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Just Give Me 10 Days - Round 154



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    @playhardkf2017 Happy anniversary! New Hampshire has so many beautiful places. What a great place for a wedding!

    Thank you!!
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    musicsax wrote: »
    HSW - 218.2 (Feb. 2015)
    UGW - 130

    2021 Goals — 165; eat mindfully; meditate most days; exercise for the pleasure of moving.

    History 2020-21
    R100 1/7/20 end weight 177.6
    R101 1/17/20 end weight 177.6
    R102 1/27/20 end weight 177.2
    R103 2/6/20 end weight 178.6
    R104 2/16/20 end weight 179
    R105 2/26/20 end weight 180.2
    R106 3/7/20 end weight 180
    R107 3/17/20 end weight 180
    R108 3/27/20 end weight 180.8
    R109 4/6/20 end weight 180
    R110 4/16/20 end weight 180.6
    R111 4/26/20 end weight 181.2
    R112 5/6/20 end weight 181.4
    R113 5/16/20 end weight 181.8
    R114 5/26/20 end weight 183 ugh.
    R115 6/5/20 end weight 182.6. 10-day calorie ave 1554
    R116 6/15/20 end weight 181.8. 10-day calorie ave 1580
    R117 6/25/20 end weight 181. 10-day calorie ave 1341
    R118 7/5/20 end weight 182. 10-day calorie ave 1674
    R119 7/15/20 end weight 181.4. 10-day calorie ave 1651
    R120 7/25/20 end weight 181.2 10-day calorie ave 1695
    R121 8/4/20 end weight 182. 10-day calorie ave 1706
    R122 8/14/20 end weight 182.8. 10-day calorie ave 1747
    R123 8/24/20 end weight 182.6. (-.2) 10-day calorie ave 1624
    R124 9/3/20 end weight 182.2. (-.4) 10-day calorie ave 1493
    R125 9/13/20 end weight 182.2 (0). 10-day calorie ave 1612
    R126 9/23/20 end weight 181.6 (-.6). 10-day calorie ave 1580
    R127 10/3/20 end weight 182 (+.4). 10-day calorie ave 1821
    R128 10/13/20 end weight 182 (+/-0). 10-day calorie ave 1659
    R129 10/23/20 end weight 182 (+/-0). 10-day calorie ave 1552
    R130 11/2/20 end weight 183 (+1). 10-day calories ave 1856
    R131 11/12/20 end weight 183 (+/-0). 10 day ave cals 1776
    R132 11/22/20 End weight 183 (+/-0). 10 day ave cals 1358.
    R133 12/2/20 End weight 182.6. (-.4). 10 day ave cals 1633.
    R134 12/12/20 End weight 182.6. (+/-0). 10-day ave cals 1547.
    R135 12/22/20 End weight 181.6. (-1lb). 10-day ave cals 1460.
    R136 1/1/2021 End weight 183. (+1.4lb). 10-day ave cals 1885.
    R137 1/11/2021 End weight 183. (+/-0). 10-day ave cals 1789.
    R138 1/21/2021 End weight 183. (+/-0). 10-day ave cals 1753.
    R139 — End weight 183. (+/-0). Didn’t track calories.
    R140 — end weight 183.
    R141 — end weight 183. Ave calories 1587. (Goal 1600) ⭐️
    R142 3/2/21. End weight 183.2. Ave calories 1720. (Goal 1500)
    R143 3/12/21. End weight 184. Ave calories 1733. (Goal 1500)
    R144 3/22/21. End weight 183. Ave calories 1690.
    R145 4/1/21. End weight 183.2. Ave calories 1504. (Goal 1500). ⭐️

    My scale readings bounced up 4 pounds when I changed batteries, so I didn’t suddenly gain 4+ pounds. I didn’t want to write that down but, other than the horror of a heavier weight, what difference does it make? So I’m going with the new readings, dammit.

