Just Give Me 10 Days - Round 191



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    I am about 7.5 kg along the way to lose 32 kg. I use multiple tape measurements (cm) around my body because they aren't affected by salt intake. My weight has been dropping for 4 months now. Apparently I've been trying to lose weight since September 2012, the last time I was at goal weight. Let's see if stopping eating sugary food is going to change things.

    Heaviest ever 1st Jan 2021, goal+31.7 kg
    * means kg lost
    Round 181 ending 856 cm
    Round 182 ending 851 cm
    Round 183 ending 844.5 cm *
    Round 184 ending 841 cm
    Round 185 ending 836 cm
    Round 186 ending 833 cm *
    Round 187 ending 830 cm
    Round 188 ending 826 cm
    Round 189 ending 822.5 cm *
    Round 190 ending 817 cm

    bolded numbers means dropped by 0.5 cm, each bold is equal to about 42 grams
    102.5 98.5 105.0 58.5 47.5 56.5 47.5 103.0 100.0 103.0 26th
    102.5 98.0 103.0 59.0 49.0 57.0 45.5 103.0 100.0 103.5 27th
    102.5 99.5 102.5 59.5 48.0 57.5 47.5 104.0 101.0 102.5 28th
    102.0 100.0 103.0 59.5 48.5 57.0 46.0 103.5 99.5 102.5 29th
    103.0 99.5 105.0 59.5 48.5 57.0 46.0 103.5 100.0 104.5 30th
    103.5 100.0 102.5 59.5 48.0 57.5 47.5 103.0 99.5 102.5 1st
    103.0 100.0 102.5 60.5 50.5 57.0 47.0 104.0 101.0 103.0 2nd
    103.0 97.5 103.0 58.0 48.5 57.0 47.0 103.5 99.0 103.5 3rd
    103.5 98.5 103.0 59.0 48.5 57.0 47.0 103.0 100.0 102.5 4th
    103.0 99.0 104.0 60.5 49.0 56.5 46.0 104.5 99.5 104.0 5th
    This calculates to 814.5 cm, a loss from the last round

    How this round went: I ran for only 6 minutes. My eating is definitely not perfect, theoretically I would weigh 300 g less had I eaten perfectly. Still having sugar. I'm going to try a motivation system to eat less, I'll say what it is probably in a few months. Although my weight loss is really slow, I really like the weight loss being almost zero stress. I'm rarely hungry and the weight loss chatter in my mind is at a minimum.
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    I’m in for my second round. Met some great friends the last round! Last round I lost 2 pounds! This round will be tricky because there is a holiday in it and we have a party with all the food and the drinks. We’ll see.

    Lowest weight: (2011) 147
    OSW: 250
    CW: 230
    UGW: 150
    RGW: 228

    6/26 230
    6/27 230
    6/28 230 feeling frustrated, cranky and bloated today….not good with this plateau!
    6/29 230😑
    6/30 230-is this my destined weight?!?
    7/1 228! Finally!
    7/2 228.5
    7/3 228.5 hmm not sure I’m going to hit my goal weight this round 😞
    7/4 228.5-okay, I’m glad there wasn’t a gain there considering the day I had yesterday! Time to drink tons of water today!
    7/5 229
    Well, I wanted to lose 2 pounds but only lost 1, at least it’s not a gain. Better luck next round!

    Total lost this round: -1
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    You don't have to be perfect, you just have to be better than you were before

    30, 5'5"
    OSW: 164.2
    GW: 130-135

    Previous Rounds:
    R69: 158.1; R70: 156.5; R71: 156.3 R72: 156.3; R73: 155.2; R74: 155.4; R75: 156.1; R76: 155.6; R80: 153.2; R81: 154.3; R82: 154.1; R84: 156.5; R89: 156.7; R91: 160.1; R93: 159.3; R94: 156.1; R98: 154.5; R99: 155.9; R100: 152.8; R101: 149.7; R102: 149.0; R103: 149.0; R104: 146.2; R105: 146.6; R106: 144.6; R107: 146.8; R108: 147.7; R109: 148.1; R110: 150.1; R111: 154.3; R112: 152.6; R113: 151.7; R121: 153.0; R122: 154.8; R123: 153.9; R124: 153.4; R125: 155.6; R126: 152.3; R127: 151.5; R128: 151.0; R129: 151.0; R130: 152.6; R131: 153.9; R132: 150.6; R133: 151.2; R134: 149.3; R135: 149.5; R136: 148.4; R137: 147.9; R138: 148.4; R139: 151.9; R140: 150.4; R141: 150.4; R142: 144.0; R143: 144.2; R144: 147.0; R145: 145.7; R146: 145.9; R147: 145.9; R148: 146.5; R149: 147.3; R150: 146.8; R151: 147.9; R152: 147.7; R153: 147.2; R154: 147.0; R155: 144.7; R157: 146.1; R158: 146.6; R159: 146.3; R160: 150.2; R161: 146.7; R162: 144.6; R163: 146.2; R164: 147.3; R165: 146.3; R166: 148.5; R167: 147; R168: 148.4; R169: 151.4; R170: 148.9; R171: 144.8 R172: DNW; R173: 146.1; R174: 147.9; R175: 145.9; R176: 150.5; R177: 149.3; R179: 150.5; R180: 151.6; R181: DNW; R182: 150.2; R183: 152.9; R184: 153.4; R185: 151.3; R186: 152.3; R187: 151.8; R188: 150.9; R189: 152.6; R190: DNW

