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    Rebecca ~ Love the photos! You look so pretty with longer hair! Please keep it that way. Your sister and niece are pretty too. A pretty bunch of ladies!

    Carol in GA

    Thanks Carol! Many have a "filter" on the photo so technically I am not that gorgeous! My gray hair is getting more manageable as its growing.👍🏻💖
    Back on Whidbey island WA
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    Happy early morning from the wilds of Arkansas... OK, not that wild, but not exactly urban, either.... :smiley:

    Woke up feeling well, first time in a few days. I'm so grateful when I do. Not just grateful to feel well, but grateful to wake up. Not being morbid, honest. Just glad I'm here.

    So grateful too, for the images of your lives - Rebecca, you and all the women in your family are beautiful, and when your sister was able to put her sadness to the side for the moment, the smiles were just blinding; Karen - thank you for the pic of Olivia and her mom. Those blond curls just slay me; Heather, your beautiful Edie, and Tracey, your gorgeous little Michaela looks so pleased with her glasses! It's nice when they're old enough to understand that they need them. I remember my sister's tussles with my three-year-old niece when she would rip them off every time my sister turned her back--my sis found them all over the house! :smiley:

    I have been off the antidepressant for a bit now (and weaned down from it very carefully, I might add.) It's been interesting to see my gamut of emotions return. Don't worry, I'm not wandering around the yard behind the little animals--Egg wouldn't put with it for a minute anyway! :smiley: I just didn't realize how flat my affect was until I started feeling the emotions again. I'm laughing more, which is great, but I'm also crying more too. Cried on my sister's shoulder on the phone yesterday (hey, she said I could. :| )

    After the last few years, I really needed to give Corey a break and lay all that emotion on someone else. I owed him to try to find someone else who could listen to me fall apart. He's been my rock, but even rocks wear over time. For most of the men I've known, the worst thing you can do to them is to hand them an issue they can't resolve at any level.

    Anyway - today is a better day. Hope everyone has a good day.

    Love y'all,
    Lisa in AR

    I appreciate your nice words friend.💖. Its been a whirlwind of emotions, even to the point of physical manifestations in me. My belly tightness returned periodically, which was only relieved by hot showers or baths. After visiting with middle son, daughter inlaw, and Athena, I had an awful night at our hotel last night. Up at 2 am on, trying to deal with all the tightness. A hot bath at 2 and 4 am then we left the hotel at 6 am. I will talk to my doctor about it.👍🏻
    Whidbey island Wa
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    Rebecca Oooh!! I'm envious. I do have a John Deere lawn tractor, but...
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    Rebecca Athena stops my heart! That photo in your apron is a keeper.

    Much Love,

    Karen in Virginia
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    Rebecca - Thank you for sharing your experiences and photos. Lovely Athena! It's not surprising you had some physical reactions, but it's just as well to get it checked out. You have been through so many emotions with your sister and then to feel that surge of love. (((HUGS))) my friend. I'm sure you will feel a bit flat for a while. <3<3<3

    Weather awful today, but we can lay low. DH is cooking chicken stew.

    Kim - I use smoked haddock, preferably undyed, but that is hard to find. I usually get mine from the fish harbour, but I used dyed last night from a reputable supermarket. The recipe that i like is Delia Smith's. I add thawed frozen peas to the rice. Not classic, but nice. . Check the salt before adding more as the poaching liquid varies depending on the curing of the fish. My harbour one is very salty. I also like some half fat crême fraiche with it, on top at the end.


    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx
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    Finally back on the overnight ferry. Docked at 6.30am and am currently chilling at home with a cup of tea. 8 pages to catch up on.

    🥳🎉 Cheers to all those celebrating.

    Virtual (((hugs))) and 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 for those who need them.

    🙋‍♀️ Miele failte to the newbies.


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    Welcome home, Terri!
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    September has been a challenge and I hope October will be better. I have been lonely by myself in the apartment, & feeling isolated. On the plus side, DH is getting better in a skilled nursing facility. I don’t know when I will get to see him. I hope October will be better for both of us.
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    Thanks Lanette! Always good to remember our Gold Star families.

    I'm so glad that hubby is improving, Katla.

    DARLING pix of Athena, Rebecca! IDK about you, but hair always looks healthier to me when those ends are cut. And she's such a looker!

    Off to work!

    Love and Blessings, Carla, in MN
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    I've had a really interesting morning! I tackled the bottom of my memory box, where a stash of letters resided. Fascinating! So many memories revived.
    Two letters from my father, not long before I got married in 1970 , were of the greatest interest. He only wrote to me on those occasions and both times were about crises in my mother's life.
    Another was from an old boyfriend, who later had an important public position. I obviously made a greater impression on him than he did on me. :p I wrote about him in Therefore I Am.
    Seeing the handwriting of my grandmother and my godmother was a little tweak to the heart. Recognised my godmother straight away.
    I have left until this afternoon a huge bundle of letters from my ex, from my university days. He graduated a year before me and worked in the Midlands. Quite a few of other people's letters refer to the fact that he had shingles very badly in his right eye. He stayed with me for a couple of weeks in my student room while that was acute.

    It's been quite a walk through old times. :)

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx
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    Morning Ladies
    Such adorable...pictures of those little kids ..wish i could figure out how to post picture of Miles..
    Brought Alfie tonsee Tom and Elena yesterday they haven't seen him in awhile..
    They are going to there place in Florida the 15th of October.. here is hoping that they have a place to go to. Ian is supposed to hit right around where they are..
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    :)Katla, Is there a place you can walk, TV you can watch, books you can read? Did you bring your knitting supplies and needles? Are there people to talk to? There are lots of ways to busy yourself so you don't feel so lonely.

    <3<3 Barbie
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    Liking this quote today. :)

    Listened to a Dr Chatterjee podcast today where a brain surgeon said how important it is for older people to do new things out of their comfort zone. Keeps the wiring firing.

    Love Heather UK xxxxxx