    R146 4/11/21. End weight 184 (188.6). Ave calories 1516. (Goal 1500).
    R147 4/21/21. End weight 188 (-.6). Ave calories 1526. (Goal <1500.)
    R148 5/1/21. End weight 187.4. (-.6). Ave calories 1607. (Goal <1500.)
    R149 5/11/21. End weight 188. (+.6). Ave calories 1789. (Goal <1500.)
    R150 5/21/21. End weight 188.4. (+.4). Ave calories 1593. (Goal <1500.).
    R151 5/31/21. End weight 187.6. (-.8). Ave calories 1812. (Goal <1500.).
    R152 6/10/21. End weight 188.6. (+1). Ave calories 1843. (Goal <1500.)
    R153 6/20/21. End weight 188. (-.6). Ave calories 1563. (Goal <1500.)

    R154 Goals, etc. — I’ve decided to post weight and calorie averages per Happy Scale & MFP respectively, since daily fluctuations are frustrating and sometimes misleading. My goals this round are some — any —loss, calorie average <1400.

    Day/Moving Average Weight/7-day Calorie Ave/Comment

    6/21 - 187.7 - 1413
    It’s a lovely, cool morning after heavy rain yesterday. Perfect for pulling weeds! 😎

    6/22 - 187.5 - 1476
    Another gorgeous cool morning. I pulled a ton of weeds & grass yesterday (I don’t use chemicals), and today I’m digging in my brick edging around my flower beds. Then mulch. Then a nice walk. Wishing you all a lovely day.

    6/23 - 187.7 - 1502
    I’m trying hard not to notice my morning weigh-in # — up a pound - and just watch my moving average, but it’s hard. I can’t understand why I’m up. Average (and daily) calories are down from past rounds, and macros are right on target. I’m getting plenty of exercise. But ok, my moving average is pretty steady, so I guess I’ll get a drop soon. Still, discouraging. No hugs needed, just venting cuz DH doesn’t want to hear it. 😁

    6/24 - 187.8 - 1439
    Most of the big garden work is done (for now), so I’m planning more time walking some of the lovely paths in our area. One goal is to walk all 27 miles of our Rivergreenway system (not all at once, although that would be a great goal, but not possible because it branches). Anyway, that, plus we have 3 state parks, a number of land trust trails, and other great trails within reach, and the rest of the year to reach them. Another goal is to get back to running. I ran a half marathon 4 years ago, but haven’t run for the past three years. Time to get back to that. And I’m considering whether I could get myself out of bed early to swim laps at the Y in the 6-7 time slot when it’s very uncrowded. Maybe… I miss the salt-water pool I belonged to in NC — I swam 20 min of laps 3 times a week and loved it. Anyway, attitude adjustment after yesterday. Onward!

    6/25 - 187.7 - 1647
    Rainy day. I guess I have no choice but to stay in and vacuum. Uck. I don’t know why we can’t have self-cleaning floors. 🤓 I might go walk laps around Menard’s for a while. 🏃🏻‍♀️

    6/26 -
    6/27 -
    6/28 -
    6/29 -
    6/30 -

    I agree about the vacuuming, especially with our kitty and the litter that gets tracked around. It would be amazing if everything could just be magically absorbed into the floor and be gone forever lol.

    You can get automatic robot vacuum cleaners (both DS & a friend have one), but they don't dust or clean walls !!

    We’ve actually been thinking about getting one of those when we move in a month or so!
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    @musicsax those pictures are beautiful!
  • playhardkf2017playhardkf2017 Member, Premium Posts: 627 Member Member, Premium Posts: 627 Member
    Highest (2020) 250
    Starting Again (6/1/21) 242
    Goal 200

    This is my first round and I'm really excited to do this!! I'm learning how to navigate the app and the website. I am glad that I found this on here, because I am always better when I have to hold myself accountable. Anyway, thanks for having me guys. I have no friends on here yet, so feel free to add me and I will add you back. Thanks again, and good luck everyone!!