    Last weight
    6/24 - 153.1

    Round Goal: 150.0lb Water minimum: 75oz, Goal: 90oz.

    Day, Weight, Comment
    6/26 - DNW
    6/27 - 154.5
    6/28 - 154.4
    6/29 - 153.4
    6/30 - 153.6
    7/01 - 153.1
    7/02 - DNW
    7/03 - DNW
    7/04 - DNW
    7/05 - 154.8 - So figured out what in the world was going on. TOM! Still dealing with some TOM bloat, TMI isn't great (typical TOM complication for me), and a 4th of July dinner of smoked ribs and sides yesterday certainly isn't helping the scale. Back on it today. Getting cracks in windshield fixed this morning (they come to us), shipping ma's birthday gift and picking up a package held at post this afternoon and work otherwise. No workout as I was absolutely exhausted this morning. No BigBro to drive so tomorrow through Friday I plan on waking up at my normal time to take him to work and do a workout instead. BF is doing his best to drive up with me Saturday to pick all 3 kiddos up and go do something together. No idea food today but I'm not particularly hungry at this point so I think I'll fast until lunch. Plus water water water!

    Previous Day's Comments
    6/26 - DNP
    6/27 - No proper TMI for a couple days with lots and lots of sodium bloat. Back on track today. Finally got access to my new company's wellness and connect everything. I'm also trying to figure out my schedule to allow me to work out throughout the week without missing work or dropping off/picking up BigBro. It'll likely still take a few weeks to really get into a nice routine, but I'm getting there. Not sure what today holds. Goddaughter's last t-ball game tonight so we will be going to that. It's at 7, but we have to pick up Bigbro from work. Won't have time to do that, come home to cook, then drive back out so I have a feeling we will be eating out. Will focus on healthier options during the workday instead. Also focusing on water and getting up to move frequently throughout the day, even if I'm not using the bike, rower, or bodyweight moves for a proper workout.
    6/28 - Still holding on to water and TMI... sigh. I did get out for an evening walk with the pup last night after the rain passed. Hoping to do something similar today. Fitbit died this morning so steps from about 8am to 11am were not counted but there were some! Realize I posted on the wrong date yesterday so I adjusted that today. Water and watching food today as yesterday wasn't great food-wise with the t-ball game and eating out. Grilled or smoked chicken tonight, based on what's thawing. Training today and starting on my first ever project! Eeek I'm nervous. But it's keeping me busy so I'm okay with that.
    6/29 - Finally losing some of the water weight. Got a little TMI movement, but I'm not quite back to normal in that regards so likely holding on to some extra weight there, as well. Water was good yesterday at 90oz. BF took BigBro to work this morning so the SD and I went out for a "photography walk" to take pictures of sunrise with the big camera. Only to come home and realize my SD card reader is MIA... Just ordered a new one, though, which should be here Friday to see how they turned out for real. I got more steps in before work today than I ever did while commuting to work! Plus some quality time. Remote work has been fantastic. I have a couple days of posts to catch up on so I'm going to do that now. Not sure food for today, but will try to keep it in check throughout the day in case dinner is a bit more calorie-dense or unhealthy. Depending on dinner (if we go to Fam's or stay home) will take pup for another walk like we did last night. She's loving the remote work as well haha!
    6/30 - I have zero clue what's going on with my body. I will say I'm quite sore in the lower legs (mostly shin/calves, a little in thighs) from all the walking up and down the hills in my new neighborhood recently. Tomorrow I'm off work (every other Friday off) and BF is able to be mobile with his work so we are getting out of house to do something with kids. Saturday I drive kids to Oklahoma to meet their mom so they can spend a week with her for the 4th (BF is on go-live, working 7 days a week starting Saturday until the 15th). On the 9th I go back to Oklahoma to meet mom to get kids back for remainder of summer. Hoping the travel doesn't shoot my weight straight up. Hanging in there, drinking my water, and trying to get extra movement where I can. Food will fall into place soon, I'm sure.

