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Women 200lb+, Let's Make It Count This January!!!



  • KeriA
    KeriA Posts: 3,281 Member
    @MuttiNM How are you feeling? Is your cold better? I went back to December's thread and saw that you had gotten another COVID test and it was negative. So glad to hear that and that your parents seem to be getting better.
  • VickyEltonGreen
    VickyEltonGreen Posts: 116 Member
    Resolutions for 2021

    Continue to walk everyday
    Continue to log my food in MFP
    Ensure my expectations are realistic
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    Get to the UK to see my grandson( hopefully May 2021)
    Goal Weight by January 2022 : 155 ( 58 pounds)
  • twosteplove
    twosteplove Posts: 41 Member
    Happy New Year!! I am so happy to say good bye to 2020. For the past several years i have been working on my education and career as well as our busy family life. I love it all but i have let myself go physically. Time to focus more on my health. I have found accountability really works for me for motivation. I love reading everyone’s posts. You are all so inspiring!!! Praying we all have a much better 2021 and that we are able to become healthier.
    Here are my stats:
    Age: 44..but i turn 45 this month
    Height: 5'9”
    SW: 287 on 7/12/2020 BMI: 42.4
    CW: 256.2 on 1/2/2022 BMI: 37.8
    I started Mediweight loss in November at 274 pounds. BMI:40.5
    Jan progress: ( i weigh in on Tuesdays at my Mediweight loss appointments)
    1/2: 256.2
    1/5: (goal 252 as i know i have been carrying a lot of water weight this week.)
    1/12: (goal 247)
    1/19: (goal 243)
    1/26: (goal 240)
    GW for January: 240
    GW for February: 225
    GW for March:200
    GW for April: 190
    GW for May: 180
    GW for June: 170
    GW for July: 160
    UGW: 150 hopefully in time for my daughter’s wedding in late August!!