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    My tortilla press arrived! No more flattening tortillas by sandwiching dough balls between cutting boards which I stand on. I've also seen people use a tortilla press for making dim sum wrappers which is too much work for me. But if I ever make homemade ravioli or raviolo I will use the tortilla press.

    If you use store bought tortillas, salsa and guac this is a very easy but festive meal to throw together on a weeknight and great non sad way for using up leftovers. Tonight I made homemade corn tortillas and pico di gallo (with the coriander on the side because the hubby doesn't like it). We had a little leftover store bought guac as well as some chopped fresh avocado. I cooked some pork mince on top of the stove with cumin, chilli powder, and paprika and we warmed up the last meatball lurking in the freezer. Also served tinned corn, shredded radiccio lettuce and some leftover courgette namul languishing at the bottom of the fridge. We used feta as a substitute for queso fresco.

    If you need a vegan taco filling do re-fried beans for hacks. Fry an onion and some minced garlic then tip in a tin of kidney, pinto or black beans with a squirt of ketchup for sweetness and cook until tender enough to partially mash with the potato masher or a fork, adding a splash of water if too dry. Season to taste.


    @acpgee I agree with your husband - coriander for me can spoil a meal even if I taste a miniscule amount!! :s
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    When the weather is warm I prefer to roast vegetables in the air fryer instead of the oven. It is smaller and better insulated so doesn't warm up the kitchen. Of course, the oven is better if you have a big crowd to feed.
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    Greek scramble
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    Leftover corn tortillas become less pliable on day 2. These were brushed with oil and air fried to make tostadas.