15 pounds to lose challenge November 1 - January 31, 2023



  • GinLee61
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    IAmTheGlue wrote: »
    I’m in!

    I lost 17.8 pounds in our last challenge so I’m here to do it again. 💪 I‘ll weigh tomorrow morning for my starting weight.

    You did so great during the last round! My rate of loss has slowed quite a bit over the past couple months but I managed to lose about 11 pounds last round. Here's to another successful round in this challenge 🥂
  • GinLee61
    GinLee61 Posts: 973 Member
    15822 wrote: »
    Lost 17 pounds in the last round, but the scale hasn't budged for 4 weeks now. I'm eating at a deficit and I'm still sore from lifting last week, so it's gotta move soon, right?

    You're doing so great! I'm confident the scale will move for you soon.
  • cosmiccurves
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    I'm definitely joining in! My husband and I are deciding to move forward with trying to have another baby, so my motivation is at a massive level!

    287 lbs today, so 15 pounds will be a goal of 272 lbs.

    Nov 1st: 287

    Challenge Goal: 272
  • SunnyDays930
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    Hi everyone. I will be more faithfully participating this go round. I didn't weigh this morning but it is around 168. I would like to be under 160 by the new year. Good luck to all!
  • corinasue1143
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    Hi! I’m in! I’d like to lose 16.8 pounds in 3 months.
    Nov 1 = 206.8
    Dec 1 goal = 200
    Jan 1 goal = 195
    Jan 31 goal = 190
    I lost 6 pounds in October. I think I can do it again.
  • deepwoodslady
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    My name is Donna. I am 62 years old and I live in the Midwest of the US. I am 5’ 5” tall.

    CHALLENGE TOTAL WEIGHT LOSS GOAL: Total Loss of 15 pounds to land at 182.8

    Every healthy habit brings me closer to scratching each of these off to NEVER see them again!
    250’s; 240’s; 230’s; 220's; 210's; 200's; 190's; 180’s; 170's; 160's; 150’s

    Weight in blue makes me blue because it’s a gain. Weight in fuchsia pink makes me feel cheery because it’s a loss. Weight in black means no change.

    11/01-199.8-(Trend Weight: 200.2)- Was it the travel weight, the Halloween candy, or the 3 hours of sleep last night? Moving forward, but remembering in the Book of Psalms that it says in part “My life is continually in my hands……”

    11/07-xxxxx-(Trend Weight: xxxxx)-

    11/14-xxxxx-(Trend Weight: xxxxx)-

    11/21-xxxxx-(Trend Weight: xxxxx)-

    11/28-xxxxx-(Trend Weight: xxxxx)-

    11/30-xxxxx-(Trend Weight: xxxxx)-

    Nov Start: 197.8
    Nov Actual: xxxxx
    Nov Goal: (5 pound loss) 192.8

    Cumulative Weight Loss so Far:

    12/01-xxxxx-(Trend Weight: xxxxx)-

    12/05-xxxxx-(Trend Weight: xxxxx)-

    12/12-xxxxx-(Trend Weight: xxxxx)-

    12/19-xxxxx-(Trend Weight: xxxxx)-

    12/26-xxxxx-(Trend Weight: xxxxx)-

    12/31-xxxxx-(Trend Weight: xxxxx)-

    Dec Start: xxxxx
    Dec Actual: xxxxx
    Dec Goal: (5 pound loss) xxxxx

    Cumulative Weight Loss so Far:

    01/01-xxxxx-(Trend Weight: xxxxx)-

    01/02-xxxxx-(Trend Weight: xxxxx)-

    01/09-xxxxx-(Trend Weight: xxxxx)-

    01/16-xxxxx-(Trend Weight: xxxxx)-

    01/23-xxxxx-(Trend Weight: xxxxx)-

    01/30-xxxxx-(Trend Weight: xxxxx)-

    01/31-xxxxx-(Trend Weight: xxxxx)-

    Jan Start: xxxxx
    Jan Actual: xxxxx
    Jan Goal: (5 pound loss) xxxxx

    Cumulative Weight Loss so Far:
  • RubyRed427
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    IAmTheGlue wrote: »
    I’m in!

    I lost 17.8 pounds in our last challenge so I’m here to do it again. 💪 I‘ll weigh tomorrow morning for my starting weight.

    Wow -that is amazing!!!
    What are your tips?
  • cpanus
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    edited November 2022
    Hi! I'm Chris
    Highest Weight: 192.2 lbs
    Current Weight: 153.0 lbs
    Goal Weight: 143.0 lbs
    11/01 - 153.0 at 5:20 a.m. ...7.27 miles in 129 mins
    11/07 -
    11/14 -
    11/21 -
    11/28 -
    11/30 -
  • kmenier
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    Hi! Kim in rural NC trying to lose 30 lbs gained after knee injury and Covid lay-in! Need friends to keep me honest... call me on that late night snacking and mid-day coke!

    11/1: 158 and change :)