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COVID19 - To Vaccinate or To Not Vaccinate

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A place to debate the COVID19 vaccine. This is a hot topic, but please feel free to discuss opposing view points here.

These posts were pulled from the Coronavirus Prep thread. If you are looking for that thread it is located here.
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    As of the published first-month report, of the post-vaccine events reported to VAERS in the US, there were 113 deaths, after 13,794,904 doses being administered. Reporting to VAERS doesn't inherently imply causality, just post-vaccine occurrence. Those that had been assessed did not find the vaccine to be the cause of death, though some analyses were still pending at the time of that publication. With early numbers like that, I'm not even remotely concerned about whether my life insurance will pay out if I die from the vaccine. Others can make their own decisions about whether to phone their agent or not, but I'm not going to bother.

    Regarding post-vaccine deaths: it's worth remembering that the majority of people who've been getting vaccines so far are elderly or have other risk factors, so they are more likely to die anyway (harsh, but true). Here in Finland someone panic started spreading about elderly people dying soon after taking the vaccine. Yeah, it sucks, but it was quickly pointed out that the amount of deaths in that age group in that time period was in line with the statistical amount of deaths in that age group in general, they just happened to die of unrelated causes soon after taking the vaccine.

    The vaccine prevents covid-19, not deaths from other causes.

    I did read that some people who are very, very ill and frail could be "pushed over the edge" to death by the vaccine. So in those cases for sure it would make sense to balance the benefits and risks. I believe that these would be people that are already near death so one would expect that there would be a number of factors that could unfortunately hasten that.
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