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    Heather- advertise to crafters on a local fb marketplace page. Give this link with the offer for free books:
  • KJLaMoreKJLaMore Member Posts: 2,432 Member Member Posts: 2,432 Member
    Barbie- I am still masking. I probably will through at least June. It looks as if my state will be lifting it's indoor masking policy for children on July 1. I will be attending a few outdoor graduation parties this summer; but depending on how crowded and how well spread out people are, I will be ready to mask up. I am not vaccinated. I don't plan to get it until they can assure me of it being a vaccination that lasts at least four-five years (as most good vaccinations do). I don't get the flu shot. IMO an annual shot is not a vaccination. I am not antivax; that is just me.
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    Hi all I know i haven't been here in forever But here I am. Doing low carbing but yesterday I think I went to low my blood sugar dropped to 4.2 gave me a scare I took a dex4 tablet was up to 5.2 an hour after so I know they work.
    Been trying to walk more getting at least 3,000 steps I know it's not much but I will go up every week. Set the goal a little higher.
    Barbie i love to dance and we don't need partners for line dancing I just pull it up on utube. And now i'm out of here going for a little walk need to be at 1,000 steps before I have my lunch of cauliflower fried rice.

    See you all lighter
    Linda from Northern Ontario
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    In Australia, we have Tip Shops or Re-use shops. When you take a load to the tip, if there are boxes or bags of anything that might be able to be sold, it gets dropped off at the Tip Shop, and the rest of the rubbish just goes to the tip up the road.

    So you'd drop boxes of books at the Tip Shop.

    Then people like me who spend a Saturday now and then rummaging around the local Tip Shops would pick them up! :)

    Actually, I haven't picked up too many books at the Tip Shops, I tend to go for CDs. People drop off CDs by the bucket load and I come away with stacks of them. :)

    I'm always tempted by the hard furniture too. I have absolutely nowhere to put anything, but I'm so tempted to pick things up, strip them down and refurbish them.

    Machka in Oz
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    KJLaMore wrote: »
    Barbie- I am still masking. I probably will through at least June. It looks as if my state will be lifting it's indoor masking policy for children on July 1. I will be attending a few outdoor graduation parties this summer; but depending on how crowded and how well spread out people are, I will be ready to mask up. I am not vaccinated. I don't plan to get it until they can assure me of it being a vaccination that lasts at least four-five years (as most good vaccinations do). I don't get the flu shot. IMO an annual shot is not a vaccination. I am not antivax; that is just me.

    I don't know that it will ever last 4-5 years. I imagine it will be annual like the flu shot.

    After all the virus is related to the cold virus. It's actually amazing they were able to find anything that worked! I'm a little bit hopeful that they might go on to finding a cold "vaccine" next.

    M in Oz
  • Machka9Machka9 Member Posts: 19,569 Member Member Posts: 19,569 Member
    I am half vaccinated. Next shot is next week. Then I'll try to schedule a flu shot a couple weeks later.

    My husband has had his flu shot and I'm trying to get him Pfizer but that is a bit of a challenge.

    M in Oz
  • Snowflake1968Snowflake1968 Member Posts: 5,502 Member Member Posts: 5,502 Member
    Margaret - Hope the meds help Drew.

    Allie - I hope you get some smooth sailing health-wise soon, you've had a long battle.

    Machka - When my Grandfather had a heart attack his came on the same way.

    Barbara - I remember one sting from when I was a child, I felt your pain as I was reading. Those suckers really hurt.
    I wish that if they stopped calling for snow that it would stop snowing. We received about an inch of heavy wet snow, but it was already starting to melt when I woke this morning.

    Lisa - You sound like you are quite busy and enjoying every minute of it. Sugar and cheese are one of my problems as well.

    Well I am at work and should get on with my day. It's going to be another busy one I think.

