July 2021 Monthly Running Challenge



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    7-1 2.1 miles running and 1.0 mile walking (Hill Repeats after cutting cedars for almost 1.5 hours)
    7-2 0.0 miles running but 1.0 mile walking on treadmill (also played doubles tennis this morning)
    7-3 9.0 miles running, 1.0 mile walking (easy pace, but not an easy run)

    MT = 11.1/70 miles running: 3.0/31miles walking

    There's a long run report under the spoiler, if you are interested. Basically, my legs didn't make it feel like every step was an effort like it did last week, but they were so tired after about mile 5 that a lot of walking was necessary to get it done.
    I got up at 7:15 this morning, about 15 min later than I intended to, so I could get my long run in early. I wasn't too worried, because the weather was forecast to be a lot cooler this morning than it has been. They were right, for a change. It was only 54°F when I got up. It did take me a little over an hour to get out the door - ate a banana and had 2 cups of coffee that needed to settle. Also had some tummy issues. I think @ContraryMaryMary s post made my body think, "Hey, that sounds like something I need to do." LOL

    Because of my tummy feeling the way it did, I change up my planned route so I would stay closer home. As far as this issue went, I did okay until mile 6. I started feeling the urge and, of course, I was almost the farthest from a bathroom I could be on this route. So, I stopped and walked around for a minute. It diminished, so I walked a little faster and then ran again. I did okay until I stopped at the end of my driveway for a sip of water at around 8.8 miles. (Yes, I stopped with less than a quarter mile to go.) The water did it to me and I really had to go. I slowly walked up my quarter mile driveway and made it with no incident. Interestingly, didn't do much once I did get to the bathroom. I did go out and finish the run on the driveway.

    As far as the run went, it was much, much better than last week. Well, that may be an overstatement. At least it wasn't an effort to take each step, but I didn't really have the energy I had last week. I did pretty good until mile 5. (I had stopped and talked to mom and my neighbor during this portion, so maybe that helped.) By then, I was just ready for it to be over. My legs were really tired. I wound up walking a lot more than I had intended to the last 4 miles. But I managed to get it done. As a testament to how tired my legs were, after I finished the run, I started my fast half mile cool down walk by going on to the end and getting my mail. Coming back, when I got to the hill where I do hill repeats, I just couldn't walk fast anymore. So, I stopped Garmin, strolled until I got to the flat part of the driveway, and just finished my walk with laps on that part.

    The good news is that my average HR was 144, I stayed in Zone 2 for 86% of the run, and I finished with an average pace of 12:56 min/mile. At this point, anything under 13:00 min/mile is a great easy pace for me. In case you are interested, the elevation gain was 551 feet.

    Garmin says the humidity was 77% at the beginning of the run and 60% at the end. Here is what I looked like after only 1.5 miles.
    I think I got dehydrated, which could be part of the problem. I can't seem to get enough water this afternoon and still haven't had to go pee.

    It's always important to stay hydrated. If you don't feel the need to "go," you're probably not drinking enough.
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    I agree @Tramboman . I thought I was drinking enough. I was sloshing. :lol: I think I didn't drink enough yesterday, even though I did better than I usually do when I'm working.
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    Nice run again @ContraryMaryMary ! Hahaha about the kids.

    Yeah for the running and the day off from caregiving @rheddmobile . Sounds like you and DH had a good day. And, you are doing so good, considering where you used to be physically (not able to walk 2 miles). That goes to show you what determination and hard work can do.