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    Good morning ladies!

    Machka hope your stitches heal fast and you can sleep better!

    Barbara glad you made it home okay! I am a weather wimp.

    Katla hope you have lots of quality time with DH. The bus is tomorrow right? It will be an adventure. Do you have a backup plan, like a phone to call a taxi, if things go wrong?

    Time to get serious about my calories today. I need to toss the leftover pretzels. I had cake, that's enough. And get back to my video workouts.

    Annie in Delaware
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    I am looking forward to visit from a good friend today. We taught together for several years. She moved to New York quite awhile ago, but is visiting her son in Illinois. I am very happy to see her today. 😊 ❤️ ⭐️
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    :) No more weather adventures except for a brief power outage yesterday afternoon. It is drizzling this morning so Bessie will need her coat for the after breakfast walk.

    :)Katla,enjoy your time with your friend

    <3 Barbie in NW WA
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    Machka- if you use the bluetooth and listen to music or nature sounds yes.. its better as a eye mask and bluetooth headphones..
    The guy from the garage dropped me off at Tracys..Miles didn't get the memo on daylight savings time so he was up at 4 am
    So as soon as mom left I read him a book and without a whimper passed out cold..
    He is 10 months old today and we are here with the front door open cant even believe it..
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    Betsy in NW WA
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    I actually have the musicozy mask Machka! LOVE IT! Don't use it all the time. Mostly for travel, but it works GREAT for keeping "others" away from me and I love that it has just a little nose cushion to add darkness in that space where it curves. So it doesn't pinch your nose, but there's no light peeking in. And it synced really easy with my phone.

    Barbara, glad you're home safe.

    Grateful for...
    7-*memory-causeway on gull with daddy
    Love and Blessings, Carla, in MN
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    HEATHER ~ What wonderful sights you are seeing! :) That rooftop is scary! :*

    MARY ~ I am sorry about your car situation. Could y'all possibly lease a car for the time you are in Arizona or rent one?

    Carol in Ga
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    Did my yoga and marching videos. Yay! First time in awhile. It was more of a challenge than it used to be.

    And I tossed the open pretzels from the party. I need to toss the iced tea and ginger ale too. I need to be very very good so I can eat lots at Thanksgiving.

    Annie in Delaware
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    Heather-I am really enjoying the photos. It is making me want to take a trip to Europe soon.

    I also love Europe's pedestrian only zones. I think they should have more of those in the U.S., especially since so many cities are revitalizing their downtown areas to be more people-friendly. Cars really don't need to be in those areas.

    We are off on another journey soon, but I am not sure how much internet access we will have. We are branching out into more remote areas of the world these days.

    Katla-I hope you enjoy your time with your friend and get to see your husband soon.

    Machka-I hope you are mended soon and get some sleep! I have a Musicozy headband that is very light weight with the bluetooth headphones in it. I have put on white noise and it worked very well for blocking out noises. I think I'll get the most use on overnight flights.

    Annie-Way to go, tossing out the food. I do the same, but it hurts to waste it sometimes.

    SueBDew in TX-Just reading the first paragraph of your last post made me exhausted. I think I need more recovery time from my last trip to visit family.

    Barbara-So glad you made it home safely! I think I'd just stay in till it passed.

    We are also off to Phoenix soon to see a concert and meet with my family members. I'm trying to think of food I can make that will feed a lot of people, but is easy to make and transport in a car. Ideas?

    Tina in CA
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    My pants are tight. I feel the need to fast and at the same time console myself with food. I ought to eat a salad this afternoon, we shall see if I can do that or not.

    Annie in Delaware
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    Tina I would make street tacos if you have a place to heat the meat. Or Tacos in a bag. You can prep everything in advance. We do this for get togethers and have been requested to continue at family events. Another thing that people like are mini club sandwiches you can bring all the ingredients and they can make their own. Meat and cheese trays, and other fixings can be prepared in advance. Then individual bags of chips and cookies for dessert.

    You'll be right by my condo when you are in Phoenix! You're probably going to the event center that we ride our bikes past occasionally!

    💕 Mary from Arizona/ Minnesota