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    Praying for Josie, Karen. She is a tough cookie.

    OMgosh jam0525, I'm sorry for your losses! Glad you found us.

    Cheering out Vikings today!

    Love and Blessings, Carla, in MN
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    Heather ~ The photo of you holding the cat reminds me of your Bea! Also, very cute sprite photo.

    Karen ~ Prayers for Josephine. She has been through so much.

    Machka ~ Congrats on your weight loss.

    Chilly in Georgia this morning and some light rain! Good day to be inside.

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    edited September 2022
    Jam0525 - What terrible losses. I am so sorry. I cannot imagine. <3<3<3

    We had an utterly delicious kedgeree this evening. We both adore it.

    Quiet day scheduled for tomorrow. DH is going to cook his signature chicken stew. :D I will finish excavating Memory Box 1. I can see a bunch of letters to look through, but should get it done.

    I've ordered some gluten free suet to make a Christmas Pudding for my son. We are invited there for Christmas, but I'm helping out with a few dishes. Gluten free stuffing, pudding, and bread sauce, plus the mashed swede and carrot I've already made and frozen. I'm just so grateful not to be entertaining. I can make everything ahead of time.

    Brighton and Hove won their women's football match. :D Edie was watching in person, so I'm sure that made her happy.

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx
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    I am hoping that DH will be healthy enough to come home with me. He has done very well in his current facility, and I am hopeful. Our daughter has been a blessing. Today she is taking her daughter to the doctor.
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    Hi Gals,
    Jam0525 – Wow, what a tough go… welcome back – we are a good support group…

    Heather – I looked up Kedgeree it sounds great. What type of smoked fish do you use?

    Katla – so happy for you and DH

    Entertaining – I love to do it…. I try to keep the house picked up so at any time I can do about 15 minutes of a quick vacuum and a bit of pickup and good to go. For me that is part of the joy of not having too much stuff – no collections, very limited “dust-ables” (stuff that is just for pretty and ends up just needing dusting) I even limit the number of pictures on the walls, as those frames need to be dusted. I also keep a collection of stuff in the pantry and freezer that lets me put together a quick meal if I need to. I do love a pretty table, to that end, I have everyday dishes that all match, flat wear that is nice, and matching glass wear. My dishes are white with a vine of ivy around the edge, 3-4 tablecloths that blend, a vase, a couple of flowers from the yard and a sprig of ivy from where the neighbors ivy grows over the fence..and it’s done. I am also happy to cook while someone is here, if they have just shown up or called with just a short bit of notice, If I have time I do things ahead. I also meal plan for me, about 1 week in advance, and since I cook for just me I try to make enough for 3-4 servings which means I can always make the next planned meal early for last minute company.

    Smiles Kim in sunny N. California
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    Happy Sunday Ladies! <3

    More silver linings to having Covid:

    Anosmia. (loss of sense of smell). Started in earnest yesterday. It was great, I couldn't smell the catbox as I cleaned it out. I peeled and chopped a whole cup of garlic, couldn't smell a thing. I'm making honey fermented garlic. The house must smell like an Italian kitchen! And I made salmon chowder for supper. Didn't have to smell the stinky salmon - I really don't mind the smell though. If my DH was here he would have been gagging, lol.

    Shake the Sugar - I didn't have any sugary treats in the house and couldn't go out to get any, so a win/win. The last thing my system needed to contend with was an overload of junk sugar. I didn't even miss it. I did have a couple pieces of buttered toast with a little honey and that was fine.

    Immune system tune-up. After being in semi-isolation for the past few years to keep from catching any crud that DH might pick up from me, my immune system T & B cells and other bug-killers, who had been off lounging on some beach somewhere, were yanked back and immediately sent to the front lines this past week and had to retrain a lot in the trenches. They have stepped up. And now that they are at the top of their game, they will be on full alert for any other colds, viruses or similar nasty actors. It's not all about antibodies. They go away when the game is over but this support crew has to be ready for the next one. From what I understand anyhow.

    Keeping my walking buddy at bay: I've come to the conclusion she's addicted to walking or me or both. :p She saw me walking early Weds AM (day 2) I just needed to get out of the house for 10 minutes and get fresh air. I was hoping no one saw me. About ten minutes after I got back in the house, I get the text "I saw you walking - how about we walk tomorrow at 7?" It caught me by surprise, I said OK. I realized later after I talked to my doc who gave me strict orders to NOT overdo it, just rest rest rest for the next week, that I wasn't thinking straight - I was in the middle of Covid- covid brain! and tried to text her to cancel. Freaking phone wouldn't let me text her. Message unsent. Tried 4 times. I can see the cell tower and her house from my driveway. This happens a lot. I tried the next morning, finally got through right before she'd be winging toward my place. I was exhausted, getting thoroughly ticked, and really wanted to be in bed instead of dealing with it.

