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  • Snowflake1968Snowflake1968 Member Posts: 5,503 Member Member Posts: 5,503 Member
    Kate - Thank you.

    Vicki - I am familiar with herniated discs, my Dad had one and my daughter had 2. She actually had experimental surgery and is Case study number 5 in North America. She has prosthetic discs. There were engineers and doctors in her surgery. She had the surgery in 2012 and has not had any issues since.

    At physio this morning, I have about 75% mobility back in my hip joint that was frozen and my Sacirilic (Spelling, I really need to learn this) joints have 1-2 degrees of movement which is better than the 0 it still was on Saturday so it's working it's just slow.


  • Anniesquats100Anniesquats100 Member Posts: 828 Member Member Posts: 828 Member
    I may be slow but I just found lactose-free greek yogurt by fage. About 100 calories for 12 g of protein. I hope it works for my delicate system!

    Annie in Delaware
  • sh0tzz99sh0tzz99 Member Posts: 521 Member Member Posts: 521 Member
    Grilled Cheese - Toast the bread lightly, put the cheese in. Stick it in the toaster oven to melt the cheese. No burning. I like them better with butter slathered all over them and made in the skillet, but the toaster oven method is healthier.

    He cleans (doesn't clean) his bathroom, I clean mine. I don't touch his office/dressing area, he doesn't touch mine. I've had to learn to live with clutter all throughout the house, but he knows not to mess up "my" kitchen. We do our own laundry for the most part. I'll toss his in with mine if I have room. Otherwise, he's on his own and I don't want him doing mine. There are too many exceptions that don't go into the dryer.

    I have enjoyed the pandemic far more than is probably healthy. However, I have lost some of myself and my independence in the process.

    Allie - Take care of yourself.

    Debbie - Sorry about your dog.

    Anyone else needing a little virtual hug, consider them sent.

    Tina in CA
  • GodMomKimGodMomKim Member Posts: 2,722 Member Member Posts: 2,722 Member
  • WhidislanderWhidislander Member Posts: 1,303 Member Member Posts: 1,303 Member
    Well the snow is melting, and now my brain thinks it looks quite messy. I look outside and my logical brain says, look at all that trash, but my eco aware brain says, silly Rebecca that is NATURE girl. *eye roll*

    My husband and I have distinct rolls definitely. He always empties the dishwasher every morning, while I load it. If we've had a particularly saucy meal, he won't rinse pans. Like he hates getting his hands really into it. He always does his own breakfast and lunch, then I do dinner. I organize the pantry, make lists, budget. He sometimes makes a meal list out, but then I have to search round to see if we have the items, or add to shopping list. I balance the checkbook (to the penny) a couple of tines a month. #1 because dear sweet husband sometimes practices his "creative math" skills. #2 because I want to see that things have been processed correctly. I pay two bills online using "Bill pay" option, and also transfer rent money into son's account.

    I don't touch sons side of the house. Even if I see an empty soda can! Lee's computer room has all his board game's all stacked neatly off to the side. Yes they are new pizza boxes, but hey it works to keep the rules, counters and folded game board in them.

    I made a space in the cabinets for his snacks, another place for son's, and I get a whole other cabinet area for my stuff. No one is into each others area.👍

    To the gal that sent me all the calendars, books on China, and stationery, I sent the puffy Mickey Mouse stickers to our Athena and her Momma.💖. She is a Disney nut, and I cut around your card, sending Mickey Mouse's face, making it a love note to them. Thanks! You know who you are, and I am picturing a puffy Mickey sticker on a sweet girls hand.💕

    Today at 1 pm I am making pinto bean soup.👍💖
    Allie, no worries on keeping up, just check in when you can.💟
    HeatherLove the "action figures" poses your grandkids made. Classic hero poses!

    hugs ladies!
  • Vickil57Vickil57 Member Posts: 1,249 Member Member Posts: 1,249 Member
    Tracey--Your daughter's surgery sounds interesting. I wonder how that would work for someone old and overweight.
    They are doing half hour power outages around this part of Nebraska today. Here at work because of being the hospital and having generators we do not notice it. I just pray the cold water at home doesn't freeze up again.
    DH is on vacation this week as he had to use it before March 1st or lose it. I ending up working since my night person had a stroke. Any way yesterday he shampooed the carpets and cleaned on top of shelves and cabnits in the spare room.Today he went to talk to the guy and design the new tatoo he plans to get. Then he is picking DGD and I up and taking us to get our nails done.
    Blessings, Vicki GI NE <3
  • Snowflake1968Snowflake1968 Member Posts: 5,503 Member Member Posts: 5,503 Member
    Heather - Love the pics of the Grands

    Vicki - She had it done in Brandon Manitoba of all places. I don't know what the actual procedure was called. Apparently it was done in the UK for about 10 years before it was approved to be started here in North America.

    Allie - Hugs to you. I hope they get it all straightened out soon.

    edited February 16
  • cityjaneLondoncityjaneLondon Member Posts: 9,212 Member Member Posts: 9,212 Member
    Allie - Sending all best wishes to you, my friend. <3 You really are being put through the wringer.
    Lots of love, Heather UK xxxxxx
  • skuehn48skuehn48 Member Posts: 1,667 Member Member Posts: 1,667 Member
    Up in the 40s today, yay! Not allowed to have any caffeine today due to procedure tomorrow. I don't really do caffeine much but today it seems that is all I can think about. Why is that?

