent the rest of today working on an idea or two.

    This beats my usual weekend full of mostly in bed. Hope I can get into a habit that mimics this weekend. I’ll keep working at it. :)

    Glad your pups are doing well, Trent - congrats on the scale victory!

    I’ve got a small tea collection but it’s mostly varied black teas, mint, and camomile.

    I made my own version of “diet” soda today. carbonated water with a strong squirt of lime juice and a splash of a pricey cranberry juice (not cocktail). I’ll have to ween myself off the usual diet coke and zero sugar monsters. Caffeine and sugar - hopefully I can get back down to “in moderation”.

    I find myself watching too much youtube - I tried to avoid it this weekend, between that and getting dressed right after I get out of bed. I think that’s what kept me from returning under the covers.
  • ClearNotCloudyMind
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    @HealthyTrent congratulations on your successes... they had to come given how hard you were working but it’s great to really see it in numbers!

    @MyEvolvingJourney welcome! I’m just a bit taller than you, 5’5 and have bounced up and down the scales over the years. It’s different when you’ve seen success before... I’m finding myself a mix of distrustful of the loss and worried because I know how hard the next kg are going to be to shift! On the other hand I already know what works and at least I have a stash of old clothes to get out so it’s saving me ££!

    Tea glorious tea! It’s been my big discovery over the past 10 years just how much I love the stuff. As a kid I could take it (preferably with biscuits) or leave it but as I tried out different types and started skipping the milk it’s been a glory of lovely flavours and warmth (dropping weight makes me chilly). It’s nice to have treats that are healthy (ish)!

    Today for the first time I saw 73kg (my mini-goal) on the scale. It’s a cheap one so that shows lower when I lean left so it was back up to 73.5 when I pulled it into the middle of the floor and stood square but still... that would have been unthinkable even a few weeks ago. It’s so unbelievably motivating to think I might hit 73 and do my reward clothing dive this weekend, it might even get me through Xmas without stuffing my face. Thank goodness for lockdown and fewer nights out eh?!

    Wishing you all a lovely winter solstice, will raise a mug to you all later!
  • HealthyTrent
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    @Gefiun - we all need our days where we stay in bed till 10:30! :smile:
    @ClearNotCloudyMind - Congrats on seeing 73kg on the scale! I know it's important to look at non-scale stuff too, but it sure is satisfying when our work pays off on the scale. I hope you had a great solstice yourself! There's a tradition here in Colorado among the crowd that celebrates the winter solstice to gather at this natural outdoor amphitheater nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, that is facing East/overlooking the entire Denver metropolitan area. Folks gather there before sunrise and drum/rattle/sing/chant up the solstice morning sun - it's pretty amazing. I've been a few times. It's cancelled this year because of Covid, but I'd like to go again in an upcoming year.

    I'm so proud of myself - I got up before 6am and walked a mile on the treadmill before going on with my day. I had to get up extra early to make that happen today because I'm about to drop my dog off at the vet for his dental - his check-in time is 7:30am. I may spring for a Starbucks coffee on my way home - I've really cut back on those - this would only be my 2nd in the last month. They have this almondmilk honey flat white drink that I tried once before that I really like, that isn't too bad from a calorie perspective.
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    Hey all! I wrote this big long response to everything and then I ended up getting a fussy choking baby and it went poof before I could then I was pooped and didn't rewrite haha.

    I'm still busy and pooped so I'll just say: I'm loving seeing you guys persevere!! It is inspirational and I have full faith that y'all will make magic happen this Christmas!!!

    I haven't gotten workouts in, but I have managed to get the house semi ready for the holiday week, and I have managed to remember all my multivitamins etc. - I'm anemic so that Iron really makes or breaks my day I'm finding....

    Got some bathrooms to clean and floors to mop, maybe do the cookie makings (if not in January), so that's all I'm going to focus on for now.

    Jan/Feb the baby will be that much older and we can really get into the groove of things! I'm happy to see my weight staying down- I'm sort of controlling... ...ish.

    Holidays help because leftovers and good food planned ha, but also not, because junk deliciousness... *shrug* I'll take and enjoy, 2020 was one heck of a year!!
  • laurenebargar
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    I know this thread has been around awhile but I am looking for a group like this so I hope its okay I join!
    I went from 220-160 and then back to 189 where I am now. I spent almost ALL of 2020 trying to get back under control and just looked at my graph and I spent the whole year maintaining.
    So, until 1/1 I set MFP up to maintain my weight with a goal to come in under that calorie goal every day, on 1/1 I want to get back to 1,200-1,400 if I can, I have been having trouble with having too many days over my maintenance calories.

    Would love to be back in the 160's by April 8 2021 (so 169 I guess!) which will be my 27th birthday, if I could get lower that would be even better.
    Then my other goals after that:
    158 - End of June (this was my lowest weight so getting under this will be a HUGE deal)
    144- Healthy BMI, by the end of 2021

    I feel like my goals are not too extreme and if I put in enough effort and get my eating under control I can definitely get there.

  • ClearNotCloudyMind
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    edited December 2020
    Oh @Dukare I feel you on the lost post... ive done that more than once! Sounds like you’ve a good plan for the holidays -and the baby will get easier every day!

    @laurenebargar welcome! I’m not sure about the others but I think most of us are pretty new. Sounds like your story is familiar... I know the feeling of trying really hard to lose weight but barely keeping maintenance. Sounds like your goals are realistic and we’ll be cheering you on!