    Tracey in Edmonton
  • sh0tzz99sh0tzz99 Member Posts: 521 Member Member Posts: 521 Member
    Katla49 wrote: »

    Tina in CA: I am sorry you’re feeling down. I have not kept up with HIPPA rules because I’ve been retired for a long time. I hope things go your way. :star:


    I am not suing anyone over the HIPAA stuff. I'm saying that I am sure someone will. I don't have a boss, I work from home, and my colleagues don't care if I'm vaccinated. But this question has come up in my social circle. The state is treating COVID as a public health emergency, so HIPAA doesn't apply until it goes to court...with SOMEONE not me.
  • sh0tzz99sh0tzz99 Member Posts: 521 Member Member Posts: 521 Member
    auntiebk wrote: »
    Tina your sheet pan dinners sound like something I should try. I do what you do with brown rice, and it sure comes in handy for combining with the protein and veggies of the day for a quick healthy meal. Alas too often I opt for the convenience of a Lean Cuisine… ;)

    Lighter, lovelies!

    I got the idea of freezing my meals from the frozen lunch items like Lean Cuisine. I realized that if a company can freeze rice and chicken, so can I and if I do it, it's healthier.
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    I have followed the rules to prevent the virus for over a year now! I have had both vaccines and I plan to go unmasked wherever it is allowed. When I went into the health park for my mammy, they took your temperature as you came in and you were still supposed to mask up and that was OK. However, I believe we have all had to rely on vaccines for most of our life....polio, small pox, pneumonia, flu, I intend to rely on the new Covid vaccines.

    Carol in GA
  • Anniesquats100Anniesquats100 Member Posts: 828 Member Member Posts: 828 Member
    I'm thinking about joining a writing group. There's a nearby group that is just a little too far to drive to, but it's online now. It costs 50$ to join for a year. I'm a little nervous that it won't work for me to Zoom when my dad is working online, but there's no way of knowing without trying. It could be the end of a long dry spell for my writing, as well as a social thing for me. I have to get my payment in before Monday's session. I am both excited and nervous about writing again and the group.
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    Checking in for Wednesday ... a little later than I planned ... but here. Today is a "hungry" day. I'm not quite sure what to do. I just finished a lunch, but it feels more like a snack. (2/3 c. Greek yogurt with fresh strawberries and a keto blueberry/cinnamon "granola", Joseph's Pita with 2 TBLS natural peanut butter, and a chocolate/almond milk protein shake (along with 4 cups of water). I just couldn't do a salad today ... some days are like that.

    But, wondering if I'm eating too little? I don't know. I wish one of the dieticians in my area had the machine to test Resting Metabolic Rate, so I would have a better idea of what I'm shooting for. Right now, it's all a guess based upon computer algorithms. but, I'm grateful I'm not trying to hang onto 1,000 calories a day! Generally speaking, I feel good ... have good energy ... just mindset issues today, I think. Battling the strong desire to "do what I've always done" and attempt to lose this weight fast.

    I have my next doctor appointment in 3 weeks (these are "extra ... as I had my IUD removed a couple weeks ago, but only part of it came out ... so these are imaging and hopefully guided retrieval for the rest of it). Still, I'd like to weigh in a bit less than I did the last time I was there, you know? My next round of bloodwork isn't until August. Which usually keeps me motivated. But, not so much today :(

    My muscles have been sore from the extra walking ... so I'm trying to increase my protein (hence the extra protein shakes). My dogs are happy with the extra jaunts around the neighborhood, though. My German Shepherd is downright sad if I don't immediately get up and get ready to head out the door. As soon as she sees me put my walking shoes on, she starts "dancing."

    These are also the days my husband's alarm goes off at 4:45 (I usually wake up on my own between 5 and 5:30). It's just enough that I am a bit more tired, and can't really go back to sleep.

    Well, I need to get back to work ... these projects aren't going to complete themselves!

