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    5/13: Chose well: Joe x2, readings, BP, PT x 1
    Bonus: Crissey Field w/Joe and the dogs, chiro, lunch with C & T.
    Workin’ on it: 141.5, H20x6 , active 2:23

    Meaningful May
    14: Get outside and notice the beauty in windy, rainy nature ;)
    Friday was most overindulgent CI in a long while. Of course, needle on scale inched down this morning. It will bloompf up again soon as I have a restrained day. :P

    Oh Debbie, how hurt you must be. Your DH, your nephews, the roommate but most of all your mom. Being invisible to the people you live with and care for is draining, exhausting, dispiriting. Praying you can find some other sort of sanctuary, we all need it.
    Rebecca “Concentrate of things I can have an effect over, and let the other things go.” Wise words but not always easy to do. ((hugs))

    Whoops that ol’ timer just went off again, time to get the dogs outside.

    Lighter, lovelies!
    Barbara, the Southern Oregon Coastie AHMOD
    2022: Be still and listen.

    THANK YOU!!!
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    Cleaned out the spa some and then started stringing the popcorn only it started to rain. Lectored at the church, had dinner, then went to Kohl’s (they’re having less and less. It looks like they’re trying to be upscale) so I stopped at Shoe Carnival. I have this pair of Keds sandals that are SOOO comfortable only they don’t make them any more. I found something that was on sale from $40 to $15, but my first thought was “are those slippers”. Yet, things down in FL are much more relaxed so maybe they’ll do for down there. If not, I need new slippers anyway. Got things to make soup tomorrow and will make yogurt.

    Anne DE – ice cream substitute? I like applesauce frozen. Also, frozen grapes. I know, that’s not exactly what you asked for.

    Lisa – wow, what a transformation is all I can say. Looks beautiful

    Gonna pop some popcorn then watch some TV.

    Michele NC
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    Anyone know of a pet and human safe weed and moss killer my patio and surrounding area looks horrible

    Pull them out. :) That's my favourite method.

    Boiling water - boil a kettle, pour water for a cup of tea, then empty the kettle on the moss and weeds. That's my husband's favourite method.

    A salt and vinegar mix is supposed to work too.

    M in Oz
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    Summer is coming, along with ice cream cravings! What is your favorite ice cream substitute?

    I was reading reviews for So Delicious non-dairy light ice cream at 300 calories a pint. Gotta try that! My usual is Ben & Jerry's non-dairy Cherry Garcia at 320 calories a 2/3 cup serving. Excellent taste but not a weight loss staple.

    Annie in Delaware

    We get ice cream bars like these ... they're 95 calories per bar and it's easy to control the servings when they are individual.



    Machka in Oz
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    Betsy - safe travels, dear heart. We look forward to seeing you again in September!

    Today's adventure in the slowest remodeling job in the entire U.S.A. We pulled all the siding off the back of the house, and underneath was T1-11, mostly in good shape. For the uninitiated, finding T1-11 under siding is like finding a hardwood floor when you pull up the carpet. The interesting part is that most of the T1-11 was painted nearly the same color as the roof we had replaced last year. Serendipity that, because we had no idea what we'd find--all told, it took us about two and a half hours to rip off all the siding. Note, however, this is only the backside of the house. Two walls in the carport are siding, and all of the tall eaves around front and sides.

    The first picture was when we bought the house, July 2018. The second one is a month later after we'd tamed some of the jungle... and the last one is today. Tomorrow will be a trip to Lowes for lumber for trim, and paint that matches that slate blue.


    I've finally cooled down enough to get in the shower... and I need one! More than 90 degrees outside and both of us sweated buckets. Quiet evening planned.

    Later, y'all,

    I like that slate blue colour!
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    I'd be in Santa Teresa, California. :)

    Machka in Oz
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    Machka - My Mom. Would say she was bored often so I didn’t have that as an example or motivation growing up.

    Based on those definitions, I am bored even when busy a lot of the time. 😂

    Rita - I am hoping to see my brother later this year. I haven’t been home since 2016.

    Barbie - I enjoy books but mostly in the evening before bed.

    Annie - congratulations on the loss!

    Debbie - my hubby says the same about Mothers Day but never has an issue about asking for something for Father’s Day.
    This year he didn’t even say Happy Mothers Day.

    I’m so sorry for all of the drama. I see so often that people that supposedly love an elder are actually abusing them financially and:or emotionally I hope that’s not the case with your Mom’s roommate.
    I think it’s terrible the way your husband and son treat you on a regular basis.

    Lisa - what a transformation, a lot of work.

    Heather - I’m glad you both had good days with family.

    If I was transported to the setting of the book I am reading I would be jumping into a forest fire as a Zulie in Missouri.

    I have been working on my stockings. I am trying to get Christmas presents made early this year since we have a new grandchild due around Christmas. I will be planning a shower and I want to go home to NB I’m the Fall.

    Tracey in Edmonton

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    Machka - My Mom. Would say she was bored often so I didn’t have that as an example or motivation growing up.

    Based on those definitions, I am bored even when busy a lot of the time. 😂

    Tracey in Edmonton

    The only time I come close to being bored is when I am busy. Busy doing something that has me rolling my eyes and wishing I were doing something else.

    When I'm not doing anything ... like when I'm standing beside Rhody in the dark, just looking around ... I feel relieved. The madness has stopped for a moment.

    I don't ever recall my parents expressing that they were bored. Both are introverts and voracious readers, so we all spent a lot of evenings curled up in our corners quietly reading. Happy memories. :)

    Machka in Oz

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    Enjoying a Pet Summit on detoxing your pet. Today was on gut biome, vacinations, and dental health. Gave me much food for thought. One speaker in particular I liked because he talked about our food supply chain and our need to stop the war on weed with chemicals.

    Also helped at Nature Center today and got to go up in a Cherry picker to get a view of the center.

    I also feel blessed that there is a pond close to our home that Drew and I walked to that is full of frogs. So fun to hear them singing.
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    Happy Sunday, it's a dull drizzly day here, a change from yesterday when it was warm and sunny.

    Still catching up.

    Viv UK
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    Machka That is concerning! I hope the doctors get to the bottom of that quickly.