Women 200lb+, Let's Jump To It This July!!!



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    Hello Beautiful people 😃
    Am new here trying to find a partner who we can support each other on this journey I need motivation I have been on this journey for all my life am 50yrs now hope anyone can understand.
    We can motivate, support, encourage, advise each other I stay in Georgia Augusta.but still we find ways to uplift ourselves throughout
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    @uyister always good to see your posts. Good luck on your exams but am sure luck has nothing to do with it <3

    You are a rock star B)<3
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    Weigh-in day!

    Age: 30
    Height: 5'2"
    SW: 252.8 (11/13/2020)
    CW: 220.2 (6/26/2021)
    7/3: 222.0
    7/10: 221.6
    7/17: 220.0
    7/24: 218.4
    GW for July: 215
    GW for 2021: 196
    UGW: 144 by the end of 2022

    Ayyyy! I still don't think I'll actually make my goal this month but I can damn sure get close enough for jazz. I'll be happy with any negative progress between this week and next.

    I realized, I think from a thread somewhere around here, that the Strong Curves lifting program I've been following for June and July is actually a 12-week program and not 8 weeks, so I guess that's half of my exercise for August sorted - lucky I have a blank page in my journal next to the June and July spreads, so I can just keep that going all in one place! The spreadsheet I found for SC only included the first 8 weeks for some reason. Weeks 9-12 Workout A involves push-ups, I haven't decided if I'm going to do wall/incline push-ups on a bench or something, or just swap in a chest press of some kind instead. I hate push-ups, my wrists don't like being hyperextended that way.

    Among my cooking projects this weekend is going to be homemade marshmallows. Not like, fake sugar-free healthy marshmallows or whatever. Just, marshmallows. The theme for the Reddit 52 Weeks of Cooking challenge for this week is Camping, and the best thing I can come up with is s'mores. I'll need to run back out to the grocery for some unflavored gelatin but it doesn't seem that hard. The tricky bit is slowly streaming molten sugar into a stand mixer while it's running, so it's just dangerous enough to be intriguing.

    My sister made homemade marshmallows for our wedding favors (along with her incredible caramel corn). The marshmallows were unbelievable! I can never go back to Jet-Puffed store-bought again. She made a batch of vanilla and a batch of strawberry. OMG my mouth is watering just thinking of them! Good luck!
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    I've always wanted to try stand up paddle boarding too!
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    ** Salty Language Warning **


    I just wanted to share a mini victory! I went Stand-Up Paddleboarding for the first time today! I have wanted to do it for YEARS but have been afraid of failing. I'm not used to trying new things at this weight (50lbs overweight), and I was scared I wouldn't be able to stand up or get back on the board if I fell. I don't have the athletic confidence I used to. Add to that, I deal with side effects from my past spine surgeries and have balance issues because my leg and foot have permanent numbness. So I had talked myself out of even trying it but then I snapped out of it. Who even cares if I fail? If I fall? If I look awkward? If it's too hard? None of those things are reasons not to try.

    Anyway...I LOVED IT. Fear really is the cockblocker of dreams, you guys.

    Side note: I highly recommend taking a lesson. It went such a long way to making me feel more confident, and it was good to learn the proper technique.

    (Mug is my design and is up in my Etsy shop now).

    I LOVE this mug! And congrats on trying SUP! I've been wanting to for awhile (I have friends that live on the water and have two), but I've been worried I'm too heavy for it.
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    Hello Community,
    I am looking for a diet and fitness buddy who lives in the CSRA.If you are interested in creating a support system to help staying accountable while on this journey,Kindly please send me a massage or a friend request .The journey is lonely when you don't have anyone who understands your struggle or who's not on the journey Let's do this 🤗🤗 JOIN ME JOIN ME🙏🙏
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    For you SUP lovers, Google Mike Shoreman / "The Unbalanced Paddleboarder". He's a friend of mine who went from professional SUP instructor, to unable to walk due to a medical emergency, to now public speaker, author and is preparing to paddle 87 miles across the lake from US to Canada.

    Remarkably inspiring.
  • AlexandraFindsHerself1971
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    Height: 5'7"
    Starting weight (1/3/20) 296
    July weights:
    7/1: 245 (period)
    7/14:245 (working out)
    7/21: 242
    7/28: 241

    Well, it's not the goal I had, but I'm not unhappy with it either. I've been spotting on and off the last two days so I don't know whether this is TOM or just something random connected to the whole perimenopause thing.

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    Having dinner out tonight with a friend, so try to pre-plan my entire day to make sure I have calories available for a cocktail and a bite or two of dessert. :)

    I also have new workout clothes coming from Athleta today, so that's a confidence boost for me - I feel so much more confident when I am wearing cute clothes than when I'm wearing ratty old sweats.
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    I don't recall if I asked before in this group. But if anyone uses Fitbit and would like to be friends please add me. I could use more Fitbit friends. My username is JeanetteF. on there, same profile picture.

    I was able to get my weight moving this week! I am not logging the loss though until this weekend. I was going to log it on Sunday, my normal day, however I realized the end of the month is Saturday. I will log it then to finish the month. I am curious to see what my measurements show for the month, I've been working hard all month. I hope it is reflected when I measure.

    @KeriA Sorry to hear your results werent great. I wish you well!

    @wanderinglight Congrats on your victory! I am so happy for you!

    @seltzer_lover I love that you bought new workout clothes. I just bought new clothes for myself - bras and tees. I agree, it is a confidence booster!