Just Give Me 10 Days - Round 191



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    Happy belated Canada day to all of our Canadian friends!

    Age: 63 5’5”

    SW: 264.1 (5/11/21)
CW: 194.0 (6/25/22) 

    UGW: 160
    End of 10 day challenge goal: 193.0

    Drink 64+ oz water a day

    Swim, Circuit, Hike (4x week)
Log Daily

    Challenges 156-160: SW 247.2 EW 235.6 (-11.6)
    Challenges 161-165: SW 235.6 EW 218.6 (-17.0)
    Challenges 166-170: SW 218.6 EW 206.4 (-12.2)

    Challenges 171-175: SW 206.4 EW 196.0 (-10.4)

    Challenges 176-180: SW 196.0 EW 191.4 (-4.6)

    Challenges 181-185: SW 191.4 EW 189.2 (-2.2)
    Challenge 186-190 SW 189.2 EW 194.0 Vacation (+4.8)

    6/26 193.8 (-.2) A long walk with the dogs today and then lunch with my sister.
    6/27 195.4 (+1.4) Had a wonderful lunch yesterday as my indulgence meal.
    6/28 194.8 (+.8) Hike with the dogs today. Feeling tired but more energized on the diet front.
    6/29 193.6 (-.4) Busy with several meetings. No organized exercise. My meal service dropped off some really healthy options yesterday. I’m hopeful this is going to help me break through and get back on the downward trend.
    6/30 193.4 (-.6) Swimming today and several business meetings.
    7/1 194.0 (0) Had a larger lunch yesterday. Not surprised. Heading out to visit an art festival today, so lots of walking on the agenda.
    7/2 195.4 (+1.4) Surprise bounce. The art festival was really amazing and it's such a fun way to get exercise.
    7/3 194.4 (+.4)
    7/4 193.0 (-1.0) My sister and I hiked yesterday…4.7 miles, 639ft elevation gain. I have so much more endurance than I had last year at this time and this was at a faster pace, but it wasn’t as difficult a hike this time so it’s hard to compare. I’ll be really happy to be down this round, so I need to really pay attention today and make my breakfasts and snacks for the week today. Happy 4th of July!
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    6/26: 166
    6/27: 166
    6/28: 165.2
    6/29: 163.6
    6/30: 163.8
    7/01: 164.4
    7/02: 164.4
    7/04: 165.6 - yesterday was weird; a high carb day with lots of bread.
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    ROUND 188
    SW: 179.2

    ROUND 189
    SW: 180.2

    ROUND 190
    SW: ?

    6/24 176.6 back from vacation. was i stressing over gaining weight so i didn't eat as much, or was i not stress eating? kinda like that old tootsie pop commercial, "the world may never know".

    6/25 175.8 don't believe everything you see. it HAS to be my scale messing with me again because everyone knows i don't lose almost a pound overnight. someday i will invest in a better scale. until then....i'm enjoying the tiny fibs it tells me every once in a while.

    ROUND 191
    SW: 174.4


    6/26: 174.4 i will keep accepting these lower weights my scale is spitting out, just as i will accept the higher ones when it decides to tell the truth. maybe it's all my fault, and i should change the batteries? I forgot to mention my failures that have occurred since vacation. i am ashamed to say i have had a set back in my quitting smoking. i know that i will have to get that under control as well as my eating habits. i have also failed in my walking. i will need to get motivated and include that also. i have emotional stress in my life right now, which i see an end to in the future but that will take a few months. my weeks vacation visiting with family was nothing but smiles and laughter. driving home my failures began, and i realized i must do something besides diet and exercise for myself. i will continue to recognize my failures, but i will not beat myself up over them. a slow and steady path in the right direction is what i have chosen.

    6/27: 174.4 i looked up how many calories i should be eating if i am sedentary and oh lordy lordy they're really trying to starve people! i did my check in yesterday and "whoop whoop" my neck is 1/2 in thinner! wow! was that a good feeling! i still haven't gotten back to my walks outside. i did spend 3 hours walking in a circle around my livingroom yesterday, and i think i am going to start calling the time i struggle with the dog to take her medicine "my cardio workout".

    6/28: 174.8 OK scale... i must weigh 174.(something). my calories were good, my macros were good. my exercise was non-existant. aaarrrgggh, i thought getting back to exercising would be easier than this.

    6/29: 174 changed the batteries in my scale, and my weight remained about the same. i'm owing my scale an apology now for accusing it of lying to me. my calorie intake was super low yesterday, i wasn't feeling very hungry. maybe it was because of the migraine lurking to attack me last night, but it's almost noon time today and i still have no appetite. i was thinking earlier how great this group is. no one is judgmental and everyone so supportive. it's excellent therapy without the giant price tag.

    6/30: 173.6 another day of too low intake, but again great macros. i forced myself to go for my walk yesterday. 1.9mi @3mph. when i got home i was questioning my sanity. 2 weeks without walking, last night felt like a nightmare, but i'm sure it'll get better again. i am trying to do my walks 3-4 times a week.

    7/: 172.4 calorie intake was at "sustain" level, so i'm shocked to see this loss. macros pretty good.

    7/2: 174.0 calories were good. it had rained all day, so i never went on my walk. weighed myself in the afternoon, after already eating. today i will be hooking up with my sister and her family. we are going to a dinner theatre so i am expecting a gain for tomorrow.

    7/3: 175.4 that's a huge move in the wrong direction. i went 700 calories over my allowed amount yesterday... shameful. i will be going on a cruise in 2 weeks, i am already anticipating the work i will have to do when i get back from that.

    7/4: 173.6 of course there's a cookout today. it shouldn't be much of a problem through