    @HealthyTrent I only wish the 73kg was real! It was down to a cheap scale on a wonky floor, but I’m optimistic I will really be there by the weekend. For one thing... I’m not sure I want to lose weight that fast 😏. Hope you thoroughly enjoyed your fancy coffee and that your dog is fully recovered from the vets. That solstice festival sounds amazing. We visited Boulder back in 1989 and I vividly remember how stunning the rockies were. Wonder if my great aunt and uncle (who lived there) ever went to your festival...

    Today has been pretty good exercise-wise for me. Not on the level some of you manage... 8.5k steps walking into town, a sensible lunch has and a light supper to come. I’m pretty sure I’ve shrunk my stomach, as I’m simply not that hungry at the mo on rather restricted calories. Makes it so much easier not to graze (normally my Achilles heel). Christmas cake marzipan layer done now and the scraps were turned into fruits rather than “tasted” thank goodness. Will finish the decorating tomorrow once the marzipan has dried out a bit. It’s my first Xmas cake... can you tell I’m excited?!
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    Working in mental health I do not have a typical 9-5 schedule, so I have to be pretty careful not to eat big meals at night which can often be when I take a "lunch" break. I've been bringing small snacks so that I'm not starving myself and grouchy but lately I find that I'm not hungry when I get up which means most of my calories are later in the day. The past few days though I've been on target for diet and workout so I'm hoping to surprise myself with a loss on the scale during a holiday week.
    Welcome @MyEvolvingJourney & @laurenebargar! Great goals and I think we can all relate. But we have done it before and we are going to do it again.
    @ClearNotCloudyMind I can certainly relate, I love to bake too it's relaxing for me, but how do I know it's good without tasting it?! Hope your cake turns out great
    @Dukare all that cleaning and keeping up with a baby can be exercise enough especially if you're keeping up with your eating habits you'll do great
    @HealthyTrent I'm so impressed with your morning walking it sets you up for a great day. It wasn't until I started trying to lose weight that I realized how many calories were in the coffee shop drinks I was having regularly (990 calories?! really?!). Sounds like you're making good decisions, get your Starbucks you've earned it!
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    Hello All— Happy Monday and Holiday week! Hope you are having a lovely day :) Snack food season is pulling up, and it's time for us to motivate each other to keep going and remember that there is only few 'junk' food days, and a small handful of days will not make or break our long term goals!

    I kind of fell off of checking in on the weekend, but I did manage to track my calories and get in some exercise. I am pretty happy that I have been sticking to my plan for the most part. I'm still at a deficit other than Friday. Why— oh why— are Fridays so hard! 😩 I had some food I couldn't track, but I did end up doing a bit of elliptical before heading to work Friday morning. Small changes, but I have noticed I am way less bloated already. I am worried for tomorrow though, it's my partners Birthday and DINNER and CAKE are going to be all around. I just need to eat in moderation, wish me luck! 😬

    Thanks @melichalupa and @Dukare I love the suggestions! Chai tea is one of my faves, such a cozy tea and love the natural sweetness it has. I have never tried Ito En tea, but I LOVE Japanese green teas like Matcha and Genmaicha, so you have piqued my interest @Dukare . I finally received a mass tea order I placed a few weeks back with lots of fun new flavours so I'm excited! :)
    I'm glad you made it to your Yoga class @melichalupa , enjoy your virtual classes, it's a great way to stay motivated! I am slightly giggling thinking about the awkward angles though. Oh boy! Haha.

    @ClearNotCloudyMind Sorry to hear you are feeling a bit down in regards to Christmas Baking :(. I'm not sure if this helps, but have you thought of giving out your baking as Christmas gifts to family or do you have anyone you can pawn it off on haha? That way you can have a small taste of it and the fun from baking. This is such a hard time of year to stay on track, so just remember a day or two won’t totally derail you. Maybe you could also freeze the leftovers for a special occasion too! I know easier said than done, but it may help with moderation.

    @HealthyTrent Hello! The Caffeine withdrawal is going surprisingly well. I was lucky enough to avoid any headaches. I never was a huge coffee drinker, but I was feeling pretty light headed and funky for a week there. I went down from two tea bags to one so that's great! Finally getting 7hrs of sleep on week nights as opposed to about 3 to 4, so I am happy! Nice work getting closer to your goal, 3.2lbs is amazing, all those steps are really pulling through!

    @Gefiun My goal is going great so far, thanks for asking! I have really been pushing for 10k a day most days, but still being realistic that I might not get that every day. I really wish I could tell you I wasn't feeling SUPER HUNGRY lately lmao, but that would be a lie! I seriously eat breakfast or lunch, get full and then find myself starving in an hour. A little embarrassing, but I need to find some easy/portable/healthy snacks to take to work. I just bought these miniature cute baby avocados which I can just throw in my bag and take to work for a quick snack, but of course I forgot it today. That does seem to do the trick though! Funny thing for me is I notice I am so much hungrier weekdays, maybe it's a stress thing… I forget to eat as much on the weekend unless its Friday night. Your diet soda sounds delicious though and glad you had a productive Saturday! Totally hear you on binge watching YouTube, glad you were able to avoid it this weekend and get done what you wanted to, such a great feeling! All good sleeping in, we all need to take a break from the daily grind, this had been a rough year.

    And welcome @MyEvolvingJourney and @laurenebargar ! Feel free to lean on us for support :) It sounds like you both have some super clear goals that are attainable. I get the feeling of wanting to get back in control, this thread has been super motivating and helpful in being accountable. I joined about a week ago, so I'm fairly new as well. We got this!
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    @Gold6767 Nice work keeping up with those workouts and staying on track diet wise!