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    The clearout went extremely well. I had steeled myself to chuck nearly all of it into the tip. 100s of them. Although they are wonderful paperbacks, the print is tiny and I know we will never read them again. I've kept school prizes, my old religious books, and books I loved as a child. Plus a couple I think the kids might read. It was lovely to rediscover all the foreign language versions of the children's books I wrote. Max might be amused by the Spanish version of Well I Never! CARAMBA! I will try and read the German versions of the two Herbert books. :D
    I also weeded out some good quality crime and historical thrillers that I've just posted on Freecycle.
    I expect they will go quite quickly. We buy the hardbacks as presents to each other. :D

    Then DH rang a clearance company who are coming on Wednesday morning to give an estimate. If they are not too expensive they can take it away immediately. We have about a quarter of a garage full of junk.
    Feels so good!

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx
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    Barbara: I am delighted that things are moving in a better direction. We even got to eat inside a restaurant. We needed to bring along a photocopy of our vaccination record cards. We sat indoors with no social distance worries as everyone in the restaurant had to show a photo of their vaccination cards. Ours are on our iphones. Masks were not required for those who had proof of vaccination. :bigsmile: :star:

    Michele: I didn’t ask about the Thai Restaurant’s name change, but I suspect it had to do with their previous lease. They were unable to open their doors for a very long time due to the pandemic and the business closed. I suspect they negotiated a new lease with the landlord and changed the restaurant name in the process. Just guessing on my part. :ohwell:

    Heather: I have shelves of old books—including Arthur Ransome’s Swallows and Amazons complete series. I happily read books that I love again & again. I only throw out or donate books that I don’t enjoy. I read many electronic books through the public library at no cost. :smile:

    YOGA TODAY!!! This will be my second class since lockdown. Our Friday yoga class was fully masked. I am planning to go to Yoga this morning. I wonder whether the photo of my vaccination card will be sufficient. I'll take a mask with me in case the photo will not be sufficient there. I’ll find out later this morning. :heart:

    Katla in overcast NW Oregon
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    These are some of the fun stuff I picked up Saturday- look forward to trying my new packs and really look forward to going back. This store is at least as big as a Costco if not bigger- So much amazing stuff (and great prices- the Russian ones were just .59, the others were a dollar or close to it. I really want to check out the German section and what ever else I missed.

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    Annie==Sending lots of hugs and prayers. It's hard when our parents get older and have to depend on others than each other.

    Allie--Did they explain why they cut your refund? Sorry to hear about your friend. Sending hugs and prayers.

    Lisa--sounds like your farmer's market is working out well for you. I know I enjoy stopping at them and getting things.

    Flea--Glad you were not hurt any worse in your fall. I understand what you mean about one thing hurts and to make it feel better something else hurts. My knees are really hurting and having trouble walking much as I hit them on the way down. My bursing looks so much worse than it is.

    Debbie--It is family that can and do hurt us the most. I pray your sister can put your mom first and do the right thing. Sending hugs and prayers

    Kylia--I also have been stressing a lot about cleaning and getting rid of things. I have made up my mine to do one closet or cupboard at a time maybe once or twice a month. At least I have a plan(just came up with this Saturday middle of the night, when it was all I could think about).

    Pip--Sorry to hear about your dog walking friend. Sending hugs and prayers.

    Tracey--So exciting about getting your table. When will it be arriving?

    I had a very relaxing weekend. Went to see our neice and new baby. He was born almost 2 months early, but home and doing well. So tiny. Went to church yesterday and then cleaned some at home and got things ready for the work week. I have Monday-Friday 10-11 hours each day. Have a department meeting today at 5pm. Should not last long as not a lot to talk about, but higher ups says we have to have them.

    Enjoy your day. Blessings, Vicki GRAND ISLAND NE <3
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    Katla -
    It hurt me to get rid of the books but I feel lighter now. I hated consigning them to the dump. 100s of beloved books but in reality they are only paper. We read almost everything now on our Kindles and couldn't possibly read the tiny print of the paperbacks. If I need anything it is immediately available online.
    I love a decluttered space. I feel freeer. DH is visibly happier to have them out of his space. Over the last few years we have got rid of thousands of books. I feel little need for old novels now. I am thinking of my heirs. I did salvage an old bible that belonged to my ex's dad as a child with a lovely old address in it. A house called "Enderley ". <3 Reminds me of Manderley in 'Rebecca'. I will give it to my son. I hope he appreciates it.

    Had fabulous peppers stuffed with chilli tonight with amontillado sherry to celebrate ridding ourselves of stuff.

    Love Heather UK xxxxxx
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    I got my estimated taxes mailed in, and flea and tick stuff on the dog. Feeling a little off today. Spending too much time lazing around with my phone. Now that I'm vaccinated, I should find a place to volunteer. Someplace without too many people! Otherwise I just sit around and wait for the next meal.

    Annie in Delaware
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    Went to the gym with husband this morning, and didn't whine. Put on disco music on Pandora, with ear buds in, and walked a 3.4 pace with a 1.0 incline. Did 2 miles. 263 calories burned. I do it in a fasted state. Feeling lean! Today's feast is 4 street taco tortillas, some spaghetti sauce, olive bruschetta, black olives, diced tomatoes and mozzarella shredded cheese. Little mini pizzas👍. Was going to add shredded fresh spinach, but only so much stuff can fit on those suckers.
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    Heather ~ I absolutely loved the old movie and the book, Rebecca! There is a new movie version that I watched on Netflix over the last 6 months and I liked that one a lot also. <3

    Rebecca ~ Your meals are always interesting to see.

