Things people say when you lose weight



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    Wow, I just found this site today, you are all positively inspiring. For so many of us weight loss is now important to us for our overall health & not only to be accepted into society. Maybe not all but from what I read most of us. So now our motivation is different than a lot of people who simply want to lose weight for a certain event, some don't understand that, some people truly don't like it when we do lose weight, especially if they should be losing weight, others are jealous, others are truly happy for us. If our true motivation is for our own health & benefit, who cares what someone else says? As for the different ways we approach this, there are many different reasons. One person was using Keto but he also his also a diabetic so for him that might be the perfect & easiest way to good health, my brother also eats like that, because he has had parts of his colon cut out & though he loves fruits & veggies cannot they put him in the hospital if consumed like the average person which could kill him. Some people are vegetarians because they do not want to consume animals. That is each individual right to choose & no judgement should be found in a place like MFP. The reactions of others might be good to share because it can prepare a person for many different reactions & they might not be caught off guard. For myself I honestly do not care 1 bit of anyone's reaction except possibly my Dr. Being as healthy & fit as I gain is my goal, reaching a good BMI is what my goal is, what I look like to others does not change my goal. It has taken me many years to come to this way of thinking, we are all unique yet in many ways the same. I am so glad I found this site, it really is beneficial to be able to share how the words of others can impact our feelings but never let them change our goals.
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    Sorry to hear your mil is getting worse. It's such a hard thing to deal with for friends and families.
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