New here!

XXSnowyXX Posts: 1 Member
Hey all!
Brand new here. Here’s some backstory.
I’m looking to gain weight and tone up. I struggle with it greatly and am borderline below a good BMI.
I’ve been eager to join the ADF was told to gain weight and gain a bit more muscle. I did however pass my assessment day with flying colours but unfortunately they wanted medical records and found that I had hip dysplasia and that I couldn’t proceed any further.
That was a real kick in the guts but I’ve still been trying to lead an active lifestyle to gain some more muscle and get toned.
As far as I’m concerned my hips do not hinder my ability to workout.
I’m looking for fellow people so that we can motivate each other whether that be with joining the defence force or just wanting to smash out a goal.


  • ecjim
    ecjim Posts: 960 Member
    Do you have a weight lifting program you are following?