Name something that was easy for you to give up



  • joyanna2016
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    Surprised that I don't miss ice cream, but I dont!
  • amart4224
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    Milk. Switched to almond milk for caloric reasons and don't think I'll ever go back.
  • mholl15
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    amart4224 wrote: »
    Milk. Switched to almond milk for caloric reasons and don't think I'll ever go back.

    I'm right there with ya, I switch to almond milk and haven't turned back yet
  • briscogun
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    Fast Food

    Now that I'm maintaining I've added some of that back in (mainly the alcohol part!) but I still don't eat sweets much (maybe twice a month if that?) and I'm not much of a fast food guy. Maybe we get a pizza once every 2 months?

    It's not that those things are bad for you its just that you have to make choices with your calories and how to "spend" them. I could eat a Big Mac and fries but that would take up like half of my daily calories! So I don't. But I can get a single plain burger at Culver's and it's like 300 calories. Put some Ketchup on it for another 25 calories and voila!

    Nothing is bad, everything in moderation. ;)
  • mholl15
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    Let try to give this thread some new life, Name something that was easy for you to give up
  • ReenieHJ
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    I drank Tab for years(remember that nasty soda??) then switched to Diet Coke. I got sick of spending so much money that didn't offer any benefits whatsoever and might even be detrimental the way I downed can after can. So after probably 40+ years of drinking diet sodas, I stopped. DH drinks it like I used to and some days it's very tempting to pop a top and guzzle. But no, I just can't let myself get back to that again. Not to mention it gets downright expensive. :/

    For now(maybe the past few months) no bread or pasta or rice. It's not that I've 'given them up' per se, it's just because I don't really want to waste calories on them these days.
  • TinaLeigh67
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    Fast food was easy. Other than that, I have just tried to limit things such as sweets, alcohol and salty, crunchy goodies.

    The one thing I truly wish I could give up would be sitting on my butt, binge watching Netflix on non work days and get moving more. My exercise logs would look soooooo much better :D
  • springlering62
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    Fast food. After decades in an office that had no kitchen and few fast food choices, Zestos (a local chain) and Krystal had definitely palled. It has been a relief not to eat fast food every day.

    Would that I had had the brains to simply pack a lunch and get ahead of the weight piling on, but was just what we “did”.
  • Noreenmarie1234
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    All drinks with calories. (juice, pop, etc)
  • JMC3Terp
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    Coca-cola. Before this. I would have told you I was addicted to coke. And I was right. We are talking 1 to 4 litres of coke a day. Everyday.

    Thanks in part to the pandemic, I started dieting. And when I did. I just stopped drinking coke. It definitely helps that I was eating at home and not going into stores. Just ordering groceries online. But one day I went from drinking a 2L a day. To the next drinking nothing.

    I haven't had a sip of Coke for over 9 months now.

    Don't get me wrong. If I had some I'd be in trouble I think. But so long as I steer clear, I've been good. No cravings. No withdrawal symptoms LOL. I didn't even substitute it with anything.
  • AvaEBerry
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    I have up soda pretty easily. Even more surprising was how easily I gave up sugar in my coffee. I hate coffee, but drink a small iced cold brew every morning just to wake up. Since I hate the taste, I would add sugar or simple syrup IN ADDITION TO flavored creamer. Turns out a tablespoon of the creamer makea it sweet enough. Who knew.
  • nooshi713
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    Soda (was never a fan).

  • Mangoperson88
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    Rice I think. I used to eat it every alternate day with curry but now I have it once a week.
  • ninerbuff
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    Alcohol. I haven't really drank any since I was 28 years old. Have a beer MAYBE once a year. And it's usually because it's at a pizza party.
    And SMOKING. I quit cold turkey.

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  • yirara
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    I gave up nothing. Just less.
  • joryrheanne
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    For me it was Coca Cola and alcohol. I still crave the pop but I just won’t drink it no matter what. I also went from drinking Tim Hortons double doubles to a regular and with time I will go down to black coffee. I just started metformin for diabetes 2 days ago. I remember how great it felt when I was losing weight and I am determined to get there again!
  • VegjoyP
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    Easy? Yes. When I finally realized I did not want to feel like I did when I was heavy I really lost my taste for a lot of foods. This still happens. It may take one time or longer. I know intuitively if I am better not having it, measuring it with extra accuracy or learning that it is ok but to have on occasion. I am going through this now with a certain nut butter. I finally stopped bingeing on peanut butter- incredibly happy about that! However I am still skeptical of adding it. The fresh ground is definitely good. I have one now that I weigh and it amazes me how inaccurate using "tablespoon, teaspoon" as not of measure because the weight is across the board I teaspoon can be 5 grams or 9. it depends and I never thought it would be that much off. This one is natural but stickier and challenging to measure. With nut butter calories add up quick!
  • corinasue1143
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  • DeterminedFee201426
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    It was so easy. To give up just about anything. My list is long like a CVS receipt. Here are a few .. Ice cream, alcohol, sugary drinks, cakes and candy bars.
  • age_is_just_a_number
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    I don’t look at as ‘giving up’ something but rather making different choices.
    Some easy different choices I made include:
    Swapping the proportion of yogurt and cereal in my breakfast. It used to be a big bowl of cereal with a little yogurt. Now it is a little cereal with a lot of yogurt. The result was fewer carbs and more protein.
    Drinking water as my drink of choice.
    Filling my plate half with vegetables.

    Not so easy different choice — reducing or even eliminating my after dinner snack. I still often look for something at round 9pm.