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    I have cured my Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

    This is awesome! I really really want this to happen to me as well. How much weight did you lose? How do you know it's gone Did? Did you get retested?

    Iv lost a large amount of weight since I was first diagnosed, but but doctor won't let me get retested. I had it really bad when I was first diagnosed, but iv dropped a bunch of weight.

    For me -- and your results are certain to be different -- the 65 pounds that I lost helped, but the half inch off of my neck was probably what did the most of it. I had a really nice CPAP with a companion app that would tell me about how many apnic episodes I had per night. When I noticed that number got down to 3, I asked my doctor for another test. Does your CPAP track that information too? Maybe your doctor's hesitancy is influenced by that data.

    I'm going to tag you in case you don't see my reply: @CameronWhittaker

    Yea mine has that as well. Ever since I got it has always been 1-3 as long as no leaks. Last time I saw them they lowered the pressure slightly but I can't tell the difference.
    I love the machine it, it changed/saved my life but its still a nuisance and I hope I can get rid of it eventually.
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