    Had a mammo for the first time in over two years today. Told the technician that when someone invents a better way than squeezing they will become very rich! :) When I left, my knee was hurting so bad I had to take an Aleve. Guess that was due to all the walking involved in going into the building and out again to the parking lot.

    Carol in GA

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    Vicki- I printed out the transcript from the IRS
    And had my 2020 tax return and I went up to Trudys
    What we have figured out is that what I paid into the insurance is different now that President signed the affordable healthcare i should get the rest of it once they have that all ironed out.. think Turbo Tax had the correct software but the IRS is so backlogged it will take quite a few months to get the rest,figure there are what probably 10 million that they have to refund insurance too.
    Went for consult and now we wait for insurance approval and then i go for a sleep study..
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    We have started making plans for the trip to the NS ride in September. On the 4th of September, we will go to Ashland OR and stay 3 nights, then on 7th through the 9th we will be at Long Beach , then on 9th through 12th we will b in anacortes
    , then on 12th through the 14th we will b in bothell and will b there 3 nights
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    Heather: My husband is a Kindle fan, too. I’ve been using the same MacBook Pro since 2011. :heart: Apple would love for me to trade up to a newer one, but I am happy with what I have. If it quits working, I’ll buy another. :ohwell: As to books—I am a hoarder. I have MANY. My thought is that a book that is worth keeping is one that I will enjoy over and over again. Arthur Ransome’s children’s book, Swallows and Amazons, is the beginning of a series that I collected over time. I bought some here in the US and others in Canada. I plan to keep all of them. :star:

    Allie: Good luck for a prompt tax rebate. :smiley:

    Meg: Eight week old pups are a joy and also exhausting. Have fun with yours. :bigsmile:

    I am planning to enjoy the fitness center this year. Covid is in my rear window since DH & I have both taken two Phizer vaccinations. Life as I once knew it may become normal again. I will be very pleased with the possibility of normal.

    Katla in NW Oregon
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    Pip: Thanks to you and Kirby for working hard to support MS research. Since DH is an MS sufferer we think of you and that ride as very important, for raising awareness as well as raising money for research. Let me know where to send our check to support your efforts to raise money for research. :heart:


    (PS: Pip and Kirby have been contributing to this cause by riding their bikes in the MS Ride for many years. We consider both of them as heroes. Contributions go toward MS research.)
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    Worked today so no formal exercise. I did get in over 10,000 steps, tho. The plan for tomorrow is to do a body pump DVD

    Had bowling this afternoon. Came home and made oatmeal raisin cookies for Colby. Now making these chocolate truffle cookies for Jess. It looks like the recipe doesn’t make a whole lot so I may wind up having to make another batch

    The weather is supposed to warm up as the week goes on, so it looks like by the end of the week I’ll be in the pool --- yaaaaa!

    One thing I realized is that a truly enjoyed being with the customers at Food Lion, helping them with the cart, etc. Now they just have me cleaning and I find that when I go outside get the carts accessible to the customer, I enjoy it so much more. A “good morning” talking to people (they can be so interesting), I miss that. Well, all good things must come to an end.

    Lisa – have a great time

    Was going to go to ceramics, but they decided to have the mahjongg online so I’ll play.
    We can to to ceramics Wednesday (Steve will be here Monday)

    katla – I’m surprised that proof of vaccination is required. Isn’t that against HIPPA? Discrimination? Around here you don’t have to wear a mask (it’s your decision if you do) unless you have not been vaccinated, but the onness is on you if you wear a mask or not. Legally, you can’t ask a person if they’ve been vaccinated. Yes, if you don’t show a copy of your card, the restaurant can refuse to serve you. But I don’t know if they’re willing to do that.

    There are some stores around here that say that customers and associates who have been vaccinated don’t have to wear a mask. Wish Food Lion was that way. I always used to use my own mask but now I’ll use one of their one-use masks and the second I punch out, off comes the mask and in the garbage.

    Vince said that the flea & tick stuff that he ordered should be here tomorrow so that’s why I’m making things for Colby and Jess. You know mom, I’ll send a “care” package.

    Just finished baking the cookies for Jess. doesn’t look like I’ll have to make more.

    Carol GA – you aren’t squeezed as much when you get a 3D mammo, at least I wasn’t

    Michele NC
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    Good evening all:

    Got caught up over the weekend and lost a post. Now caught up again.

    Ohio restrictions are being lifted June 2-no more health orders. It will be interesting to see how it plays out. Still waiting on final decisions for work place. I am assuming county will go along with the complete lift. We will continue with the work from home option we have. Most of the state offices that supervise us are doing that. Many staff take applications over the telephone (state process) so they can really do that from anywhere.

    I am in the office nearly everyday and it feels good to have that normalcy.

    Heather-I loved Rebecca! It has been many years since I have read it. Every so often the phrase "Last night I dreamed I was at Manderly again" flits through my mind.

    Allie-so sorry to hear about your friend. It is a good reminder that even though things are looking better, Covid an its damage hasn't left us. Hope your sleep study is approve quickly.

    Pip-you are correct, we never know what is going to happen. Live in this day and enjoy it.

    Terri-glad you over that stomach bug. They can be a nuisance in so many ways.

    Off to check on a couple of things before winding down for the night.

    Take care all,

    Ginny in Ohio
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    Michelle: We have had a tougher pandemic than some other states and the safety of our communities are a high priority for citizens & businesses. Wearing masks helps people to avoid the virus. The situation is improving. Our recent lunch at a restaurant was the first in a long time. Carrying a photo of our vaccination cards got us a nice seat in a recently opened restaurant. The proof of vaccinations makes us all feel confident that we’re safe from covid and can eat a meal in a restaurant with others.
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