What nobody tells you about losing weight



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    Ara_celie wrote: »
    I've lost 28 lbs and feel amazing..but I HATE that I still look at myself in the mirror and see myself before losing the 28 lbs. Its frustrating and I get mad at myself for it.

    I have this exact problem. And it's because self image is inside, not outside. I am in therapy and often speak about my weight loss (258lbs so far LOST) and I still try ordering clothing in the size I had been before. Because to me, I am still the same.
    Since I haven't had any skin removal surgery (I still need to lose another 100 lbs...) - the skin takes up more room in the arms of my clothing than my waist and chest, so I must either choose to wear (unsightly) tank tops- or extra large shirts to hold the skin flaps. I feel like a monster and don't know when or if I will ever feel good about myself.

    Some days are better than others and I see the weight loss in a different light. But most days (because of depression and anxiety) I end up still feeling just as I had before.

    You WILL eventually feel good about yourself! The fact that you have achieved over 2/3rd’s of your intended weight loss shows that you have the strength to make it through. I started with less weight to lose than you have (only 275 pounds to my goal weight), but probably took a lot longer losing it than you have (12 years). I have had a huge roll of skin on my abdomen for most of the 12 years, and it wasn’t until I have gotten within 20 pounds of being ready for skin removal surgery that it’s gotten “thin” enough that I’m willing to wear jeans, because they hold it in. It was my constant, waddling companion for over a decade and I thought I would never get rid of it. But finally, sometime around the end of January, it will be gone. AND the skin on my arms too! Your time will come. Patience and persistence will get you through. Never give up.

    I am not where I want to be, but can I ask how much the surgery will cost?
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    jaded989 wrote: »
    I have a ton of clothes in various sizes (tops from L- 3XL, always been top heavy) so buying new clothes at this stage is not necessary, I shop the back of my closet, lol
    Couldn't agree more it is all a mental thing but I'm all for anything that improves my outlook and self esteem ☺

    oh heck yeah, lean into whatever makes you feel good. I ultimately just finally got 'used to' how I looked and internalized the confidence I think. Also I got cold. I am so cold. I am living in hoodies until May.
  • For example, I can wear a pants size five or six sizes smaller than the measuring tape would allow.

    I think I am having this problem, I measured my hips for underwear - bought what I thought was the correct size and it was too big... I don't understand? What is causing this oddness?

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    It's extra skin but also things meant to be tight are made with negative ease. Meaning to stretch to fit and unstretched smaller than what they're meant to go on.
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