    Have a great day, ladies!
  • WhidislanderWhidislander Member Posts: 1,298 Member Member Posts: 1,298 Member
    Katla49 wrote: »
    Barbara: I can’t imagine any of the males I know would willingly have a mammogram. I can’t imagine them willingly have a testiogram, either. :noway:

    Heather: Your post made me wonder whether the covid virus would live on paperback books long enough to infect someone. Our public library subscribes to “Library to Go.” Amazon is a part of the process. You can checkout electronic books owned by your participating public library through Amazon. I’ve been reading many books on my computer & phone using this service. You have to have a current library card with your participating library in order to check out the electronic version of the books you want to read. This has helped to save my sanity. I love to read. :heart:

    Terri: So sorry you were sick. I agree that complacency is our enemy. We still wear masks at the grocery store for our own safety and that of others. Having proof of vaccination has made it possible for some restaurants to reopen in our town. We photographed our proof of vaccinations and have the photo on our mobile phones. We are able to show the photo when going in the door to the restaurant. Everyone is safer that way and the restaurant is back in business after well over a year. :star:

    Machka: NSTEMI risk factors would apply to both of my parents, who died many years ago from smoking cigarettes. They were chain smokers who would light a new cigarette from the previous one. DH has been an insulin dependent diabetic since before we met. He was a smoker when we first met. i was never a smoker, and refused to date him until after he quit. It has all worked out well for us in the longterm. :smiley:

    Allie: We have two little free libraries within walking distance of our house. I love them. Sometimes I find a gem to read and sometimes I put in books that I no longer want. :bigsmile:

    Bananas: I use Vitamin D3 to improve my mood and overall health. It has been nicknamed the sunshine vitamin. Good luck to you. :star:

    Machka: Do I remember correctly that your brother is in Louisiana? They’ve had a load of weather problems this past year. I hope they’re okay. Our son’s good friend since college days lives in New Orleans. We haven’t heard any news about his family in quite a while. :ohwell:

    Tracey: Snow has been rare here the past couple of years. We had some before Thanksgiving. It got lots of news coverage. Snow here was on the ground about two days. Luckily for us, we have a car that has four-wheel drive and we were easily able to get to the grocery store. It is a good snow memory. :star:

    Rebecca: That house reminds me of Astoria. I love seeing the old Victorian homes. :smiley:

    Allie: I hope you’re feeling better. :star:

    Margaret: I am sorry you’ve had leg cramps. Have you tried tums? I’ve used them when I’ve had foot cramps and they’ve helped. DH has used them for leg cramps. They help him, too. :flowerforyou:

    We are having a rainy day and I am happy to be warm and dry inside.

    Katla in rainy NW Oregon

    Katla, awe it IS Astoria.😁👍 Our only ever car photo, is the ones we took when we got her.💖
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    exermom wrote: »
    Did a body pump DVD today. The plan for tomorrow is to do Cathe Friedrich’s Afterburn DVD

    After exercise went for a walk around the block. Around the block and to the main road and back is almost 1-1/2 miles. I found that I can do that in about 30 minutes

    Rebecca – I’m right with you. My food tastes have changed, too. Now if you offered me a ripe, juicy peach or a piece of pizza, I’d choose the peach. Used to be I’d have chosen the pizza.

    Terry – so glad you’re feeling better

    Vince went to get his allergy shot. For the first time he could go into the office. He was telling the one receptionist that by law you can’t ask someone for proof of vaccination, you really can’t even ask them if they’ve been vaccinated. The receptionist behind her agreed with him. Thank you HIPPA <sarcastic> I agree, we need to stop thinking only of ourselves and start thinking of others, too.

    LisaKinVA – YEAAA for the scale moving.

    M – so sorry about your brother

    Vince has been talking about getting a new bowling ball (like he really needs it!). Well, for father’s day I would like to get him a ball but have a picture of Kyle Busch put on it. I called Joe Gibbs racing and found out that all the pictures of KB are copyrighted, so I asked a friend of mine (if I said I wanted to watch a NASCAR race, that would really send up red flags) to help me so he’s going to try to get a picture for me.

    Claram – welcome!

