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    Happy Sunday! Looking forward to Monday. ❤️
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    fanncy0626 wrote: »
    Machka do you have any signs of diabetes?

    <3 Mary from Arizona/Minnesota

    Not even a hint!

    At this point we're going on the assumption that there are some pinched nerves.

    Stress + uncomfortable office chair ...

    M in Oz

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    5/15: Chose well: Joe, readings, BP, PT x 1, CI<CO, CI<250<CO, dogs to powerline
    Bonus: church,
    Workin’ on it: 143.3, H20x4, active 2:55
    5/14: Chose well: Joe x2, readings, BP, PT x 3, CI<CO, dogs to powerline
    Bonus: Harris Beach Campground with Joe and the dogs
    Workin’ on it: 141.1, H20x4, active 2:49
    Meaningful May
    15: Do something to contribute to your local community, by voting.
    16: Show your gratitude to people who are helping to make things better… by voting for them.

    Welcome @elle_21 Ellie from Brisbane!
    Tracey Zulie?
    Margaret Up on a cherry picker? You even sound as though you enjoyed it? Would NOT be fun for me :sick:
    Machka that numbness and those zaps are scary. Is it always worse after a ride?
    Kylia you ARE busy. Prayers for your DH and his heart appointments. He must really, really love that DGD ;). Hope that massage is a good long one, you need it!
    Allie must have been the night for weird dreams. I was back at work, full of self-importance, trying to get people to things MY way. So relieved to wake up retired! ((hugs)) hope you feel better soon!
    Ginny sometimes impatience is a good thing… ;)
    Welcome @defiant63 Karen in BC! 1xne8vmfarca.jpg
    Barbie I’m with you on the nearby indoor plumbing ;)
    KJ good to see you posting, envy you the Sting concert even though I really wouldn’t want to be around that many people. :love: the under-loft sea themed bed tent.
    Lisa :love: that you and Corey like working together. I don’t play well with others but occasionally Joe and I can cooperate on a project, for a limited time … ;)
    Kim glad to see you posting and that bloodwork came out well. Good advice to Debbie about the background check.
    Shelley in PEI Brava for yard work, great burn and stress relief.
    Lanette how inconsiderate of the walking “buddy.” Does she not realize how dangerous the virus would be to your DH? I’d be more than miffed! :rage:
    Michele Halelujah, miracles DO happen. So excited you’ll get to have time with PJ. Highlight what you want in the spoiler then: k3q6wiflote3.jpg

    Jealous of all you in warm weather areas, our 45-54F winter is hanging on, and on, and on…

    Just finished an old Perry Mason, seemed to be set on a yacht in a bay (?San Pedro?) and near an island in Southern California.

    Lighter, lovelies!
    Barbara, the Southern Oregon Coastie AHMOD
    2022: Be still and listen.

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    auntiebk wrote: »
    Machka that numbness and those zaps are scary. Is it always worse after a ride?

    Lighter, lovelies!
    Barbara, the Southern Oregon Coastie AHMOD
    2022: Be still and listen.

    No ... first time!

    When I have done really, really long rides, I have gotten odd, about golf ball sized numb spots here and there. One on my back in a particular location prone to cramping in other circumstances. One on my inner thigh. But never on rides shorter than about 400 km.

    I've never had the the right side of my entire shin on my right leg go numb! It was like the peroneal nerves from the foot right up to the knee just stopped working.


    M in Oz
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    Good morning ladies!

    Annie in Delaware
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    Morning ladies
    I was awake and up and dressed by 6:30 .. my brother is back in town ( finally) and had an eye appointment this morning..they have basically round the clock care for Jeans mom..
    So I get to visit with my furry nephew while Sean is at his appointment, a Westie named Buddy.. he loves his auntie but he is at my place and is kinda fussy because dad left him ,but told him dad will be back..
    Im not so happy with Jean right now..
    My brother has not had a physical job in probably 15 yrs or so,he has helped take care of both of Jeans parents and all 3 homes,Jeans parents home ( the one they live in) the lake house.in Moultonborough, N.H.( Jeans family vacation home) and the cottage my familys vacation home.. well now that dad has passed and the deed is in Sean and Jeans name she just ,goes behind Seans back and oks things and does things without consulting him..
    Like letting Shane move in up at the cottage and then Sean finding out from his ex that Shanes 1/2 brother will be there for the summer too. Jean if fitting the bill for most of the work done up there,and it does need updating.. but they are tearing things out and up without asking Sean first.. my dad would be mortified..
    Well..enough of that..
    Will wait for Sean to get back and pick up poor Buddy who is fussing for daddy.
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    Enjoying the dog summit. Yesterday they had a great presentation on essential oils. I learned it important to find a good source of essential oils because the quality can vary greatly. I also got a good recipe for insect repellent to use on Drew. I no longer use an oral medication since she had anemia this winter. The oral medications do not repel ticks. They kill the tick once it feeds on your dog. Fortunately Drew is little and a short hair so it is easy for me to check her for ticks in addtion to using a topical made from the right blend of essential oils.
    Also a great presentation on water. She explained why getting water from plants is so beneficial and the effect of natural sunlight on the water in our and our pets bodies ie why it so important to get outside daily with our pets. Today's theme is clearing up energenic toxins.
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    Margaret beautiful tulips!

    Barbie best wishes for Jake!

    Annie in Delaware
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    OH MARY!!! That was YOUR FAULT! I should have known there was a DISTURBANCE IN THE FORCE! Enjoy Walker. I'll be thinking about you should I hear about anything CRAZY going on UP NORTH!

    Beth........ Prayers to everyone in Buffalo. So horrible. And now another one in Cali. What the heck? And in a church?!?

    Still enjoying our pleasant spring weather, but for the stuff Mary brought with her. LOL!

    Have a GREAT Monday!!!

    Carla, in MN
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    Barbie & Kylia ~ Prayers for both your husbands! Heart problems are scary.

    Mary ~ Enjoy your time back in Mo.

    Margaret ~ Pretty tulips. I have some that come up every year but never bloom. My yard people seem to like to kill anything that blooms.

    Allie ~ There seems to always be family drama when Jean is involved.

    Carol in GA
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