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    Made a mixed mushroom ‘tart’, (I would call galette) which was much easier than I expected and I got to have THIS moment of a glorious pile of mushrooms on my counter which made me so happy and excited to eat them 😋
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    Those are amazing!!
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    I wanted to share my mushroom pics, they're golden oyster mushrooms, home grown from the kit. I had quite a few flushes, it was fun to watch them grow. Unbelievably fast, from hour to hour... Took me a while to figure out that i liked them grilled the best. ascdb81fy6wk.jpg

    Hey... nice shrooms ya got there ☺️☺️
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    I'm making another gallon of kimchi. I have about a three day supply left; that should be about enough. Maybe I'll send pictures later. The Napa cabbage is soaking right now, and in about an hour I'll put everything else together. I couldn't decide what kind of chilies to use. This time it will be a mix of dried red Arbol and fresh green Serrano. It should be a fair bit spicier than the last batch, but not TOO spicy. I want to get the ginger more finely chopped or grated, but I don't think I'm going to blend anything. I like the bigger chunks of garlic and chiles. I'm going to go a fair bit heavier on the fish sauce this round, but decided not to get the dried shrimp so I can give some to a friend who has a shellfish allergy. I don't want to kill her. Well, not today 🤣 🤣

    If you are a kimchi aficionado, what are some unusual ingredients you like to sneak in? What kind of chiles do you use? How long do you ferment before slowing it down in the fridge? Mine's pretty simple: Napa, daikon, green onion, lots of garlic, ginger, hot chiles, fish sauce, and of course salt, although I rinse the salted cabbage before assembling. So tasty.
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    @Safari_Gal_ , @MinTheKitCat thank you!
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    The Napa cabbage weighed in at 5.5 pounds. I chopped it and soaked it in salt water for a couple hours, then rinsed and combined with the other ingredients I prepped during the last of the salt soak.

    Daikon radish
    Lots and LOTS of garlic
    A bunch of finely chopped ginger
    A bunch of chopped fresh green onion
    Three nice fresh green Serrano chiles
    Five or six red dried Arbol chiles
    A bunch of really high quality fish sauce.

    I pressed it down into a gallon glass jar, and there was about the right amount of head space to keep it from bubbling over. I used a couple of the outer leaves from the cabbage to hold all the goodies under the surface of the liquid. I did have to pour a little of the brine I poured off from the soak to get the liquid level right.

    Now we wait.

    I have about three days left of the last batch, so I shouldn't run out. This batch might be a lot more spicy. We shall see.

    The sauerkraut with carrot I made about 2.5 weeks ago should be fermented enough to put in the fridge later this week. It is already quite good, but I like it just a bit more sour.

    I am taking full advantage of the cooler temperatures, because once summer gets here, fermented cabbage will get too mushy. I don't have air conditioning. Indoor temperature is pretty good right now for fermenting cabbage.

    I'm also going to cook a batch of mayocoba beans. I've never cooked them before, but the day after I saw some dried in the store, my friend said she cooked some and they were good. I picked some up the other day and started soaking them last night. I only have one serving of garbanzos left, so I should be OK to go ahead and cook these. Or I could wait for tomorrow and let them start to sprout before cooking. So many options.
    I hope you are having a yummy day, too.

    Sounds so yummy!!!!!! I wish some of it was in my fridge!
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    Fields and fields of Dikon yesterday!! I can never find exactly how to use it all up when I buy it so I’m hoping people have some yummy healthy suggestions here that may differ from the typical uses. I’m pretty much the only one who eats it unless I sneak it into soups. So it’s me and 8 lbs of it every time I buy it. 😂😆
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    I liked pickled daikon/turnip/radish a lot. But that is probably considered a typical use.
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    acpgee wrote: »
    I liked pickled daikon/turnip/radish a lot. But that is probably considered a typical use.

    I guess that depends on how you pickle it and with what.
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    @o0Firekeeper0o & @AnnPT77 those sounds and look delicious!!!
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    This was a little under-inspired, but produce forward. I got some really pretty small bok choi. Wasn't feeling the stir fry, don't have a grill, so I cut wedges and broiled (with a light mist of oil). They're on top of edamame/mung fettucine, with a warmed light dressing of tamari, fresh garlic, sherry-preserved ginger root from the jar in the fridge, some anaheim pepper flakes, toasted sesame oil, and a bit of mild rice vinegar.

    That looks amazing!!!
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    @icemom011 how do you grow tomatoes and basil in February?!? Tell us all your secrets! 😎
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    @MinTheKitCat , haha, no secrets. I'm in 10b zone. It's nice and warm here.