Women 200lb+, Let's Have An UnBOOlievable October!!!



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    No marathon in my future. Just pushing myself a bit. I may get it up to 150 minutes but no more than that, I'm pretty sure. The elliptical is so easy on my knees, joints. And as I drop weight its a lesser calorie burn during the exercise. I only exercise my 3 off days as I work 10-16 hour days. So no other time available to exercise. Get a few walking miles during work days. I'm in the groove of losing and want it to continue and don't want a plateau.
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    Hi everyone!

    I’m a bit frustrated with myself. Was decently disciplined and hoped for more than a 2lb loss. Oh this was much easier in my early 20s. 🤣

    SW: 222 (10/10/21)
    CW: 220

    Oct. 10: 222
    Oct. 17: 220
    Oct. 24
    Oct. 31

    GW for Oct. 210
    GW for 2021: 195

    My NS goals for the month:
    🎃 limit alcoholic beverages to two/week
    🎃 peloton 6 days this week 45-60min
    🎃 100 oz of water daily
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    swimmom_1 wrote: »
    5'4" 64 years
    SW- 9/14/20-255 lbs-Changed jobs without a micro manager since 9/14/20.
    5/3/21-240.5 lbs-Lost without really trying.
    6/1/21-228.8 lbs
    7/1/21-222.2 lbs
    8/1/21-212 lbs
    9/1/21-200 lbs
    10/1/21-191.4 lbs
    10/3/21-189.8 lbs Met a challenge goal for 11/1/21-190 lbs Not slowing down. Maybe I'll get to 180 lbs.
    10/10/21-188.8 lbs
    10/17/21-186.2 lbs
    Upped my Elliptical again this week to 140 minutes and today I did 151 minutes! Did the extra 1 minute because I wanted the 12 miles! Down 68.8 lbs! More than halfway of the 133 lbs to loose to get to my goal weight!
    UGW-122 lbs, was at that years ago (2009- kept it off for 5 years) after being at 255 lbs before. So I feel I can do it again. Just can't get lazy afterwards like before.

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    SW: 254 lbs
    CW: 240 lbs
    GW: 176 lbs

    Total - 14 lbs

    October 1: 246
    October 7: 242
    October 17: 240
    October 24:
    October 31:
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    Happy Monday! It got COLD here this weekend! Had an 80degree day on Saturday, but then storms came through and it dropped into the 40s overnight. I had to turn my heat on for the first time since late spring.

    SW (7/23): 300
    10/4: 283.6
    10/11: 282.4
    10/18: 279.4
    GW for September: 278-280

    Had a surprisingly large drop this week! Comfortably within my October goal (and it's only the 18th!). Staying largely on track, although I did miss a workout yesterday due to extreme fatigue from my covid booster. Feeling better today and planning to get back on schedule.