    Allie - Hang in there. We are all here with you.

    Rebecca - yum, pinto bean soup sounds good.

    Everyone take care, Sue in WA
  • pipcd34pipcd34 Member Posts: 12,773 Member Member Posts: 12,773 Member
  • cityjaneLondoncityjaneLondon Member Posts: 9,212 Member Member Posts: 9,212 Member
    I decided it would be nice to send my DDIL and son some flowers, as they have been so good over covid time with photos and Zooms etc. They have been so considerate. They should arrive on Saturday with a little thank you card.
    They fit through the letterbox, so if they are out on a walk it doesn't matter.
    They really have gone the extra mile for us.

    Love Heather UK xxxxxx
  • csofledcsofled Member Posts: 2,967 Member Member Posts: 2,967 Member
  • Machka9Machka9 Member Posts: 19,572 Member Member Posts: 19,572 Member
    auntiebk wrote: »
    Joe would vacuum or sweep if I asked him to, but never to the edges.

    What is it about not getting to the edges? That's a little pet peeve of mine. I see it in a lot of holiday accommodation places too. The middle of the floor is nice and clean, but you can clearly see that the edges haven't been vacuumed in a long time by the amount of dust build-up there is!

    We had cleaners come in and do our place before a house inspection not long after my husband got out of hospital, and they didn't do the edges either. I'm not sure I would have them back ... the edges is almost a make or break thing with me.

    So, now that my husband can clean (but forgets about the edges too), I will go around with the vacuum cleaner and do the edges and then he'll do the rest.

    M in Oz

  • Machka9Machka9 Member Posts: 19,572 Member Member Posts: 19,572 Member
    Vickil57 wrote: »
    Tracey-- I have 3 heriated disks in my back and at one point I could not walk more then a couple steps. I went to a back surgeon and he said to wait and the out side of my leg was numb to touch. DH talked me into trying the chiropractor as I was so scared he would break my back or neck, turned out to be the best thing I could of done. Within a month he had me walking and feeling back in my leg. Usually I go once a month and do fine, but with the shut down it has been hard to get an appointment. I am hoping once this gets fixed I can get back to regular appointments. Lucky as our insurance will pay for 30 chiropractor visits a year. Back and leg are some better today. Had some traction yesterday and will go back Wednesday and Friday for more. Have to practice sitting up straight at work. I try to when I remember, but then next thing I know I am bending over the desk.

    Blessings, Vicki GI NE <3

    I saw my chiro for my back just recently ... thought maybe it might help because physio wasn't helping much and the chiro's adjustment did seem to help for about 2 days and then it was back.

    I have been going to chiropractors on and off since I was quite young, but in this case, I think I would like to have a neurosurgeon have a look, especially after I read the report my physio wrote to my GP.

    It was how she described the pain I was experiencing. I don't have it right here but she expressed it as if it were quite a concern and yet when she was examining me, I was thinking "Yes, it's sore there ... it's always sore there ... it's been sore there for years". And it has always been a concern that there is one spot on my back which goes numb when I cycle long distances. Yet no one I've mentioned that to has been able to do anything about it.

    Now that I can't put much weight on my right leg and have a lot of difficulty getting up off the floor, etc. ... they're finally concerned.

    So we'll see.

    M in Oz
  • Machka9Machka9 Member Posts: 19,572 Member Member Posts: 19,572 Member
    sh0tzz99 wrote: »
    Grilled Cheese - Toast the bread lightly, put the cheese in. Stick it in the toaster oven to melt the cheese. No burning. I like them better with butter slathered all over them and made in the skillet, but the toaster oven method is healthier.

    Tina in CA

    The toaster oven way is how they make grilled cheese in Australia. I had to teach my husband the proper skillet way! :smiley:

  • ginnytezginnytez Member, Premium Posts: 643 Member Member, Premium Posts: 643 Member
    Lost a post trying to figure something out! Sorry to have missed so many days. Got really busy with work and personal things. Got Covid vaccine-made me feel a bit off for a couple of days. Can't reply to everything I missed, but I did read everything. I am amazed at all of the things that get discussed on here!

    Allie-sorry your struggles continue, Try to be strong.
    Tracey-so sorry to hear about Dillon. Tragic for all concerned.
    Penny-I also get frustrated when I can't be around to help with grandkids. Grandson had some serious health issues (now all resolved except he has to stay away from tree nuts), but that was such a helpless feeling.

    Dealing with way more snow here than we have had in years. Had man who does my yard snow blow drive way for me. I started it, but too much for me. I can clear 2-3" of the light stuff but this was about 6" topped with ice. More predicted for Thursday.

    Have to jump on a zoom meeting for church. Lost my original post while I was trying to figure out how to convert a tiff file to a jpeg-they taped me getting my Covid vaccine (also made statements, but those haven't aired yet). My kids enjoyed the shot.

    Can't work on editing it more right now. I promise I was smiling under the mask. The pic was taken as a screen shot by work colleague who saw it on news.

    Will catch up more later. Hugs to those who need them.

    Stay safe,

    Ginny in Ohio
  • TerriRichardson112TerriRichardson112 Member Posts: 12,445 Member Member Posts: 12,445 Member
    ☘️ Terri
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