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    Rori love the smile and your new hair cut!

    Gardens looking pretty good from all the watering. Lawns not watering here starting to show the effects. Moderate drought here. If this weather pattern continues will be in extreme drought within a week or two.

    Tried today from heat and extra garden work. Taking passion flower or valerian at night with rubbing in Epson salts to my legs before bed does help with leg cramps. I also set room AC to 68 degrees. Ahhhh! Sleep is just too important!

    Flea extra hugs!
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    Your roses look beautiful.
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    Rori, love the shorter hair! I need a new pic of you to put on my felt Christmas tree💖
    Your strength thru all is very inspirational. Hugs friend!

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    Did my sixteen minutes of walking. Looks like I'm on track to hit twenty by the end of the month! The biking is not going as well. It's finally cool enough, but it's raining. Maybe later.

    Annie in Delaware
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    Hmm. I'm toying with the idea of getting a tablet so I can do exercise videos in the basement. The wifi signal is not very strong down there, but maybe I could download for later replay. The walking and dumbbells are plenty for now. Just thinking.

    Annie in Delaware
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    Good afternoon :D -- finally got to the grocery store. I hit up Lidl and Aldi today ... probably overbought a few things (trying a bunch of different breads/wraps from Aldi). I was getting pretty hungry, so made my lunch as soon as I got home. I had a "lighter" breakfast today (I usually have a huge breakfast ... medium sized lunch ... and really light dinner). But, I was out of a lot of food, and need to prep my veggies for omelets/fritattas -- so I went with the protein oatmeal (to eat it up) and a couple of eggs.

    But my lunch ... it felt like I was eating "normal" food. I tried the Keto Friendly hamburger buns from Lidl (19g of fiber), had a sirloin burger, 2 pickles, 2 cups of green salad, and a serving of sweet potato fries (with this yummy veggie ketchup that has nearly zero sugar -- but tastes like normal ketchup) ... with about 8 sliced strawberries for dessert. I should have taken a photo. I usually am happy to eat my burger without a bun ... but there was just something about eating a "normal" burger. YUM. I'm excited to try the protein bread with breakfast tomorrow -- and all the things!!

    I had to give up my mid-day coffee. It was making it difficult to sleep. But, we start morning practices in about a week, so I'll be having my coffee protein shake for breakfast instead ... with some homemade ezekiel bread (we're going to make this next batch into a "spice bread."

    My future son-in-law comes back to Virginia today, so I'm leaving in about 90 minutes to pick up my daughter to welcome him home (he's in the Air Force, getting ready to ship out to Italy in 10 days). We're so happy to have him back for even a little while.

    It's a busy weekend ahead for me -- but I'm keeping on. Having a real meal really lifts my spirits :D
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    My step-daughter's visit went well. I had made the ground floor presentable and got some face on by the time they arrived. She stayed about 50 mins and it was nice to see her.
    They had walked along the seafront after pizza at the city central Fatto, and had an ice cream at Marrocco's.

    This evening I wrote two Google restaurant reviews, being critical of the overloud music and the amateur service. I don't go out to eat just for the food. It rarely matches my own, but , for the price, I want a good ambiance and excellent service. I sometimes get it, but not always. I was disappointed on Sunday and Monday.

    The Euro football contest is starting tonight. :#:'(:s

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx
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    Katla49 wrote: »
    Last night was our niece’s wedding. She was a beautiful bride and her oldest son acted as minister for the wedding ceremony.

    Oh Katla, what a beautiful thing, to have your own son officiate at your wedding. :cry: :heart:

    /Penny, crying sentimental tears at the
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    Stats for the day-

    Walk w/family- 2hrs 44min 21sec, 121elev, 82ahr, 100mhr, 8.20mi= 767c
    Strava app = 993c
    Zwift home spin bike- 23.22min, 112elev, 134ahr, 163mhr, 7.78mi= 247c
    Zwift= 191c

    Total cal 1014
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    A friend of mine has a daughter with a small farm. I traded some rhubarb for some farm fresh eggs. It is amazing how bright yellow the yolks are. Yum!
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    Rori great hair

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