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    Round 191


    ROUND 149 FOR ME.

    “Today….I am choosing Me”


    Highest weight ever (05-10-2016): 253
    Original starting weight on MFP: (01-11-2018) 235.0
    R190 EW= 203.8
    R191 EW= 205.0

    Current New Goals:
    Short Term Goal: To weigh less at the end of this round than I did at the end of the last round.
    Final goal: 145-155. We’ll see how I look & feel when I get there.
    Exercise: Move 30 minutes per day rotating activity.


    COLOR CODE: Fuchsia is a Happy Weight Loss for me. Blue is a sad weight gain.Black is no change.
    R43 through R52 (06/07/18 thru 09/23/18) = …..19.4 LOST (Ending weight 179.0)

    R53 through R62 (09/24/18 thru 01/01/19) = …..4.1 GAINED (Ending weight 183.1
    R63 through R72 (01/02/19 thru 04/11/19) = …..8.1 GAINED (Ending weight 191.2)

    R73 through R82 (04/12/19 thru 07/20/19) = …..5.5 GAINED (Ending weight 196.7)

    R83 through R92 (07/21/19 thru 10/28/19) = …..8.7 LOST (Ending weight 188.0)

    R93 through R102 (10/29/19 thru 02/05/20) = …2.0 GAINED(Ending weight 190.0)

    R103 through 112 (02/06/20 thru 05/06/20) = …..14.9 GAINED (Ending Weight 204.9)

    R113 through 122 (05/07/20 thru 08/23/20) = …..4.7 GAINED (Ending Weight 209.6)

    R 123 thru R132 (08/24 thru 12/02/20) = ……1.5 LOST (Ending Weight 208.1)

    R133 thru R142 (12/03/20 thru 03/01/21) = ……0.7 LOST (Ending Weight 207.4)

    R143 thru 152 (03/02/21 thru 06/10/21) = ……3.6 LOST (Ending Weight 203.8)

    R153 thru R162 (06/11/21 thru 09/18/21) = (b]…..16.2 LOST [/b] (Ending Weight 187.6)

    R163 thru R172 (09/19/21 thru 12/27/21) = (b]…..5.0 GAINED [/b] (Ending Weight 192.6)

    R173 thru R182 (12/28/21 thru 04/06/22) = (b]…..7.0 GAINED [/b] (Ending Weight 199.6)

    R183 (04/07/22 thru 04/16/22) = …..2.2 GAINED (Ending Weight 201.8)

    R184 (04/17/22 thru 04/26/22) = …..0.4 GAINED (Ending Weight 202.2)

    R185 (04/27/22 thru 05/06/22) = …..1.2 GAINED (Ending Weight 203.4)

    R186 (05/07/22 thru 05/16/22) = …..0.0 LOST (Ending Weight 203.4)

    R187 (05/17/22 thru 05/26/22) = …..0.4 LOST (Ending Weight 203.0)

    R188 (05/27/22 thru 06/05/22) = …..1.6 GAINED (Ending Weight 204.6)

    R189 (06/06/22 thru 06/15/22) = …..2.2 GAINED (Ending Weight 206.8)

    R190 (06/16/22 thru 06/25/22) = …..3.0 LOST (Ending Weight 203.8)

    R191 (06/26/22 thru 07/05/22) = …..1.2 GAINED (Ending Weight 205.0)

    06/25 …..203.8….. ENDING WEIGHT LAST ROUND
    06/26 …..202.8 ….. (Trend weight 204.0)
    06/27 …..198.4 ….. (Trend weight 203.5) 06/28 …..198.8 ….. (Trend weight 203.0)
    06/29 …..201.0 ….. (Trend weight 202.8)
    06/30 …..DNW ….. (Trend weight DNW] 07/01 ……202.8 ….. (Trend weight 203.0)

    07/03 ……204.6 ….. (Trend weight 203.4) And this is what happens when you accumulate fluid in your ankles and feet folks. Obviously, yesterday was not waterpill day. Today is, so I should see improvement tomorrow. Again, so hard to gauge how my actual weight is doing like this. I take my pill every other day (but not when traveling. I may miss a few and really bloat up at times). Yesterday was a great day. Stayed within calories, closed all my circles on my fitbit, took a walk and also used the stationary bike. My scale shows no increase in my fat on my body also so that is good (and an indication). I hate this guessing game.

