Keto and Fasting has been amazing thus far.



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    Most of my meals don't take much preparation - cereal or toast for breakfast is easy, mid morning snack is something like a banana, no preparation or cleaning up, I take lunch to work in a lunch box - usually things like fruit, yoghurt, sandwich, takes 5 minutes to pack it and very little cleaning required
    I usually have s1 cooked meal per day (dinner) - well, unless one counts toast as 'a cooked meal'
    I do prepare dinner or sometimes my husband does or sometimes we go out or buy take away
    After dinner we tend to have a coffee and small snack or dessert in front of TV

    Am certainly not only busy with meal preparation, consuming, cooking etc - in fact I probably do less of that than many other people.

    This is what a slavery carb ediction looks like. When you continuously eating cereals, bread. sandwich, bananas, fruits, your hunger comes every 2 hrs . Really, it becomes necessarily to eat that often . If you switch to less carby food, your hunger will subside and free you from having food that often.
    Well, they are very easy to handle, to pack, to clean, therefore they may become such a food to use every day, every 2 hrs. But convenience does not mean nutritiously suitable for human consumption.
    Of course, you can eat anything you want, nobody cares, you are the only person who cares of your food and your health. We are here talking what is best for human body. If does not fit you personally, please, stay your course, but many other people want to know truth, the truth which is not approved by FDA, by government subsidized agriculture, by huge trans continental corporations,
    Never in history, the population was so sick, fat and disable, in spite the USA med care is most expensive in the world. The highest number of medication prescribed per person, Thanks to FDA food pyramid with 60% of grains norm per day. If you think that people do not listen the FDA recommendations, absolutely not. People sincerely follow the recommendations, while getting more and more sick.
    If we get sicker, it will more money to make on our health care. Pharmaceutical companies and doctors want us to be sicker, they are in the business to make money. If you accidentally become healthy, how in the world they will make money? It is free, cost nothing, nobody will have interested in healthy person.
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    Good for you Poobah1972!
    There are a lot of 'doctors' on these forums 🤣
    Do what works for you and do the research yourself on your diet and life style of choice.
    It sounds like you and your partner are doing a great job.
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    Good job @Poobah1972 !
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    Over the last year my HDL decreased and triglycerides increased I learned 3 days ago as well as my weight when dealing with sickness that lead to 7 months of side effects involving blood clots in each leg and fragments into each lung so it's back to full keto and intermittent fasting for me. I told doctor my labs will be back to normal a year from now. Things were fine from 2015 until a year ago so it's back to full Keto into the future.

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    Yesterday when at Walmart I saw where Slimfast has gotten in on supporting the Keto WOE. 7 years ago when I accidentally wound up eating Keto it was not a mainstream Way Of Eating option getting center aslie attention. The fat bombs sure are filling and I have yet to try a drink. Just not eating after 5 or 6 PM works for me. In 2014 cutting carbs down to 50 grams daily took some effort until my gut microbiome shift had time to occur.
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    I don't post much, but I want an update from @Poobah1972! I've loved seeing his and his fiancee's amazing progress!
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    I don't post much, but I want an update from @Poobah1972! I've loved seeing his and his fiancee's amazing progress!

    I’d love to see an update too!

    I haven’t read all of this thread yet, but as someone who has been IFing since before it was cool (2014), it’s been interesting to read the bits that debate the efficiency and credibility of IF. IF literally changed my life- probably saved it even. I lost over 200lbs with it. I’ve maintained the majority of that loss (180) over the past several years just by IFing. I’ve only come to MFP to finally finish the job and get to goal. Food addiction is a pesky beast and was working against me. It happens. 🤷‍♀️ I’ve had several rounds of bloodwork over the past few years and all of my numbers are great. I once was put on BP meds (before I was even 30!) and was able to get off that pretty quickly. Overall, my health now in my 30s is light years better than it was in my 20s, and I credit that to IF- not only the weight loss it gave me, but also the health benefits that come from not eating all the time. I’m of the belief that our bodies were designed to handle periods of feast and periods of famine, as centuries ago, food was far less accessible than it is now. I’ve read so much both crediting and discrediting IF, but my own personal experience has proven its value in my life.

    Anyway, enough passionate rambling about IF. I just want to say to OP and anyone else rocking the IF, you’re doing great! I’m cheering you on!