Women 200lb+, Let's Have An UnBOOlievable October!!!



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    Great job! Keep it up! Hopefully we will all succeed! If not, we still did our best!

    Today I was on a You tube Keto site. They made a chocolate mousse with heavy cream, sweetener, touch of vanilla, cocoa powder and dash of salt. I should have thought of it myself as I have been making my own whipped cream with heavy cream and some sweetener for on top of sugar free jello for about a week. OMG was it delicious. Only used 6 Tablespoons of cream, so I was staying within my daily calorie/Carb allotment.
  • I am starting to find my routine now that Boyfriend has a job and we get up at a given time every day. It's obvious that I'll be able to work out in the mornings, as I prefer, but I'm waiting till next week because this week is a little off; they had him log in to a seven am meeting for the IT people on call today. (He normally logs in at nine am.)
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    @danikat15 Nice NSV! I got to that point once back in 2012 - I was on a Spring Break trip with my roommates, we were staying at a hostel that only had "regular size" towels, and I spent a whole five minutes in the bathroom after my shower, just sort of marveling at the fact that I could wrap it around me and be covered. (I accidentally lost like 15-20 lbs that semester, despite basically surviving entirely on pasta and cookies - I was studying abroad and suddenly had to walk a lot more to go to class, go grocery shopping, etc. I didn't have a scale where I was staying, or a clothes dryer, so until The Towel Incident I figured my jeans fitting looser was just because they had been air-drying. Stepped on a scale when I got home and saw the lowest number I had ever seen in my adult life. Unfortunately they all came back, and brought friends, once I got back to the States and didn't have to walk everywhere anymore, lmao)

    Anyone got Halloween-related plans? Work is having a costume contest on Friday. I think I'm going to do something more like "Halloween-bounding"* than wearing a whole costume - the working idea right now is "Miss Spider." I have a gray dress with a black belt, and an abundance of socks; I'll make some extra legs out of socks and pin them to the belt, use fishing line to string them up so they move with my arms, and wear black tights on my human legs. I want to get, like, a spidery hair pin or something, but part of my job involves using a phone with a headset and I don't want to be constantly futzing with it. I guess I could just put the pin in my hair for the contest judging.

    (*Halloween-bounding is like Disneybounding - Disney parks don't allow guests to cosplay as characters or wear actual costumes in the park, but you can wear outfits of regular clothes inspired by a character/their color scheme.)
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    @goal06082021 I’m super excited for Halloween since the entire family will be dressing up for the first time and not just the kids! My older two who are 4 and 2 love Paw Patrol so they are going as Chase and Skye from the cartoon. I couldn’t find costumes for everyone so I decided to dress my one year old up as a Dalmatian with a cute little tutu with a dog tail and red bow. She also has a matching head band that has puppy ears. I am going to be going as Cruella Deville and I can’t wait to put my entire ensemble together. I have a fake fur cape that is spotted with a red ribbon. I’m going to wear black pants and black boots so I can be comfortable walking around and I even have the half white half black wig I will pair with some pale foundation and bright red lipstick. I told my husband he needed to either dress up as a paw patrol character or a Dalmatian character to match one of us lol. So he got a Pongo Dalmatian costume from Disney and it’s hilarious. Can’t wait!🎃
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    Will be thinking about you and your husband as you approach the surgery date and beyond. It must be extremely scary. Cancer is a very scary word and totally understand around the unknown. Take care .
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    Height: 5'2"
    Age: 30
    SW: 252.8 (11/13/2020)
    CW: 210.0 (9/26/2021)
    10/2: 210.4
    10/9: 208.4
    10/16: 207.8
    10/23: 209-ish
    10/30: 206.4
    GW for October: 205
    GW for 2021: 196
    UGW: 144 end of 2022

    Close enough! I'll take it.

    This has been a hell of a month, and November is also shaping up to be, uh, interesting, let's say. I feel pretty confident that I've forged new habits over the past 11 and a half months, so I should be able to hold the line through the end of the year, even with everything I have to face between now and then. For most of this week, in fact, I opted to sleep rather than get my normal morning workout in, and still managed to get my sweat on in the evening those days; I think, a year ago, I would have said "Oops, I didn't work out this morning, and I'm already in my jammies anyway now. Better luck tomorrow," and just spent the rest of the evening on the couch. I believe I will see Onederland by year's end. It might literally be on 12/31, but dammit, I WILL see a number that starts with a 1 on that scale.

    We filled my parents in on hubs' upcoming surgery - if nothing else, we had to let my mom know we wouldn't be coming up for Christmas like we were planning to, and why. My mom actually also just had back surgery (for a different issue), so after the call they started comparing MRI scans over text, which was funny. Dad's only-half-joking take on it was that he now has an excuse to get out of any and all chores - "gosh, hun, I'd love to take the trash out but, ohh, you know, my back..." which is pretty typical for him, tbh. (Truly a mystery why he and my mom aren't married to each other anymore. /s)