    SW: 231.4
    Challenge Goal: 227


    6/24–228.8 ~ was super excited about this, did the gym twice and have walked at least a mile and a half everyday this week.

    6/25–just joined and will weigh in again tomorrow. thanks so much again everyone. keep up the good work.

    6/26– 229.0 headed to the gym again today.

    6/27– 229.4 I am so not used to weighing myself everyday. Usually every 4 days or so. I feel like I get too obsessed with the number. But I've been going to the gym a few days and I'm well aware that muscle weighs more then fat... ugh. Anyway, I'm still proud of me and my results and the way I've been feeling so, yay!


    Round progress: -2.0
    First congrats on your progress and welcome to the group. You’ve had a great round so far! Weight loss isn’t linear and sometimes the fluctuating numbers can be tough. If it’s too much please feel free to not weigh every day. There are some rounds I skip weighing for multiple days. The best part of this group is that there aren’t any rules except to do what you want for ten days. Keep up the great work 🙂

    If you’ve been getting back into strength training/ working out you can retain water because the micro damage to your muscles caused by working out holds onto water to help with the healing that could be a cause of the slight increase. People say muscle weighs more than fat but a pound of fat weighs the same as a pound of muscle. A pound of muscle just takes up less space in your body so that’s why a person who weighs 150 with more muscle mass can appear leaner than someone who weighs 150 but has more fat mass.

    The link below is a good visual of the above statement
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  • Lilylady3kLilylady3k Member, Premium Posts: 2,272 Member Member, Premium Posts: 2,272 Member
    @musicsax - Love the pictures. Looks like a great place to walk/hike!
    I noticed that you usually walk 10-12 miles each day. Could you help me understand your routine so that I too might be able to one day reach a goal like that? How long does it take usually? I'm currently at 2-3 miles per day and sometimes I do 5-6 but the heat at this time of year gets to me plus I walk so slow at this weight. Currently I'm at about a 3 mile / hr rate which I'm hoping speeds up as the weight goes down.
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    Good morning everyone!

    I'm spending much of the weekend with friends at a flamenco festival, listening and discovering this wonderful Andalusian / Romani music and watching some amazing dancers. Three successive days of festive eating and drinking is proving a little challenging for the calorie management, but I think I did better yesterday than Friday. :)

    @jamessurloire I’m so jealous! I love flamenco!

  • SheilaBonehamSheilaBoneham Member Posts: 1,837 Member Member Posts: 1,837 Member
    @musicsax Glorious photos! I’ve always wanted to walk some of the “ways” in various parts of the UK. Have you read Robert MacFarlane’s book, The Old Ways, about ancients paths, mostly on land although he include some on water? Fabulous book.
  • fmfdfa2020fmfdfa2020 Member Posts: 553 Member Member Posts: 553 Member
    fmfdfa2020 wrote: »

    Hi Sheila - Within this reply about the floors, I can't help but be curious to know about your travels or living in both Kuwait and Tunisia. I might have missed it before if you've mentioned this but would you mind if I ask about your travels? I'm sure there are many people here who have interesting stories to tell.... Thanks, Debra

    Sure! I studied Arabic in Cairo (Egypt) in 1974 (and in college) and then taught for 2 years at the University of Tunis (Tunisia) through the Peace Corps in 1776-78. In 1882, I was beginning work on my PhD dissertation (on the concept of honor, particularly as invested in women, in the Middle East, and went to teach English, do some research, and write at the University of Kuwait for 18 months. I was lucky to be able to travel as well in other countries of the ME during that relatively blissful time before all the crap started — Algeria, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and, of course, Egypt, Tunisia, and Kuwait. And yes, I was a young, single woman.

    Wow! I'll say it again, Wow! Thank you so much for replying. What an amazing experience! Thank you again for sharing this - so so so very interesting!!
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