    07/04 ……203.6 ….. (Trend weight 203.4) So this is where I sit after a waterpill yesterday. Not real happy with the number. I had all great numbers on fitbit yesterday closing all circles and having higher numbers than I’ve had in awhile. I’ve got more work to do! My goal each round is to lose ANYTHING and I am 0.2 down today from start weight. Hopefully tomorrow will yield an even better number but…….today is no waterpill so I will be swelling. And, of course, it is a holiday, a food and grilling holiday. Ugh! I am just going to trust the process and push through the good habits regardless of scale. On another note, My oldest daughter Bethany will be in our little local parade today with the 3 DGS’s. Looking forward to lining the street to see them. Have a safe day everyone!

    07/05 ……205.0 ….. (Trend weight 203.6) An overnight jump. I’m not surprised. No waterpill yesterday, 3 ½ hours sleep last night and a holiday bbq, and desserts/snacks that I should have avoided. Not a good way to end the round. Up 1.2 lbs.

    Every healthy habit brings me closer to scratching each of these off to NEVER see them again!
    250’s; 240’s; 230’s; 220's; 210's; 200's; 190's; 180’s; 170's; 160's; 150’s

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    33 year old female
    HW 231
    GW Range 150-155
    This is my first round!

    Day, Weight, Comment

    6/26: 158.2 - today is my “relaxed eating” day so I fully anticipate a gain on the scale tomorrow. I will take it because I feel great, I still tracked all of my food (a huge win for me), I still got some movement in, and I’m ready to jump into tomorrow!
    6/27: 157.9 - feeling a little under the weather today, but pleasantly surprised at my weigh in this morning. I’m feeling extra hungry and a little headachy today but I had a good workout this morning so that definitely helped.
    6/28: 156.9 - yesterday ended up being a great day! I was able to avoid a binge, I ate well within my calorie range, and had a good workout. I started this morning big with a workout but we have pizza every Tuesday night, so I generally expect a little gain on Wednesday mornings.
    6/29: 156.9 - I stayed exactly the same as yesterday so I’m thrilled! Here’s to another day of tracking!
    6/30: 155.8 - wow! Y’all today is a great day to have a great day! I am just feeling incredible this week! Tracking and exercise and water, oh my!
    7/01: 154.8 - how is it already July?! I have a planned higher calorie day today so not expecting a loss tomorrow. I’ll still be tracking, and that’s always the goal for me!
    7/02: 152.9 - I’m about to get my workout in for the day, and I commit to tracking all of my food today as well! I also really need to focus on water, because I didn’t have enough yesterday.
    7/03: 154.6 - up a bit from yesterday. Still not enough water, not a ton of movement, and loads of salt, so I’m not surprised!!
    7/04: 153.7 - my favorite part of this challenge is how much it’s keeping me accountable to tracking. It’s been hugely motivating and I can’t wait to do it again!
    7/05: 153.9 - round 191 results down 4.3 pounds! To say I’m thrilled is an understatement! I have been tracking like a pro and, go figure, it’s working. So I’ll see you in round 192!!!
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    ROUND 188
    SW: 179.2

    ROUND 189
    SW: 180.2

    ROUND 190
    SW: ?

    6/24 176.6 back from vacation. was i stressing over gaining weight so i didn't eat as much, or was i not stress eating? kinda like that old tootsie pop commercial, "the world may never know".

    6/25 175.8 don't believe everything you see. it HAS to be my scale messing with me again because everyone knows i don't lose almost a pound overnight. someday i will invest in a better scale. until then....i'm enjoying the tiny fibs it tells me every once in a while.
    ROUND 191
    SW: 174.4


    6/26: 174.4 i will keep accepting these lower weights my scale is spitting out, just as i will accept the higher ones when it decides to tell the truth. maybe it's all my fault, and i should change the batteries? I forgot to mention my failures that have occurred since vacation. i am ashamed to say i have had a set back in my quitting smoking. i know that i will have to get that under control as well as my eating habits. i have also failed in my walking. i will need to get motivated and include that also. i have emotional stress in my life right now, which i see an end to in the future but that will take a few months. my weeks vacation visiting with family was nothing but smiles and laughter. driving home my failures began, and i realized i must do something besides diet and exercise for myself. i will continue to recognize my failures, but i will not beat myself up over them. a slow and steady path in the right direction is what i have chosen.