    Well, I've had a lot of time to think. This illness has made me finally realize that I get to take control of my time, my priorities, my health, my schedule. I know this sounds like a given, but handing this over to others - like how I'd adjusted everything to care for DH as time went by - was insidious. And walking with her on a fairly regular during the pandemic and his illness was a respite. We grew to be good friends, and we both needed each other and probably stayed pretty well on an even keel because of it.

    But I'm not tied to his schedule anymore. I'm kind of tied to Rosie the schnauzer's, and I like that. She's not real demanding.

    So as Heather would say, time to reset my boundaries. Figure out what I want them to be. Looking forward to getting my energy back and spend time with folks other than those just who live on my block.

    Ok time to draw this epistle to a close for now, lol.

    Welcome new ladies! And a big congrats to all of you who are getting your exercise and steps in! I think I'll pull a Tai Chi DVD off the shelf and get a little slow balance training in.

    Make it a fabulous day!

    Lanette B)
    SW WA State

    Hope you feel better soon.
    My son had Covid the same time I did, almost 2 yrs ago, and he still can't smell most things.(or at least the last time I asked him he said he couldn't). He was really tired for about a week I was told(I was quarantined at mom's/too exhausted to even think about driving the backroads for over an hour to get home for the first 3 weeks)
    His girlfriend also had it, tired for the week but that was it. She was staying here because her parents didn't want her at their house. We all got it from my parents on Christmas day.
    Everyone gets different side effects. The two biggest ones were extreme exhaustion that last over 3 weeks for me and then my hair started falling out- lost what seemed to be about half of it.

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    Debbie - I remember the tough time you and your family had with Covid. Two years ago, I think it was maybe the original strain - tho Delta was in the US in late 2020 and you folks might have been some of the early ones. Either way, you caught the bear, didn't you!

    I've been trying to find a good timeline on these variants. Google is overwhelming and not giving me what I'm looking for.

    I'm assuming I caught the Omicron, probably B5. Starting to get some sense of smell back, just a whiff here and there. And I could taste the arugula in my salad tonight. Just a bite or two, but it's a start.

    My brother had it a month ago, my symptoms seem to be mirroring his. He said it took about 2 weeks to get full energy back, and a week for his sense of smell/taste to return.

    Lanette B)
    SW WA State

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    Got to exercise on the rebounder, did one part of the Abs with Jackie DVD, then took a walk. Then made chocolate chip cookies for Vince for during the week. Just work tomorrow, then bowling, then ceramics

    Tracey – I avoid late fees and worrying about when I have to return the book by using the library app Libby and Hoopla. You get the book, it’s downloaded, and it gets returned automatically. Michaela was too much to resist TODAY??????? What makes today any different from any other day? How intense she looks doing the ceramics. What a doll

    Lisa – LOL Your entertaining style

    I want to sand and paint this wooden part to the doors to the storage room where we keep the tractor. I’m going to use this bonding primer that we got for the door in FL. I’m guessing that all the other residents at the condo need to use it and no one seems to have their doors chipping. So I’ll give it a try. What’s the worst that can happen? It chips like the paint on the wood does right now? Update: finished priming. Now Vince is saying that the doors need to be painted, they look crummy next to the newly painted wood. I’m sure they do, but they will only get crummy again since we have the red clay. When we get grass down around the doors and the red clay doesn’t bounce up when it rains, then it might be a good time to do it. In the meantime…..

    Anne DE – whine any time at all. That’s what we’re here for. We have a big broom that we can sweep it into the corner.

    Jam – welcome back. I’m so sorry for all that you’ve been thru.

    Got a walk in after dinner today. Of course, work tomorrow

    Michele NC
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    Sophie, I have a daughter, but she is not close by. My name is Jean and I live in Edgewood NM.

    I am sure many of us in this age group are going through loosing our spouses and partners.

    Growing old is not for the weak hearted.

    Jean in NM
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    :)Tracey Our library stopped charging late fees a few years ago. They decided that the cost of keeping track was higher than the monetary of the return on the fines. I put a note of my fridge to remind me of when the books are due and I don't check out too many books at one time so I can reasonably expect to finish them on time. I also get e books and audio books.

    <3 Barbie
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