Women 200lb+, Let's Amaze Ourselves This April!!!



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    I'm coming up to the end of my first 12 week deficit cycle (I'm on an aggressive deficit for now), and will enter a 2 week maintenance "diet break" phase on 5 April. BUT I'll still be logging, weighing weekly and exercising, not stuffing myself silly.

    Hey Arralethec! Will you tell me more about your 12 week deficit cycle and the 2 week maintenance schedule? Does this avoid plateaus? How has this worked for you? Thank you! Hoping to avoid plateauing here soon!
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    I want to pick up a handicraft for the same reasons as you @misplacedmama, but I just can't decide on one. And I, unfortunately, do not have infinite money to sample a dozen art hobbies. I do have a nice set of watercolors, but I'd really like to get a Baby's First Cross-Stitch kit or something, cross-stitch looks so meditative and fun and much easier to just pick up and put down as my attention span allows. Watercolor is nice and all but it requires a lot of setup and cleanup.
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    @goal06082021 I hear you. Cross-stitch is a good one to work on here and there and generally doesn't require a lot of set-up and clean-up.
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    @goal06082021 do you knit or crochet? I love both of those handcrafts because I find the repetitive motion sooo meditative and calming. I usually try to crochet or knit while watching tv because then it stops me from sinking into the bored listless TV stupor where I let Netflix continue on to the next episode, and the next episode... but cross-stitch is lots of fun too!!
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    edited April 2021
    Cesse - age 72 - Check-In

    308.6 lbs - starting weight on 3/28/2020
    290.6 lbs - weighin on 04/03/2021 -- ( 18.0 lbs - Total Loss to date)

    April - Mini Goal -- 288 lbs - (need to lose 4.6 lbs or 1.0/week)
    First Major Goal = Onederland
    Goal Weight = 165 lbs

    (1) Log everything; Drink 10+ water; minimize sodium where possible
    (2) Exercise 30 min minimum (3000 steps) 5 days each week / LOG
    (3) Clean 30 min per day: house or yard or declutter / LOG
    (4) Do stretches and Yoga 5 days each week / LOG
    (5) Stay within MFP daily goal; not exercise adjusted goal / LOG
    (6) Once each week, get out of the house and do something FUN

    Do 20 min stretches and 30 min of walking
    Feed & Water animals
    Dining Room -- reorganize, declutter -- Do 15 minutes
    Do Yoga

    Did not meet the logging goal. Really need to get back into that habit. That's my focus for this next week.

    Fingers Crossed!! ๐Ÿคž

    Cesse47 loved your goals. Can relate to decluttering . Sometimes think I need to keep everything as I need to hold on to the memories.

    Thanks for the post!
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    Cesse47 loved your goals. Appreciated the goal of decluttering. Sometimes I have a hard time of letting go of things. Feel like I am the keeper of the memories.

    Thanks for sharing!
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    New bathing suit...you need that for all your newly acquired swimming skills! Congrats on your exams, too!