    6/27: 174.4 i looked up how many calories i should be eating if i am sedentary and oh lordy lordy they're really trying to starve people! i did my check in yesterday and "whoop whoop" my neck is 1/2 in thinner! wow! was that a good feeling! i still haven't gotten back to my walks outside. i did spend 3 hours walking in a circle around my livingroom yesterday, and i think i am going to start calling the time i struggle with the dog to take her medicine "my cardio workout".

    6/28: 174.8 OK scale... i must weigh 174.(something). my calories were good, my macros were good. my exercise was non-existant. aaarrrgggh, i thought getting back to exercising would be easier than this.

    6/29: 174 changed the batteries in my scale, and my weight remained about the same. i'm owing my scale an apology now for accusing it of lying to me. my calorie intake was super low yesterday, i wasn't feeling very hungry. maybe it was because of the migraine lurking to attack me last night, but it's almost noon time today and i still have no appetite. i was thinking earlier how great this group is. no one is judgmental and everyone so supportive. it's excellent therapy without the giant price tag.

    6/30: 173.6 another day of too low intake, but again great macros. i forced myself to go for my walk yesterday. 1.9mi @3mph. when i got home i was questioning my sanity. 2 weeks without walking, last night felt like a nightmare, but i'm sure it'll get better again. i am trying to do my walks 3-4 times a week.

    7/: 172.4 calorie intake was at "sustain" level, so i'm shocked to see this loss. macros pretty good.

    7/2: 174.0 calories were good. it had rained all day, so i never went on my walk. weighed myself in the afternoon, after already eating. today i will be hooking up with my sister and her family. we are going to a dinner theatre so i am expecting a gain for tomorrow.

    7/3: 175.4 that's a huge move in the wrong direction. i went 700 calories over my allowed amount yesterday... shameful. i will be going on a cruise in 2 weeks, i am already anticipating the work i will have to do when i get back from that.

    7/4: 173.6 of course there's a cookout today. it shouldn't be much of a problem through

    7/5: 173.8 yes, i went over my calories again, 545 this time. if i could have gotten some walking in like i swore i would get back to things wouldn't be so bad. unfortunate for me, it's been nothing but rain and looks like continued rain for about another week.
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    SW - 212 Jan. 25
    1st Goal - 199 ✅
    2nd Goal - 179 ✅
    3rd Goal - 175 ✅
    4th Goal - 165.9 ✅
    UG - 149
    Step Goal 50,000 at some point

    Day, Weight, Comment

    6/26 - 166.7 - 14,500 steps / 74 active minutes. Had a few/several adult beverages and didn’t really track but ate mindfully. Sandwich, veggies and a few treats at the tea. Then 2 tiny pieces of pizza and a small amount of chips. This number is mostly puff and water not worried at all. I work at this so I can enjoy these days. Oh … I had many people tell me that I was looking good and that they see me walking lol.
    6/27 - 167.2* - 15,300 / 90. Baby shower lots of sitting, and hot weather!! Did get a walk in. SO called to say he should be flying home today. Happy but it kinda means it will take longer to drop back down, eh will see. No hugs needed I was expecting this and it will get back down soon, all part of it.
    6/28 - 168.1 - 16,700 / 113. Hooray SO is home and my tummy is full of sushi rice. Enjoyed a nice sushi picnic. Sleep was horrible. Not worried about the number, but I am pretty bloated over these last few days. Hoping for a nice light dinner. Been a little behind on the post readings hopefully I can catch up soon. Keep at it all!!
    6/29 - 168.9 - 11,100 / 68. Hit my June Challenge of 398.1 Km for the month. Just been hitting my minimums right now. Scale increase due to Pasta, SO home, minimums TOM, alcohol, terrible sleep, TMI and family events. Interesting my water % did hit optimal level, it's usually in the low range. Fat % is the same as 165 and muscle is up too. The body is an interesting thing. Long weekend coming up this might be a few days before I go down again.
    6/30 - 170.2* - 11,200 / 58. Another low key day with nothing aligning. Visited friends camping and had hot dogs and snacks.

    7/01 - DNW - 14,700/89
    7/02 - DNW - 13,500/47
    7/03 - 173.1 - 10,100/35
    7/04 - 174.7* - 13,200/60 - Lots of travel and visiting with a little stress and a big bag of cheese puffs! SO is away working again so I should lose some of this puff. I still believe it's mostly water weight. Happy we are starting a new 10! Fresh starts!!

    7/05 - 172.6 - 20,000/131 - Got my walks in and back at it. Way way way behind in post readings.