    Allie – how horrible for you! Glad you’re feeling better now

    katla – we’re pretty sure one of our cats has some dementia. She used to be fanatically meticulous. We NEVER needed to give her a bath. She’d spend 2 minutes in the litter box, then 5 covering it up. Now she has mats and she started pooping at the base of our of our cat trees. You can see her looking like “I have to go to the bathroom, but where do I go? The litter box is in the mud room, but where? Or maybe should I go at the cat tree?”. She’s just so confused. Then she started peeing on the cat tree. That isn’t at all like her. So we put a litter box next to the cat tree, and she hasn’t gone on the tree at all. I just feel so bad for her. She just doesn’t know where to go. So sorry about your dog. When we go to the vet, we have to call them from the car, they come out and get the pet while we wait in the car, then bring your pet back. Frustrating!

    After the doctor’s, stopped at the Salvation Army then home and made some cookies for Steve to take home. I like to have as much as possible done ahead of time.

    Since it’s fairly cloudy outside and it’s supposed to be warmer as the week goes on, I may string a little popcorn.

    Vince is pretty upset. The vet got back to him (he’d sent an email about how Bonnie’s tumor is back). The vet said that she doesn’t like that it’s come back so soon. Honestly, when I was petting her, I felt a lump but it was more like feeling a mat than a lump. Vince is thinking that we will have to have her put down, I just say to wait and see.

    Strung popcorn for about an hour. I think I’m probably done for this year. Then worked on the puzzle. Getting there. Now I think I’ll go for a walk.

    Michele NC

    Michele, I just find I crave the healthier version. I can't even buy a tv dinner for myself now. They look all gross, and I would rather make something from scratch. I buy healthy stuff and eat them. Who am I??😁. Oh I remember, I am a food snob.👍💖
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    Afternoon ladies
    Well i took a nap today and came over to get Homer outsode and he is telling me all sorts of stories.. he is such a good boy but when i go anywhere have to take Alfie the crazy dog..
    I did make an appointment to see the dr tomorrow afternoon.. so lets see of she can give me any answers
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    sh0tzz99 wrote: »
    Hello All.

    So sorry about the pets! It really stinks when they get sick since they can't tell us what's wrong.

    Was able to go to a porch concert over the weekend. The weather was unpleasant, but the concert was nice. It was nice to get out and see a group of people together enjoying a live concert.

    Cooking for one-What I've been doing is making things like sheetpan dinners, where you toss a couple of seasoned chicken thighs on a tray with some root veggies and bake them. I also do some prep and assemble food. I cut and roasted a sweet potato yesterday and have about 4 servings worth of sweet potato that I can match up with avocado, egg, bacon, etc. Perhaps I'll cut it and use it in an egg or tofu scramble. I bake a package of bacon and have cooked bacon ready to go. I roast tomatoes and put them in the fridge as toppers or to put in a salad. I also make dishes that I can split and freeze half and have the other over a couple of days. I have also made a pot of rice and split it into portions and freeze it. The freezer is my friend. While it's not cooking all at once, it allows me to be creative with the various parts and I feel like I'm cooking and it's healthy.

    HIPAA and vaccination questions-I don’t know if this is state by state, but where I live, it is OK for a company to ask for your vaccination status and even for proof of it. I suspect if you get fired shortly thereafter for either not having been vaccinated or not showing proof, you have a lawsuit, if you want it. I think there will be a lawsuit and after that point it will likely fall under HIPAA privacy (HIPAA, for those not in the U.S. is Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accountability Act which deals with healthcare related privacy among other things). For now, companies can ask.

    Life seems to be moving toward more normal. My mood is not. Feeling kind of down.

    Tina in CA

    what the company my husband works for has done is they are paying employees $100 when they show proof they have been fully vacinated. An incentive because there are so many people getting the virus, being exposed to it or some are just saying they have been because the company pays for two weeks off. Some have said they have just for a two week extra paid "vacation"- now they limit it to one time. Unfortunately they started announcing that they did that right after husband was out for two weeks when he thought he had it(ended up being just swollen uvula)-had to use sick time to cover the two weeks- no one at the store told him they would cover the two weeks.

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